Which Essential Oil Companies Should YOU Buy From? My surprising findings on my quest to find the best

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I am most likely going to piss off some people with this post, but the information that I found was too good to keep to myself and keep you guys in the dark. As always, you should do your own research and question everything (even me!!). I ALMOST fell for the ploy. I got really excited because I felt like I was about to embark on a journey into the world of “top quality essential oils”. I thought that the lines I was being fed about these oils being “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” (or “CPTG”), “100% pure therapeutic grade”, and “therapeutic quality” meant that these essential oils HAD TO BE THE BEST. I was about to find out that all of these descriptions meant nothing in the eyes of the FDA and the aromatherapy world; they were just that, descriptions.

In my ever growing quest to find the healthiest options in my life, I began to wonder what about my essential oils? It's true that with the help of essential oils (and a healthy GMO-free diet), my family hasn't actually been sick in about a year and a half. That is a LONG time!!!! Before essential oils entered the picture, I was constantly fighting off sinus infections, colds, the flu….you name it, and I was possibly experiencing it. Essential oils have become my go-to every time I have had something come up; from cleaning, to medical, to emotional, each time I have found success in my quest to keep my family healthy. Only now, am I asking, “What about my essential oils?”

What is in a smell?

You may be asking yourself, “so, which brand would you recommend I buy, Christina?” and that would be the same question that I was asking myself.  With all of these brands telling me that theirs was the best, I wasn't sure which brand to pick. I had been using Now Foods essential oils and Aura Casia for quite awhile and was seeing success with these brands. I was curious if these more affordable essential oils are working so well, how much better would the “high-end therapeutic grade” essential oils perform?

Lavender is by far my favorite herb and essential oil to play with!
Lavender is by far my favorite herb and essential oil to play with!

I decided that it was time to upgrade my essential oils, and signed up to sell doTERRA essential oils. I didn't really plan on selling essential oils to many people, as I was just looking to get the 25% off discount that you get for being an “Independent Product Consultant” or “IPC” as they call them. When the introductory 3-pack of essential oils (lavender, peppermint, and lemon) came in, I was really excited to smell the difference! The first one that I opened was the peppermint essential oil and I was shocked at what a candy-like smell it had. It smelled so deliciously sweet that I was blown away because all of the other peppermint essential oils that I owned smelled of  the herbaceous earthy peppermint that you find in the garden; doTERRA's peppermint essential oils smelled like the finest peppermint candy I had ever smelled. I assumed, that since these essential oils are 100% pure and “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, that the higher end brands had better smelling peppermint. This excited me, I could smell a difference! I had been afraid that I wouldn't be able to smell the difference. The funny thing is, I thought that because the doTERRA essential oils smelled better AND are “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, that they were better…but I was only listening to the MARKETING.

Why I will NOT buy my oils from any of the MLM companies…

In my quest, I had gotten so excited that I forgot to look into what these companies were telling me about their products. It took a blogging friend to point me to the path of truth and discovery. She recommended I check out a series of posts that a blogger friend of hers had done on this exact topic, which essential oils would be best to purchase. The first of seven posts, is called “The Great Essential Oils Showdown ~ Which Essential Oils Company is Best? – Part 1” and it is worth every second of reading! I began to search deeper, trying to find out which essential oils were higher quality and which weren't until I came across something that opened my eyes as to how I looked at these “high end” essential oils. (doTERRA will be my example, but Young Living is no better and is the example that doTERRA followed when they split off from them.)

The main reason I will not buy essential oils from any of the MLM companies is because they lead their customers to believe that when they say their product is “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, that means something of value in the essential oil and aromatherapy world. There were three shocking things that I learned to lead me to steer clear of these

The first shocking thing that I learned is that there is no governing body that certifies essential oils. 

The second shocking thing that I learned is that there are no grades of essential oils based upon their quality. There is no grade A, B, C, nor is there an actual classification in the aromatherapy world for “therapeutic grade”. From The ‘Therapeutic Grade’ Essential Oils Disinformation Campaign:

  1. A spokesperson for AFNOR confirmed to Cropwatch (March 2006) that they
    (AFNOR) do not have a standard for therapeutic grade essential oils (and
    neither do ISO) and so they do not differentiate between any ‘Grade A’ and
    ‘therapeutic grade essential oils’, as per YLEO claim. This situation wrt AFNOR
    policy has not changed since 2006, at the present date of writing (Dec 2009).
    Further, essential oils have never been classified in grades described as A, B, C
    as suggested by YLEO, and would surely not find any customers for grades less than A grade, even if they did exist! In reality, essential oils used by aromatherapists include minor essential oils, oils of differing geographic origins and specific chemotypes not covered by AFNOR or ISO standards.
  2. The third and most shocking thing that I learned (this was most shocking because I really felt like I had been lied to when I found this) is that the words that these companies use such as “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, are TRADEMARKED PHRASES by their corresponding essential oil company. This means that the reason each of these companies claims that “no other company can say….”, it's because their company has trademarked the words…from the doTERRA website:”CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is a registered trademark of dōTERRA Holdings, LLC representing internal standards of quality assessment and material control. The CPTG protocol is not administered by government or industry regulatory agencies and does not imply regulatory approval of dōTERRA products.”

 So which essential oils should I buy?

