Treat Your Allergies Naturally Using Herbs – DIY Herbal Allergy Vape Blend

Even though spring is officially gone, my seasonal allergies are still going strong here in the great state of Texas. I swear I have an allergy to something during every season here! This season's allergies have been so frustrating that I decided it was time for me to find the best natural remedies to keep my allergies at bay throughout the year. Along the way, I stumbled upon an idea that turned out to be just what I was looking for! Vaping herbs can give you some of the same benefits as drinking them in a tea. 

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Healthy Homemade Whole-Egg Mayonnaise + 4 Different Flavor Variations (Chipotle, Cilantro Lime, Dill Pickle, Garlic Black Pepper)

I am totally a mayo kinda girl! I love it on my burgers, sandwiches, and even in my salad dressings. I have even been known to put it on my breakfast sandwiches in the morning! I hear some people even like it with their french fries…though that's going a bit far me! What I don't like is eating mayo that is filled with all sorts of extra additives and artificial ingredients. Continue reading

Using Essential Oils in Your Home & Garden to Kill Pests + DIY Bugs-B-Gone Home & Garden Spray

We can all agree that bugs have their purpose in this world, especially our favorites; the pollinators, but getting rid of the pesky ones naturally can sometimes be a bit of a conundrum. What to use that will actually work, is natural, and if eaten won't kill us people, our little ones, and our pets…but still kills pests? The answer is not as tricky as you think! There are a couple fantastic natural options  for use against insects and bugs of all kinds, but the one I am sharing with you today is a fantastic All-Purpose bug spray because it can work outside, inside, and on any bug you like! Continue reading

Feel Rugged, Smell Amazing – DIY Natural Men’s Cologne Using Essential Oils

With Father's day nearly upon us, I have been thinking about what to make the Hippy Hubby this year, and then Syfy answered it for me, “what about a dad's perfume…like your perfume?”. Hmmmm…we could make him a cologne and that's a gift he would really love! Andy usually skips the cologne these days, because most of them contain toxic ingredients that we avoid in our cosmetics here in the Hippy household. A homemade natural cologne, using essential oils, would be the perfect natural gift for Syfy and me to make the Hippy Hubby!   Continue reading

Kick Your Habit in the Butt – Using Essential Oils to Quit Smoking

If you haven't heard the news, cigarettes are bad…mmkay. I don't think that I need to go into the information on the many ways that smoking cigarettes kill. In fact, as an ex-smoker myself, I know you have probably already heard most of it before. You can easily do a Google search to find a plethora of information on the dangers of smoking cigarettes. I figure, if you are here, you too know these dangers. You're likely here to try and find natural help with quitting your habit. It may not be an easy road to walk down, but hopefully, I can help make it a little bit easier for you!

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The Miracle of Cleansing Grains

For years, I had been cleaning my face with the same harsh cleansers that the majority of the population uses to clean their faces. I tried Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Biore, Loreal, Clearasil, and even Proactiv,  but not one of them ever actually made my face any clearer. As we learned in my first post in this facial care series, Cleanse Your Face with a Creamy Soapwort Facial Cleanser,  soap is too drying to our skin because it's pH is much higher than that of the protective layer on our skin, also known as the acid mantle. So what should you use instead? Well, you could use the creamy soapwort facial cleanser OR you could use my favorite natural facial cleanser, cleansing grains!  Continue reading

Aunt Flo’s Cramps-B-Gone Tea & Tincture – Don’t Let Cramps Take Over Your Life

I must admit that I thought I was done with this topic. It seems I could probably fill a book with information on making this time of the month more comfortable, using natural methods. We've discussed before, the use of my salve, Aunt Flo's Soothing Salve, but today I am going to share my other natural savior from debilitating period pain, in the disguise of an herbal tea (or tincture if you that's how you roll!). Continue reading

Fire & Spice – Naturally Soothe and Heal Strep Throat Using Herbs

Somehow I had managed to go a whole (nearly by just a few days) 31 years without getting strep throat. My sister contracted it so much as a kid that she almost had to have her tonsils removed, but I never did. Before this bout strep, I thought to myself, “what's the big deal? I can handle a measly sore throat!” Boy did I underestimate the pain that is accompanied with strep throat! It's terrible! I seriously had no idea! Continue reading

Good Night Sleep Tight – A Sleepytime tea & tincture for a good night’s rest

You're tossing and turning and trying with all your might to keep your eyes closed and to fall asleep. A peek through your eyelashes reveals that it's just getting later at an exponentially fast rate, which if you're me, will piss you off even more. Through the mental clutter that is filling your brain, with each passing minute that you are still awake, you wish you knew of something other than the Tylenol PM that's sitting in your bathroom cabinet. It always makes you feel groggy in the morning and the last thing you need is to be late to work because you couldn't drag your butt out of bed. Continue reading

Homemade Herbal Cough Drops

I can tell that it is fall already because everywhere that I turn I am seeing pumpkin everything! With pumpkin season in full swing already (and it's not even my birthday month yet!), I am working hard to fill my natural medicine cabinet for this coming cold & flu season. We have already learned how to make our own herbal cough syrup and sore throat spray, so it's only natural that the next thing we learn to make is homemade cough drops! Continue reading