This Earth Week Help Reduce Food Waste – #NoFoodWasted

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Today marks the beginning of Earth Week, my favorite week of the year! Every year we discuss different ways to help make this lovely planet  better off than it was before! This year, I would like to bring to light the often forgotten cause, food waste. Many people don't realize that up to 40% of all food in the US, gets thrown away every year.  That's a huge chunk of food that could have fed another hungry person, fertilized the ground for future  food, or even have been preserved for later use. 

Recycling isn't just for paper, plastic, and aluminum

Here in the US, we talk a lot about the three “R's”; recycle, reduce, and reuse. It's great that we are starting to think more about recycling paper, plastic, and aluminum, but there are other lesser known causes of waste that are becoming serious problems here. Did you know that  some 14 percent of all the trash produced in America consists of food scraps! That equates to over 200 lbs. of food waste a year! With that much wasted food, it makes me wonder why we aren't composting more. Composting is the newest “R” on the block!

Can’t finish your meal? Save it for later & save up to $175 per month!

I don't know about you, but my family and I need every penny we get, and to us $175 a month is a good chunk of our cash! Once I realized just how much money we could save just by thinking more about our food waste in our home, I began to take stock of all our options. Then, after making a list of all of the ways we could save food around our own home, I realized that I wasn't the only one who needed to know this information. You do too!

There are small actions you can take to save more daily

There are TONS of ways that you can waste less food in your own home. We practice many of these actions daily, though my favorites are always scraps for soup stock, dehydration/freezing foods to preserve them, and of course composting! These are just some of many ways we can help reduce food waste today:

  • Freeze food that is almost expired in order to preserve it.
  • Minimize food waste by eating leftovers. You could save up to $175 per month!
  • Compost your food waste. Many cities and towns have community drop off points or municipal pickups.
  • Cooked too much food? Share extras with friends, family or co-workers. They'll thank you and your food won't go to waste.
  • Eat before you shop. Food shopping on a full stomach can help you avoid impulse purchases, which often wind up as food waste.
  • Create a menu for the week and purchase only what it requires.
  • Keep cilantro and parsley stems, onion peels, celery leaves, mushroom stems and other veggie scraps in a bag in your freezer. When you have enough, simmer them into a stock for soup.
  • Use stale bread for French toast, bread pudding, croutons, fondue, meatballs or French onion soup.
  • Combine small mixed scraps of cheese to make fondue, macaroni and cheese, salad or sliced fruit toppers.

Join me and many others for a twitter chat tonight

You're invited to join me (@HippyHomemak3r) along with MANY others, for a #NoFoodWasted twitter party tonight (4/20) at 9-10 PM ET. Come join the chat, and learn more about how you and your family can waste less food! Connect with us on Instagram (@TheHippyHomemaker) and Twitter and share pics of the ways that you are saving food in your home! Don't forget to use the #NoFoodWasted with all of your shares!


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