As you can see, the choice for the right essential oil brand can be very convoluted. There are so many brands on the market, it can be hard to sift through the duds to find the right ones. The key is taking a step back and listening to what the companies are saying. You should also make sure to read the labels, your essential oil label should say 100% pure and not “blend” or “with jojoba/almond” as that means they are already diluted and not just pure essential oil. According to The East-West School For Herbal and Aromatic Studies, some of the qualities that you want to look for in an essential oil supplier are:

  •  the supplier is on the small size and not a large corporation.
  • the supplier is owned by an aromatherapy practitioner or essential oil specialist
  • the supplier has relations with his/her distillers, if possible
  • a supplier who can readily supply a batch-specific MS/GC spec report on each essential oil it sells
  • a supplier who is readily able to provide material safety data sheets (MSDS) as needed
  • a supplier who has a strong unquestioned noncontroversial reputation in the field
  • a supplier who has preferably been in the field for a number of years and is well known to other aromatherapy practitioners and/or educators

What I look for in my essential oil brands

Checking into the supplier can be important to picking your brand, but there are also other qualities I look for in a company that I buy essential oils from. Some of the questions that I ask myself are:

  • Do they promote the unsafe use of essential oils? Some companies, many of the MLM companies included, promote some very unsafe practices, using essential oils. If you want to be a Registered Aromatherapist you have to follow certain safety rules to remain registered, including the use of internal ingestion (unless you are a health care practitioner trained at an appropriate clinical level.), undiluted use, and Raindrop Techniques (Aroma Touch or other similar techniques.). These practices are prohibited by the AIA (Alliance of International Aromatherapists) if you want to remain a registered member.  You can read more about essential oil safety and ingestion.
  • Do they sell essential oils of plants that are endangered? There are quite a few companies that are harvesting and using essential oils of plants that are endangered. You should be asking where your essential oil has come from; is it “endangered” and is the supplier trying to sell you an inferior/substituted product in its place, claiming that it is the same “quality” and standard.  If it is extracted from an endangered plant species, what is the current level of threat to that plant species? Finally, is there an alternative essential oil, with similar chemical components and properties that you could be using? You can keep track of current endangered aromatic species on cropwatch.org
  • Are they an eco-conscious company? One of the reasons I choose the essential oil (and herb) company that I use for my personal and business needs, is because of their sustainable practices. I am very passionate about being eco-friendly and when a business goes to such lengths to be a zero waste company as well as put time and money into other eco-conscious projects, I really have to take notice.

The reason for lower prices and “not for internal consumption” labels

I learned from reading a FAQ for Beeyoutiful Essential Oils that the reason for smaller essential oils companies labeling their essential oils “not for internal consumption” and are able to price their oils at a much lower price than many of the MLM  companies is because of insurance costs. The only way to get a label on their bottles without the “not for internal consumption” words printed on it, is for the company to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on insurance and training programs/literature. This is the reason for such a high price and such a small bottle. A bottle labeled as such is not necessarily a lower quality essential oil, the company just couldn't or didn't want to purchase the high price tag insurance that goes along with labeling for internal consumption.

In my aromatherapy certification studies, I have learned you should be very careful about the essential oils that you are ingesting, as they are VERY POTENT. One drop of essential oil can be equivalent to drinking 75 cups of tea of the same herb. It is best to consult a certified aromatherapist for internal use of essential oils. I personally do not suggest using essential oils for internal consumption. In the US, certified aromatherapists can't find insurance for ingestion in their practice because it's considered a medical practice. If you go further and test to get your RA (Registered Aromatherapist) you are prohibited from including ingestion in your practice because it can't be insured unless you are a certified medical professional. It can be very dangerous taking essential oils internally because they can mix with your current medications, your current medical state, and more. Just like taking pharmaceuticals, you  need to consult a professional so that you don't accidentally create a toxic situation.

For more on essential oil safety and use

There is a lot of misinformation on the web, in books and by word of mouth, about the use of essential oils. No matter the brand that you choose to go with, using essential oils safely is the most important factor. ALL essential oils (no matter their brand) can be dangerous if not used with caution and care. To learn more about how to SAFELY use essential oils you can read my latest post: Introduction to Essential Oil Safety

essential oils 1

The brands that I have purchased and used are:

I put this section here so that you can see the different brands of essential oils that I have used. This is not my list of essential oils to go buy. I make it clear who MY personal favorite essential oil company is, but as I stated before, using your own judgment and doing your research is very important in finding the company that you personally want to stand behind.

  • Mountain Rose Herbs – (This is the brand that I use for my business and my home) All organic & pesticide-free, wild-crafted (if available), a wonderful company with great smelling essential oils, for really decent prices. This company strives to help the environment in every way and is a zero waste company. They are certified organic by OTCO and they source their essential oils from reputable distillers that they know personally and trust.
  • Plant Therapy – (This is my other favorite brand!) Plant Therapy is another great brand that I love to use. They promote safe practices of essential oil use, give fair prices for high-quality essential oils and even created a Kid Friendly line! In the summer of 2014, Robert Tisserand joined them and helped them to create a line of safe essential oil blends for children. As one of the leading educators in the world right now, for aromatherapy and safety, I was very excited to see him join up with Plant Therapy.
  • Now Foods – great price, OK essential oils for cleaning house and scenting your room. You can find these at your local Whole Foods or Central Market or for the best price, on Amazon. They even have a few organic ones as well. I only use this brand for my cleaning needs because I don't like using my precious Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils on something like cleaning. You also have to pay close attention to their labels as they do sell oils that are already diluted with a carrier oil and their Jasmine oil is cut with fragrance oil to save them money, but they DO label it. (Jasmine is very expensive on its own. Don't buy their Jasmine oil because fragrance oils are what you are trying to avoid.) You can read more about NOW Foods on their FAQ page.
  • Aura Casia – great smell and said to have exceptional quality chemistry. I have only tried one of their essential oils and haven't bought since, but that is only because I prefer MRH.
  • 365 Brand (Whole Foods Market) – I have tried the lavender from 365 and I find it has a lovely smell and is in a very decent price range. I have used this neat on bug bites and burns and it performed wonderfully, though I know absolutely nothing about the way that these essential oils are sourced. Further investigation is needed.

Take all of the information that I give you, and go searching for yourself. Test out all of the brands that you come across, and ask as many questions as you can. The only way to find the truth is to start asking questions.

photo credit: antonychammond via photopin cc

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  • lemonfreak

    I’m curious if you have looked into Florihana. The company is based in France and appears to have a lot more certifications being in the EU. I love that their 15ml bottles come in containers.

