Which Aromatherapy Diffuser is Right for You? An Aromatherapy Diffuser Review & Giveaway

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One of the most often asked questions that I hear from y'all is “Which aromatherapy diffuser should I buy?” I completely understand why you would ask that question because there are so many options out there, it can be hard to choose which diffuser is right for which situations! Today I am here to share my diffuser experiences and hopefully, make your diffuser choices a whole lot easier!

All of the diffusers that we are talking about today, are from the good folks over at GreenAir (You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter). I was generously given each of these diffusers to review, but my opinions on each, are my own! I will only share with you products that I myself love and use! At the end of this post we are giving away, to TWO lucky winners, 1 GreenAir Aroma Mister and 1 GreenAir USB Diffuser! Read to the bottom of the post to enter to win your very own aromatherapy diffuser!

Heat or Ultrasonic, which is the best choice for aromatherapy diffusion?

Have you ever wondered what the difference between the diffusers that require heat (such as a tea light candle beneath the bowl) and the ultrasonic misting type diffusers? You are not alone! The very first diffuser that I ever purchased was one of those tea light diffusers, without any knowledge that there is a difference. So what IS the difference?

Nebulizer/Cold Air Diffuser – Cold air diffusers use room-temperature air to blow essential oils into a nebulizer to be vaporized into the air.  This diffuser can diffuse quickly and efficiently; Some diffusers of this type can not effectively diffuse heavier, thicker essential oils and can be hard to clean. Unlike heat diffusers, these do not destroy the therapeutic properties of the essential oils being used. Since nebulizing diffusers work so powerfully to quickly saturate the air with essential oils, they generally run at a higher sound level and tend to use essential oils at a higher rate than any other type of diffuser.

Evaporative Diffuser  Evaporative diffusers are very basic in operation compared to ultrasonic diffusers. A fan blows air through a pad or filter where the oil sits and vaporizes the oil on the pad. This type of diffuser also includes the clay pendants, inhalers, and glass pendants. The biggest problem with evaporative diffusers is that the lighter oils (top notes such as citrus) diffuse off quicker than the heavier oils (base notes). Compared to the other diffusers, these aren't as great for therapeutic use in large rooms, but are great for personal use in your vehicle or when traveling!

Heat Diffuser – Great for spreading a lovely scent throughout your home, heat diffusion is best for pretty smells only. If you are wanting the therapeutic properties of essential oils then heat should be avoided. Heat alters the chemistry of the oil, removing any therapeutic properties it might have had. These type of diffusers are great simply to make a room or your home smell better!

Ultrasonic Diffuser Ultrasonic diffusers are the best all around choice for therapeutic use of essential oils in your home. This diffuser uses electronic frequencies to create vibrations in water, that are carried to the surface where the essential oils are floating. The vibrations vaporize the essential oils and disperse them into the air without using any kind of heat at all. Unlike heat diffusers, these do not destroy the therapeutic properties of the essential oils being used. These diffusers do a great job of purifying the air and removing unwanted odors!

Spa Vapor Ultrasonic Diffuser

Green Air Spa Vapor Aromatherapy Diffuser - thehippyhomemaker.com


The Spa Vapor was the first diffuser  that I pulled out of the box. It fit nicely on my counter top by the front door, and even after being knocked off by the kiddo, it worked liked nothing had ever happened to it. (That is a handy feature lol) With a 5 hour running time and 250 sq. foot coverage, this diffuser is great for living rooms and bedrooms alike. At night time, I loved having the LED lights on, giving a great night light in my living room. With the press of the LED Lights button, you can control whether you have  changing colors, one color, or no lights at all. This ultrasonic diffuser uses no heat and diffuses a cool mist of water and essential oils into the air. The Spa Vapor has a rotating nozzle on top to give you control over the direction of mist and has an auto shut-off when the water gets too low. This super quiet diffuser works for up to 5 hours with only 4-6 drops of essential oil and water to the fill line!

Serenity Zen Ultrasonic Diffuser

GreenAir Serenity Zen


The Serenity Zen diffuser is rightly named after its peaceful quietness. This ultrasonic diffuser makes no sounds whatsoever; if there was no mist coming from this diffuser, I would not know it was even on and running! It blends in with my decor and takes up little room, looking fancy on my bathroom counter. With one press of the power button, a faint nightlight glow comes from the top of the diffuser. The vapor from this diffuser comes out lighter than the others, to be able to keep its whisper-soft soundless qualities. This diffuser is a great bedside diffuser for those who might not be able to sleep next to trickling water sounds that the other diffusers lightly make. The Serenity Zen diffuser has up to an 8-hour running time and will auto shut-off when it runs out of water.

NebAir Nebulizing Diffuser

GreenAir NebAir Aromatherapy Diffuser - thehippyhomemaker.com


The NebAir diffuser is a nebulizing diffuser that uses no heat or water to disperse straight essential oils into the air. This diffuser has a 2-hour running time and is different from the others because it is a nebulizer. The NebAir has extremely customizable timer and interval settings and is fabulous for individual use, for therapeutic purposes. This unit can fit most brands of essential oil bottles, but if you don't have bottles that fit, you can always mix your own blend in the two bottles that come with it.

USB Ultrasonic Diffuser


GreenAir USB Aromatherapy Diffuser - thehippyhomemaker.com

The USB Diffuser is one of the coolest aromatherapy diffusers that I have tried! One of my two favorites, this egg-shaped diffuser fits so nicely on my desk next to my computer and even on a table next to my laptop. This diffuser is sealed to help prevent any spilling or tipping over when bumped! This is my favorite feature in fact! I love that I can just carry this diffuser with me to anywhere my laptop is going! This diffuser would be perfect for any cubicle, small office, car, or the library. With a 5 hour running time, this can continuously run during the toughest of work days or study sessions. I absolutely love this diffuser!

Aroma Mister Ultrasonic Diffuser


GreenAir Aroma Mister Aromatherapy Diffuser - thehippyhomemaker.com

The Aroma Mister diffuser is an ultrasonic diffuser that is great for any large living room or bedroom. My number one favorite diffuser, this diffuser was just as beautiful in my living room as it was quiet in my bedroom. With an 8 hour running time this diffuser worked all night while I slept and could either glow 3 different rotating colors (green, blue, and purple), one chosen color, or none at all for diffusion in darkness. This diffuser is extremely easy to use, has very little pieces to it, and looks very nice among my decor of my home.

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