There is NO Way That Lasagna Was Vegan…Just NO Way!!!

  • Amy

    I just made this and your right it’s AMAZING! I decided to ass some mashed up vegan meatballs from trader joe’s which was a delicious addition.

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      mmmm that sounds like a great idea! I always get these vegan meatballs that I find at whole foods, for our spaghetti night. I really want to learn how to make them because they are so darn expensive!

  • Jessie

    Hi Christina! Any way to make this without a food processor and with dried basil instead of 3 cups of fresh basil? This recipe is a bit too expensive for me.

    • Christina@TheHippyHomemaker

      You can use a blender in place of a food processor though if you do not have one of those I would say a hand masher for mashed potatoes? You would have to finely chop everything else that can’t be mashed such as onions.

      If you are wanting to replace the fresh with the dried, the normal ratio is 1 tsp. dried per 1 Tbsp. fresh, though I would honestly think that would be too much for this recipe. I have made this with only 1 cup of fresh basil and it was delicious. I think if you were to add 2-4 Tbsp. dried basil, that this would be sufficient.

  • Cristen Bertelson

    This was amazing! I added a little pesto to the ricotta and added some red wine to the mushrooms and omitted the almond milk. Can’t wait to eat leftovers tomorrow!!

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  • Kim Lok

    Ok, I just made this yesterday..this is the best vegan tofu ricotta recipe! It makes the lasagna the lasagna soooo tasty and you’d never know it’s other’s who’ve commented..even my carnivorous husband approves! Can’t wait to make this for a group.

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