  • Sheeba Kitty


    • ugh it looks like cropwatch disappeared and the other site had a site redo so all their stuff changed links! I fixed it! Thanks for the headsup!

  • Lacy Maselle

    Have you all tried Eden’s Garden? Just curious…

  • William Williams

    have you tried Bulk Apothecary? great oils at great prices!

  • Lynn

    hi – thanks for this – really thanks – I purchased a “view your deal” from the ABC show from artnaturals and was happy w price and product. Have also purchased from Aura Cacia which you can also buy via target and walmart.com. The problem with the MLM’s is that the money is going to the top and I think the bottom level folks are just getting ripped off.

  • i stop burning the essential oils when i found out that the candles i was using were not healthy and were artificial ones and can be toxic. what kind of candles do i need to buy and look for to burn the oil in diffusers.

  • Annette Windham

    This article talks disparagingly about MLM companies, but never defines what those letters designate. What does MLM mean?

  • PrimeLifer

    It is interesting that you provide a link early in your article that provides finding the best essential oil company (which by the way, I have read all 7 parts of this woman’s research) and you do use or apparently have not tried Rocky Mountain Oils. Just curious to your reason for not using them.

  • How do you feel about Edens Garden?

  • Ana

    Anyone heard of Neal’s Yard Organics? I’d love to hear whatever’s you all know about NYR. Thanks!!

  • TroyandDenise Hanna

    I will say first, that I have not read any of the previous comments. With that said, my daughter gave me the trial pack of essential oils (doTerra), and have been adding one drop of the peppermint to my tea. Today, an uncontrolled 2 drops came out, so I wanted to “smell” if it would be too strong, and when I did, (smell), it practically BURNED the inside of my nose. This stuff is dangerous!!. This will be the end of my use of these oils. ~Denise

  • texastopaz

    I’m not joining any MLM company to add to their profits & follow some crazy rules…that give me anxiety to keep up with…
    I have used many brands, but prefer piping rock & edens garden…they are inexpensive, which I value & they work for me…The end…

  • texastopaz

    I agree..No MLM for me…

  • Gary

    Any opinion on the oils from Ananda Aromatherapy?

  • kkima68

    Barefut is another great company.

  • donrull

    I would stay away from Piping Rock. http://www.essentialoilsawareness.com/test-results/

  • jenna decker

    my thoughts exactly. people deserve to make money when they have a high quality product. think of the time and money it takes to make 1 bottle of lavender, that takes over 20 square feet of lavender to make 1 bottle. I love and distribute for young living bc the product is great!

  • jenna

    I believe that people panic over the MLM aspect because they do not fully understand it. Just because someone is able to make money advertising the product does not make the product bad. I think we all have to remember someone at a co-op is making money off a product as well. YL also has their own testing standards , in my opinion the highest quality of testing. Since the government cannot make money on essential oils ( bc they cannot patent an all natural substance) they are not going to take the time to come up with high quality standards and testing. I am very confident with YL oils. I have been to the fields, seen the distillery, and I find it comforting they are the only essential oil company that have come out with the “Vitality line”. They have worked with the FDA for appropriate labeling for internal use. Generally safe to consume. Please don’t let those who do not like MLMs deter you from a good product.

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  • bouncedancer

    The MLM structure always makes the product very expensive, because the people at the top get a cut of every single transaction downline. I hate MLM — it has a pyramid structure no matter how much the people at the top deny it. I do grant that there can be some good products that are sold that way.

    • Nancy Mordhorst

      Yes people at the top in MLM companies get a cut, just as anyone at the top of any company. The major difference is the “shop keepers” with MLMs and people working from home instead of brick and mortar structures. Yes I am with a couple of MLMs but I much prefer the one to one service verses the store front places. My personal feelings.

  • Barbara Lepley

    Has anyone used used the Piping Rock Essential Oils? If so, are they worth buying?

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  • Paula Okeefe

    Zounds,like whatever it was it sent her pancreas into shock. High concentrations of oils surely can trigger inflammatory mechanisms that will not turn off or other health crisis. I wonder which one triggered hyperglycemia reaction too. Sounds like Insulin production shut down severely.

  • no Plant Therapy does not use that claim, if you go to their website: planttherapy.com. It is individual sellers on amazon that are using those words!

  • Stephanie

    I really like Eden’s Garden. I was using Valor from Young Living and then they were and have been out of stock. My sister bought me Alogn from EG and it works great and the price is much lower. I’ve since bought others oils and am happy with them.

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  • Sarah Smith

    Thanks for sharing some research on this.. It’s hard when you’re into herbal health and aromatherapy because the researching really never does end, haha.

  • Ellen


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  • Liz

    I’m happy to have found your article. I have tried only aura cacia frankincense and found it good to mix for relaxation. Where I live the better brand that I can get off the shelves is a brand from Australia called Eco, would like to get more opinions about it from other eo users if I can. Their marjoram oil was really good to add in my massage oil and puts me to sleep when melatonin couldn’t.

  • Marge

    What Is an MLM company?

    • MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing… companies that sell oils through independent distributors. My opinion is don’t necessarily judge the oils because of the actions or words of certain distributors. MLM is a great concept for self employed people. Just like mom’s who sell Tupperware, Mary Kay makeup, Thirty One bags, etc. It’s been done for many years and actually makes a good income for moms to work their own schedule.

      In the essential oil world, when some people hear/see MLM they run from them and others bash them. They aren’t necessarily the only pure oils out there, neither are they the only ones that may not be pure and have some issues. Do your research and don’t take the words of just a few people to decide what you think of any oils, whether MLM or not. It’s been proven that MANY companies buy oils from the same distributors around the world and then bottle and sell with their labels on them. 🙂

  • Daniella Montiel Hurley

    Hi Cristina,
    What do you think of SwissJust Oils?

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  • Tori

    FANTASTIC piece, thank you for this! I have commenced following your blog and can’t wait to dig through the archives and learn more!

