Is Your Shaving Cream Killing You? DIY Smooth Hippy Shaving Cream

Over a year ago I shared my recipe for the shaving cream that I accidentally made when I messed up the dish soap I was trying to make. I have since reworked this recipe to make it work even better for you and your soon to be silky smooth legs! With summertime in full swing, the one thing I can count on is the need to shave my hairy greek legs to feel that silky smooth feeling that you get when you stick your freshly shaven legs between fresh cool bed sheets on a warm summer night. I truly love that feeling, but it's hard to shave without a good shaving cream to help protect your skin from nicks, cuts, and even skin dryness. What's even worse is that most of the popular brands of shaving creams that are sold in YOUR local grocery storesĀ are filled with toxic ingredients that are even banned in many other countries. We have talked about this before; your skin is your largest organ and up to 70% of what you put ON your skin can be absorbed into your blood stream. Continue reading