Take The MegaFood Pledge With Me To Help Cure Nutritional Poverty

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Are you getting everything that you need from the food you are eating every day? You may not be! It can be difficult to get all the nutrients you need in your food, on a daily basis. That's why it's suggested that you close that gap with a multivitamin, such as MegaFood’s line of doctor-formulated, age and gender specific multis!

Nutritional poverty is a bigger problem than we realize

This last winter, MegaFood brought me with them to ShiftCon, where I got the chance to meet Dr. Low Dog, a Doctor of medicine, and what I learned from her about nutrition and the state of our world's nutritional poverty totally blew my mind! She opened my eyes to a problem that I didn't even know existed, and so close to home. Findings reported in July 2015 by the Center for Disease Control demonstrate that Americans do not consume enough of the right foods to get all the essential nutrients needed to maintain optimal health. MegaFood’s Multivitamin Collection, which was formulated by Dr. Low Dog, can help you fill the gaps in your diet, along with quality nutrition. Even the healthiest diet has gaps that may only be filled with supplements.

MegaFood, Dr. Low Dog, & Wholesome Wave

MegaFood, Dr. Low Dog, and Wholesome Wave have teamed up and are asking Americans to pledge to improve their own lives while also helping to improve the lives of others. Improving our own lives starts when we close our nutritional gap by taking a MegaFood multi, and in turn, we get to help close the gap for others! MegaFood wants to cure nutritional poverty around the world and they are starting with this pledge! For every pledge received, MegaFood will donate one bottle of MegaFood Multivitamins to those in need, through Wholesome Wave. By pledging to take action and close the nutritional gap, you guys will not only improve your own lives but will also help support someone in need.

Let’s talk about making our own lives better!

I don't personally believe that pledging is about talk, it's all about action too, so I have decided to make some healthy changes in my own life beyond taking my MegaFood Multi for Women, daily. There are so many different ways that you can choose to improve your own life. Try making a list and hanging it on your fridge, to motivate you to keep trying to make those changes in your life. Some of the changes I have decided to make in my own life are:

  • I’m exercising daily – You don't have to do any hardcore workouts, simply taking a daily walk can improve your life! You may have heard that sitting all day can be just as unhealthy as smoking cigarettes… In other words, get up and move!
  • I’m hiking and kayaking out in nature – Not only are there many mental benefits to playing out in nature, it's also another great way to get moving and exercise!
  • I’m eating breakfast – This one is actually really difficult for me! Sometimes I have a real problem either finding time for breakfast or even just feeling hungry. I've been making a point every morning to get myself into the habit of eating breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day, after all!
  • I’m drinking plenty of water – We need water to live. It's a fact of life. The only problem is, many of us are so busy in the day that we forget to drink water when we need to, leaving us dehydrated more often than not. I am trying to change my habits and drink the amount of water that is right for my body!
  • I’m taking my MegaFood Multi for Women – It's hard enough to eat enough of the right foods every day, let alone making sure my body is getting enough nutrients to stay healthy. That's why I close my nutritional gap with MegaFood's Multi for Women!

Why I choose MegaFood for my supplements

I am a die hard MegaFoodie and it's because of the way they make their supplements and their incessant need to improve other's lives. Before MegaFood came into my life, I really didn't take the time to take supplements because I didn't realize that there was a brand out there that was using whole foods to make their supplements. When MegaFood took me on a tour of their facilities last year, I got the chance to watch them grind up fresh fruits and veggies and dry it in the slowest process on the market with as little heat as possible to preserve all the nutrients for you! As the ground whole organic oranges from Uncle Matt's farms came off the belt, I even got to taste them! Vitamin C in its purest form! I love that they are whole food supplements made with real food and that they are BFF's with the farmers that supply them with their foods. Nothing won me over more, though than the amazing culture and love at MegaFood. I found myself super excited to work with them and passionate about their products after just 2 days of learning their secrets to changing people's lives. MegaFood, I love you!

Join me and take the MegaPledge now!

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