  • Cyndi Strobel Sagath

    Some of the doTerra oils have expiration dates on them. Pure oils should not.

  • Cyndi Strobel Sagath

    I didn’t take the time to read very many of the comments, so maybe this has already been addressed. Definitely look into Young Living essential oils. Pay close attention to their Seed to Seal information. They are one of the few companies that offer actual therapeutic oils, thus the reason for being a bit higher in price. Most oils produced by other companies tend to focus more on smell as opposed to the natural healing properties of the oils. Young Living focuses on keeping them pure and makes every effort to retain these properties. This may be why Melissa (below) saw results with YL, but not with the other brand(s). Why pay anything for oils that don’t offer therapeutic properties? Are you throwing your money away? Something to think about.

  • Amazon! I see now! There are all kinds of sellers on Amazon that sell all kinds of stuff! The listing you’re seeing is either someone who bought them from Plant Therapy and is selling them or it’s a reused listing (which happens a lot because amazon likes to consolidate so there aren’t a million listings) you can purchase straight from their website (planttherapy.com) and you will notice that they actually talk about essential oil safety and use on their site as well as their descriptions!

  • Plant Therapy do not use the words “Therapeutic grade” they say “100% pure” essential oils which is a good statement, meaning the essential oils are not cut with any outside adulterants, they are 100% pure essential oil. That is exactly what kind of essential oil you are looking for, one that is not cut with any contaminants or fillers, and strictly of the plant that essential oil is distilled (or cold-pressed) from. You can read more about their quality and standards here: http://www.planttherapy.com/essential-oil-quality

  • Paula Slabbekoorn

    What is you take on Eden’s Garden oils??

  • Carole

    Has anyone had experience with miracleessentialoils.com?

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  • Guest

    Just found this and wanted to thank you for not getting on the “only this one brand is the best” bandwagon! I actually deactivated FB because of the Doterra and Young Living event invites and MLM marketing that over ran my newsfeed and event pages even though I asked them to stop inviting me.

    I found Tisserand EO to be great. One of the original companies and I believe the owner is helping to fight the inaccuracy’s that DoTerra and Young Living have done. Best yet is they can be found at TJMaxx and Marshalls readily as well.

  • Rachel Vargo

    I want to know what you think of Barefut essential oils? Have you had any experience with or researched this brand?

  • Mark

    One small addition to my earlier post. I would recommend everyone to get more experience with EO. Because the best judge of quality is simply you. By using the EO on a daily basis and comparing the quality from different companies, I have no doubt in my mind that eventually you will notice the differences in quality. This is something I am trying to do so myself also more and more. Start with a popular oil like lavender, perfect to use on a daily basis. Dilute it properly with the same career oil and try to experience it momentarily. Like that you can use lavender from different companies and check out the differences. In smell, absorption, sensation on the skin, feeling and properties. I sincerely believe that EO contribute to your overall health. In terms of defenses, energy, mental state and fighting off diseases. Therefore I try to make them part of my overal lifestyle like my diet, exercise and meditation. I hope everyone will have the same positive feeling about EO and gain from them.

  • avoura

    What would people recommend for vetiver oil in the UK? I tried the link to a UK site that someone posted, but no vetiver oil there.

  • Small town mama

    I just checked out Plant Therapy, thanks to the Hippy Homemaker and I’m SO GLAD I DID! Seems like an awesome company and I love the Kidsafe line! Just placed my first order and CAN NOT WAIT to get it! They were also great about providing free education (answered a lot of my questions) and the live chat was very helpful! So glad they also have a blog to follow!

  • Jenice Grimes

    Don’t buy from Edens garden you will regret it this is my experienceSo it’s been a long time since I had a bad review to give, but I am so upset I feel the need to voice this. I ordered a custom set of essential oils from Edens garden oils. I got them in the mail and was surprised to see one oil that was not what I ordered. It was called energy boost ,if you look in my oils all of them are a relaxing oil and then there’s just one random energy boost thrown in there. What I had ordered was there thieves blend and have no idea how the energy boost was put into the order. When I was emailed back I was told they were willing to send me the right oil and asked if I could send them a photo of the oils that I had received this is the photo I sent them. I then received an email stating that the order was correct. I I explained to them that in fact it was not correct I had never chosen that oil and would never because I suffer from anxiety disorder. I stay away from any stimulating OILS like that. The lady politely argued with me about how I “did” order this oil! See the funny thing she doesn’t realize is that it took me forever to find the thieves oil because it is named something else on their site so I read through each oil until I found it making sure to select it. I even read down the list before I hit it to go to my cart. It was so aggravating that she basically was telling me that I was lieing to her. She told me i could return the oil but the fact is its would cost more to send the oil back the to just order the thieves oil and just have it shipped. I would have been happy to purchase the thieves oil if she would have been polite! But instead she sounded accusing and politely rude. To tell you the honest truth but oils aren’t even all that great there not blended well but I was willing to give them a try! Now with the way I was treated,I guess this company doesn’t believe the customer is always right or even the customer could be right. I personally wouldn’t risk doing business with this company just in case you ever have a problem. I don’t feel that they would be willing to help you without being rude. I will keep buying Piping rock oils

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  • Mark

    With all due respect to everyone. I personally agree that you should never buy any essential oil nor other product from a MLM company. I am terribly sorry, that doesn’t mean their products aren´t good but you will definitely over pay for them. Why? Because their main goal and objective is profit maximization. Don’t get me wrong, we live in a society where we got the basic principles all wrong or upside down. How on earth can we rely on profit centers when it concerns our health? Food, medicine but even virtually every other product (even services) come from companies which main objective is to make as much a profit possible. Without limits. Automatically this means compromising on either the quality or price or worse a combination of both. It´s a simple as 1 plus 1. We need to face the facts, wake up and realize this basic fundamental problem. Therefore especially with EO or related products, find the smaller sized company with honest people trying to make a living. There is nothing wrong with making a living. Every one needs to live and support their family so nothing wrong with a small profit margin. However when some one´s goal is to get rich (quick) then you´re at the wrong place. I genuinely believe that there are people and companies with the right attitude and goal. You just need to find them.

