DIY Zippy Zit Zapper Acne Spot Treatment

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It's the night before your big date night. You have a date with that special someone and a last minute zit is the last thing you want popping up on that beautiful face of yours. That's the moment when I usually reach for my zippy zit zapper spot treatment roll-on out of my bathroom drawer! 

When I need a quick fix I grab this

We've talked previously about diet, health, and hormones being the leading causes of acne and acne type problems, but there is something you can do to help heal the acne that pops up, in the meantime. I usually have my two favorite go-to solutions on hand, a quick and easy spot treatment and  a great acne mask (which I will be sharing next post!) to fix problem spots when they DO pop up.

Treat Acne Naturally with a DIY Zippy Zit Zapper Acne Spot Treatment Serum -

The Hippy Homemaker's Zippy Zit Zapper

I use this spot treatment in a 1/3 oz. roll-on bottle, to easily apply it to my face wherever I need to. I like to shake the bottle well before use, so that the whole thing is emulsified, like when you are making Italian dressing! The great thing about this is that because of its small and convenient packaging, you can take it with you in your purse!



  1. Combine ingredients in a 1/3 oz. Roll-on bottle, cap and store in a cool dark place, such as your bathroom drawer or cabinet.


Shake really well until the oils and witch hazel emulsify (like Italian dressing!). Apply to affected areas up to 2x a day, especially before bed. Be sure to cleanse and tone and moisturize your face prior to application, for best results. 

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