  • Mark

    With all due respect to all of you. When a company behind EO is a multi level marketing company then there is no need to discuss any further. There products might be good but way overpriced. Even if a company is not MLM but still an enormous multinational, same thing. Please keep in mind the contradiction we see with a food or health companies and the basis of our economy which is making profit. A fundamentally wrong contradiction if you ask me. How on earth are health companies suppose to help us with the best product when they also need to optimize profits? You see there right in the beginning is already where we go wrong. The solution? There is none. Even the smallest EO company with the best of intentions still needs to make a living no matter how small so theoretically no solution. Still, and I speak out of experience, I recommend to never stop looking for these small, rare pearls because they will be your best bet in finding the best quality of oils at the best price. Sure there will always be a small profit margin for them but their goal in life is not becoming a millionaire as fast as posible over your back.

  • Mark

    With all due respect to all of you. When a company behind EO is a multi level marketing company then there is no need to discuss any further. There products might be good but way overpriced. Even if a company is not MLM but still an enormous multinational, same thing. Please keep in mind the contradiction we see with a food or health companies and the basis of our economy which is making profit. A fundamentally wrong contradiction if you ask me. How on earth are health companies suppose to help us with the best product when they also need to optimize profits? You see there right in the beginning is already where we go wrong. The solution? There is none. Even the smallest EO company with the best of intentions still needs to make a living no matter how small so theoretically no solution. Still, and I speak out of experience, I recommend to never stop looking for these small, rare pearls because they will be your best bet in finding the best quality of oils at the best price. Sure there will always be a small profit margin for them but their goal in life is not becoming a millionaire as fast as posible over your back.

  • Mark

    With all due respect to all of you. When a company behind EO is a multi level marketing company then there is no need to discuss any further. There products might be good but way overpriced. Even if a company is not MLM but still an enormous multinational, same thing. Please keep in mind the contradiction we see with a food or health companies and the basis of our economy which is making profit. A fundamentally wrong contradiction if you ask me. How on earth are health companies suppose to help us with the best product when they also need to optimize profits? You see there right in the beginning is already where we go wrong. The solution? There is none. Even the smallest EO company with the best of intentions still needs to make a living no matter how small so theoretically no solution. Still, and I speak out of experience, I recommend to never stop looking for these small, rare pearls because they will be your best bet in finding the best quality of oils at the best price. Sure there will always be a small profit margin for them but their goal in life is not becoming a millionaire as fast as posible over your back.

  • Lisa Berry

    Thank you for your post.
    I am happy for you and your family that you are committed to living a natural lifestyle.
    Your concern about not having a governing body or ‘watchdog’ over the companies is admirable, yet if you dig even a little bit into our FDA, AMA, EPA….you would learn about the politics of money over truth. After researching, I have decided to represent/sell Young Living oils because of their commitment to quality and spiritual foundation. Yes, it is Direct Sales/MLM, yet their prices are not outrageous, the quality is high, and most importantly….results. Best to you and yours, keep shiny Hippy Homemaker!!!! (-:

  • Tam

    thank you so much for sharing, i was very confused about the YL oils, to much ads online, they are very expensive. i use other brands (EU brands since i’m living in EU) and since the prices are much lower than YL and doTERRA i started questioning the oils i use (although being very happy with them); your article helped me a lot to appreciate the brands i buy/use and not get carried away by so much promotion and branding.

  • Danielle Known As DzEyez

    I have to say this blog/post is where I started when I decided to go natural with essential oils! I wasn’t sure what brand to start with or whose feedback to trust on Amazon as this is my FAVORITE shopping site and being a Prime member, I love getting the free 2 day shipping. Anyway, I went with the advice given and gave Plant Therapy a shot since the reviews coincided with this blog. I have now been a HUGE fan of the oils and I don’t think I’ll ever change brands from Plant Therapy! I always purchase the 6 piece set of the ‘most popular’ oils (Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Lavender, & Tea Tree). I can say that I’ve been experiencing chronic sinusitis, due for surgery in a few weeks, and these oils have made a HUGE difference in how I feel everyday as I sleep with my diffuser pointed directly in my face (recommended by my ENT surgeon)! If I happen to get sick, symtoms are much worse because of the sinusitis but using a hot towel with a few drops of Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, and Lavender seriously cut down my sickness from a week + to two or three days! Using it in bath water or on your sponge while bathing in the shower helps too! Regardless of how you use it, there’s so many ways but I AM NOW A FIRM BELIEVER .. Sure beats taking a pill or using cold/cough meds when there’s really no need! Plant therapy is the first and most likely the last brand name oils I will EVER use! Thanks so much for your help and research in making this a much easier process while saving money trying to find the ‘right’ one!!!

  • Polly

    Thank you for this informative post! I’m new to EO and actually was searching for information on CBD from hemp for my chronic pain. I learned very much from your post and the comments as well. I will be exploring your amazing site frequently and just might look into courses in this field now. If you are familiar with chronic, disabling pain management or use/resources for quality, affordable CBD non-psychoactive hemp tincture, could you kindly point me to a website or source I could explore? I’ve read a few things, but enjoy your writing style which makes it easy to understand. Thank you!

  • In the past few months all Doterra blogs, information has been pulled. They are still looking for posts etc to pull. A the sudden the FDA (Government) has stepped in. I don’t know about any of the other oil companies but it has been a nightmare. I signed up last Feb and then it was easy. Then the compliance came we cannot talk about how dt oils helped us with an illness, we cannot tell people that ex you should use such and such for. We cannot diagnosis, or treat conditions. I have a catch 22 in that regard I am a certified Natural Health Consultant. I have ever recommended herbs and essential oils for years. It is documented by science alternative medicine which herbs and oils work for what. We are no longer able to say that with dt. I have people who I talk to who don’t get it They tell me everyone knows essential oils work for certain things.

    I can’t tell people how great an oil worked for me. People are right once the government gets involved. I even had to pull an interview I had done about dt on other blog my link came up and dt said I had to contact the person to remove it. It told about the company and the benefits about the oil. It anyone asks me about the certified thing, I tell them it us just a trademark of the company. I won’t lie But the FDA getting involved is really putting a fork in trying to market dt. Like I said I don’t know any other essential oil companies that are going though this. I can’t even post my link on.my website (personal) or blog. I can put I sell essential oils and contact me. I don’t know what to do at this point.
    Let me know if other companies are dealing with this. Other eos

    • Jean Anne McDonald

      YL has been dealing with this for awhile now. Glad to hear other companies are getting the same treatment, although I wish more that they wouldn’t tie any of our hands when it comes to sharing the benefits of oils. I do see their point, tho – there are too many people out there who do not do their due diligence and/or spread inaccurate or dangerous information.

  • Vivo Oils

    Really great article! Thank you for putting it together. There are a ton of oil companies. My wife was diagnosed with Addison’s and other severe medical conditions. We went to every doctor and used every technique in the world. My wife wears a mask if she goes in public because she is so sensitive to perfumes, pesticides, candles, hairspray, etc. We then went Holistic and the Organic Route. This included Essential Oils. Plants that God gave us. All oils are not created equal! We used the cheap ones and found they use synthetic or organic fillers. Not cool. Some left film in the tub. We said enough is enough. So we got our own brand of certified organic essential oils. All we can say is that we hear what people are saying in these comments. Use essential oils safely as they are very potent but used properly. We wish everyone the best in their health journey!!!

  • Susan Janney

    After reading through these comments I really have to wonder if some of the people commenting have the ability to comprehend what they actually read?? That may sound harsh, and it’s meant to be and is directed at all of the people bashing the author for stating that price doesn’t necessarily dictate quality and scolding YL and doTerra’s marketing schemes. Never once did the author state that YL doesn’t carry quality products….not ONCE!! Yet a lot of the comments are defending the QUALITY of YL. Her point about YL is the MARKETING. The fact that they, along with doTerra, fabricated terms to insinuate they have superior products. When in fact there is NO SUCH THING as therapeutic grade. I’ll include a link, again, from the FDA that states if a product is therapeutic it must be regulated by them. People are mixing two different points made into one. The comments on price and quality are just that, comments on correlation. Not accusing any particular company of having inferior products. And paying the highest price doesn’t mean you’ll get the best product. That’s not to say that all cheaper products of are similar quality, because that isn’t true either. And I don’t understand why people keep bringing up all the ‘great things’ about YL, when it’s easily proved that the marketing is a ploy. If they’ll lie about one thing, they’ll obviously lie about another. So unless these readers have personally visited all of the growers, and inspected all of the ‘great’ things about YL, then all they really know is….NOTHING, except for what they’ve READ, which is written by YL. Everyone has the right to their opinion and can certainly disagree with the author. but please at least take the time to ensure that your arguments are in accordance with what the author actually wrote, and not a misunderstanding of what she is saying.
    Below is the link to the FDA, where under the paragraph titled ‘is it a drug’, they clearly state essential oils can’t be therapeutic grade, or the FDA would have to regulate them.

  • Susan Janney

    I don’t really have a problem with the fact that YL is MLM. However I DO have a problem with their marketing ploys and lies. But, ALL business push their employees to sell. I’ve worked at several banks and we were constantly monitored on how much we sell. I don’t understand why people hate MLMs but will go to Walmart or Macy’s. Do people actually think those companies don’t make a hefty profit?? The only difference in MLMs and brick and mortar stores is how the product is sold. Employees at Macy’s, or whatever business you’re shopping at, teaches their employees to sell and push certain products at certain times. If you go to Bare Minerals, they will tell you they have the best product. So what’s the difference in a Mary Kay rep stating that they believe they have the best product. The retail world for the most part is just a nasty business that is mostly concerned with the bottom line. MLMs are no different, but for some reason people will bash them and then hop in their car and drive to Walmart, who uses child labor in foreign countries to make their clothes, treats their employees like sh**, and is most definitely ONLY concerned with making making money. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • Susan Janney

    I think you missed the whole point of this article. She DID do her homework. And her reasons for not purchasing from YL are all accurate. I’ll include a link to the FDA, where they themselves state that if something is of therapeutic grade then it’s a drug, and therefore must be regulated by them, which essential oils are not. She didn’t say YL doesn’t have quality oils. But the fact that they lied, which they have changed some of their marketing material, is her point. If they are willing to lie to their customers about one thing, then what else will they lie about?? There simply aren’t therapeutic grade eo’s, period. And there aren’t any governing bodies that classify eo’s into grades either. So she would rather purchase oils from someone who is more concerned with making sure she gets a good product that she will benefit from, than a company that is retail driven and more concerned with utilizing marketing schemes that contain incorrect information to obtain more distributors, and therefore sales. All business have to make money, and there’s nothing wrong with making a profit. But it’s morally and ethically wrong to dupe your customers into believing you have a superior product based on non-existing standards. And not just non-existing, but fabricated standards created with the sole intent of misleading paying customers. I have no intentions of patronizing a company that uses those tactics, even if they do carry a good product.
    Below is the FDA link. Look under the paragraph titled ‘is it a drug’. And I’m sure the FDA has no problem with me sharing this link.


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  • Nancy

    Thank you this was very informative. I am not certified but have been using EO and studying them for about 30 years now and recently attended a “sell” class where they recommended EOs for internal use. Never in my 30 years would I have taken an EO internally and they way they presented was EOs were a immediate cure-all… very scary and I considered it unethical.

  • Sandy Berlin

    was curious what do you think of miracle essential oils i havnt bought any yet but no mention of that brand of comparison

  • This is so neat! Thanks for all the information. It’s very extensive (a.k.a. well done!) I just started using essential oils and I had no idea about most of these things. Will think more about my essential oil purchases from now on.

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  • I do have my own blend for it that you can make yourself! I call it Medicine Woman: http://www.thehippyhomemaker.com/diy-medicine-woman-essential-oil-blend

  • onesockmissing

    This was a great article. I use Nature’s Gift oils and it fits all of the criteria.

  • there are no issues with mixing essential oil brands! Many aromatherapists have a couple different brands that they like to use in their own home. I currently have Mountain Rose Herbs, Plant Therapy, rare essentials, NOW foods, and Aura cacia in my eo cabinet! I buy from one company when another company is out (though i do have my favorites)

  • MaraNatha

    Thank you for this article. It seems some of the comments posted below are quite fanatical, lol. I personally will not buy from any pyramid company like YL, doTERRA, Avon, Scentsy, Amway, Mary Kay, etc and this company that my mom used to work for that swears their “shakes” are a cure-all (Herbalife, maybe?). They would be alright companies if they didn’t pressure folks into “sell, sell, sell!” in order to make the guys at the top richer. I understand it’s good business for like stay-at-home moms but I just don’t care for it based on my own personal experience.
    Anywho, I’m trying to find some affordable EO’s so I can make my own lotion and lip balm. I’ll check out some of the other companies you have posted. Again, thanks!

    • Susan Janney

      I don’t really have a problem with the fact that YL is MLM. ALL business push their employees to sell. I’ve worked at several banks and we were constantly monitored on how much we sell. I don’t understand why people hate MLMs but will go to Walmart or Macy’s. Do people actually think those companies don’t make a hefty profit?? The only difference in MLMs and brick and mortar stores is how the product is sold. Employees at Macy’s, or whatever business you’re shopping at, teaches their employees to sell and push certain products at certain times. If you go to Bare Minerals, they will tell you they have the best product. So what’s the difference in a Mary Kay rep stating that they believe they have the best product. The retail world for the most part is just a nasty business that is mostly concerned with the bottom line. MLMs are no different, but for some reason people will bash them and then hop in their car and drive to Walmart, who uses child labor in foreign countries to make their clothes, treats their employees like sh**, and is most definitely ONLY concerned with making making money. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • Inez Aultman

    I am most bothered by the perception that everyone who is still not struggling and a “leetle beety business” should be punished for . . . their success??

    I’m NOT a fan of MLM’s because they exploit the individual’s sphere of influence looking for that one person who is really a great salesperson and connected to a jillion new customers.

  • Cinthya Travis

    I’ve just recently come across Neil’s Yard Remedies. Just wondering if you know much about this company and if so what you think about their essential oils. I know that their main focus is natural beauty products. Thanks.

  • Tamy

    Thanks for your info. Have you researched Edens Garden? I found them via another blog and their prices are great. I also bought Attention Assist from Native Am and it has make an awesome difference in my grandson’s behavior in Kindergarten.

  • Thank you for this wonderful post! I was becoming terribly frustrated with all of the information online about essential oils. I appreciate that you took the time to go into detailed explanation about the industry. I also like that you provided a list of places that you’ve tried and liked.

  • Brenda T.

    Thanks so much for this post! I have just begun my essential oil research and whenever I ask around to friends that I know locally, almost all of them tell me to order from Young Living or DoTerra. I do NOT want to buy from a MLM company but they have surely been brainwashed b/c they are insistent that there is nothing else as good on the market. At. All. I find that super hard to believe that the MLM companies somehow have the best EO in the world.

  • Good breakdown. Another company that I tend to use is ThinNow Essential Oils. They aren’t bad.

  • Katy Richard

    To say that you should buy from a supplier that has a relationship w it’s distiller and then not recommend YLEOs is contradictory, because Young Living distills it’s on oils grown on their own farms. They go beyond the organic growing requirements. They have control of the entire process, which no other EO company can claim. Just because a company is large, doesn’t mean it’s bad. YL has been a company for over 20+ years and it’s founder has dedicated his life to the study and usage of essential oils. For me it comes down to the product itself, and after comparing many, YL is my choice for pure, unadulterated, potent oils.
    Lastly, did you know that anyone can put 100% pure and still only have one ingredient be 100% pure? The FDA does not require other ingredients to be listed, because EOs fall under perfume labeling. That means a bottle of Lavender can contain 2-5% of 100% pure Lavender oil and 95% other ingredients.
    So, do your research, ask where your company buys their oils from. Most EO companies buy from brokers who distribute all EOs to 95% of EO companies! Do they grow their own plants? Do they distill their own oils? Who are their distillers? Do they bottle their own EOs? The more hands are in the mix, the more there is a chance for adulteration.

  • Maggie

    I have been using Eden’s Garden and have been very pleased with them. Their prices are reasonable and they have a wide selection. I can’t telll they are any different than YL.

  • Jessica

    What do you think about Eden’s Garden? The company is Edensgarden.com, I have been using them for awhile and I switched from using doTERRA.

  • Jennifer Beckham Naylor

    Anyone have any info on The Vitamin Shoppe essential oils? Bought some lavendula angustifolia oil there yesterday. Price seems comparable to 365 brand from Whole Foods, and it has a nice smell. I can’t see on the label that it is diluted with anything else. Anyone?

    • the bottle doesn’t really matter unless you are adding essential oils to the mix! You can even use plastic with essential oils, it just has to be PET or PETE plastic, as that is the only kind of plastic that is hard enough not to get degraded by essential oils!

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  • Gil Mulder

    I am trying to find a good source for Juniper Essential Oil…. NOT Juniper Berry Essential Oil.

  • Robspace1

    Want pure oils at a decent price? After years of buying, I have a few places. Not Young Living or Doterra. Why get gouged if you don’t have to? Their scamming people. The best oils being sold in America are coming from Eden Botanicals in N Cal. Huge selectiuon, and all real. Nothing fake, and nothing overpriced. They also have some great blends as well. To make certain oils, like Vanilla and Sandalwood, more affordable, they offer them in nice blends. The best site online for essential oil and fragrance discussions is Basenotes.com. You will find nothing but positive reviews for Eden Botanicals. It’s simply the best place to go for oils, and the preffered store for perfumers and oil lovers. Another great company is in France, called Florihana. They are considered to be the best company in the world for the production of essential oils. You can buy from them direct or through a Cal. company called Tropical Traditions.Oils from either place is always the very best made. And their prices are fair.

  • Karen Sheldon

    Thank you so kindly for all of your research, honesty, and the claritiy you provided to me about essential oils and the companies. I just dont have time time to do this intense research, so thank you. I will be making all of my families soaps, lotions, etc. and I want to provide the best quality for a reasonable price. I like how you stood your ground against certain “educated professionals”, they usually lie anyway to protect certain interest of others or themselves….. Most important, you were honest about your findings. I was curious about the commission stuff, but I checked with NAN, and I would still buy their products non-the-less. Thanks for directing me to a good place to start. Take care.

  • Randy

    thanks for sharing your research. We are just getting into essential oil use and I started asking the same questions you did.

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  • Kelly

    You are absolutely right Jill the FDA doesn’t regulate the EO industry and we certainly never want them too. The labs I was referring to are 3rd party and their “grade” is not a trade mark. I am very aware of the companies that trade mark their grade. One of them recently even changed theirs for a fresh new look and your right it means nothing. Proof of efficacy means something and if your looking for proof and test results there is only one company currently doing that. I respect and admire the growers around the world that have spent many generations doing what they do however in most of these countries they do not have the technology to test the oils at the level that can be done. They actually don’t need to invest that kind of money because 95% of their sales don’t even go to companies and brokers that sell to essential oil companies. Again, you get what you pay for and quality means something to some people and not to others. There are Walmart shoppers and there are Nordstrom shoppers everyone is different that is why we are all commenting on this blog. Happy Oiling!

    • Jill

      I am almost 100% sure that I know the company to which you keep referring. I e-mailed a list of questions to that company, and they are not as transparent as you might think. Out of the list of questions, 2 were conveniently missing when they answered me. They just happened to be two of the most important questions, in my opinion. First was, is this company going to promote ingestion to of essential oils? Second was, is this company going to use a trademark terms such as therapeutic quality to market their oils?

      I have looked high and low, and I cannot find any third party criteria that determines what pharmaceutical grade, in reference to essential oils, means. That means that it is a marketing term. Do you have any information regarding a third party determination as to what pharmaceutical grade means? I am all ears, and I would love to be proved wrong. I would love to believe that this company is following some third party protocol that has been determined by a neutral entity. I have not been able to find the proof that I am looking for. If you have any information that is more than puffing, I would love to open up a dialogue, and learn. Looking forward to hearing from you,


      • Kelly

        Thank you Jill I will inquire for you I have a lot of contacts that can help us. I will keep you posted!

      • Kelly

        Hey Jill I have that information for you, long email to post here. My email is kelly@aroundtownarizona.com

  • MattC

    I’m fortunate to have a friend who works for a company that breaks down products and sees what is actually in them.
    She had began using EO’s and after hearing some rumors about the sourcing and purity of EO’s, she tested her brand from sealed, new bottles ….a MAJOR BRAND NAME …and what she found made her quit using them.
    Multiple plant oils other than what was on the label were present. Compounds found in insecticides, gasoline, even prescription meds were IN THE OILS.

    There is one EO company that she tested that was pure. …And so far, of the dozens she has tested,,has been the only one to be pure every single time. I switched because of her research and the difference in effectiveness and quality is night and day.

    There IS a difference. There is higher certification and quality of EO.

    BTW….. I know the man who coined the term “THERAPEUTIC GRADE” and was the first to use it to market EO’s. He is a master oiler and admits there is no such thing as “therapeutic grade”. It is a marketing term. And it has been used to define a grade of oil that doesn’t exist.

    That’s why I chose the EO company I order from. They spent millions to develop scientific tests backed by Medical institutions to prove their oils are of the highest quality and that every batch meets a bench standard….not a marketing term.


    • Julie W

      So what is the company that you referenced that has been tested by your friend and proven to be truly pure in nature? That info would be exponentially helpful to us newbies, so we can combine it with the info we read in this article, and others! Thanks in advance!

    • Researcher

      What company do you get your oils from?

    • kaseeta

      Please share the company you or your friend prefers to purchase from based on purity results. That’s very interesting.

  • Kelly

    The problem with this is that it is a HUGE misconception that the quality of an essential oil is determined by where the oil is sourced and who the grower is. This is far from the truth. The quality and purity of an essential oil is determined in a lab. It is only through using the science and technology that is available today that you can truly determine the constituents of an oil. For instance there are 350 different strains of Thyme unless you have a FDA approved, Pharmaceutical grade, NSF certified lab with a data base of billions of data points you cannot determine if this is the strain of oil you need for what outcome you are needing. If you are only using essential oils for making candles, soaps and candy then by all means use something from any source and buy it cheep. But if you are looking to change your lifestyle then it is best to do you homework and look at true quality and how it is tested not so much who the grower is. I am very aware of a situation in the last year where a grower thought they had been harvesting and selling Boswellia frereana for generations but in fact after testing in the lab their plants over time had evolved into a whole different strain. After showing the grower the test results they were shocked and had no idea. They had been selling this to companies and brokers for years! Bottom line is you get what you pay for and if you are happy purchasing from a mom and pop that just smell the oils and think it is okay to sell, go for it. But if you are truly looking for purity, quality and the best nature has to offer. Pick a company that has the science, technology, as well as the experts and funding to ensure and prove what you are getting. – Kelly ATA Magazine

    • Jill

      The only problem with your information is that the FDA does not regulate essential oils, and there is no objective determination as to what Pharmaceutical Grade, as pertaining to essential oils, even is. These are all quantifications that are set and met by individual companies. I don’t know what company you are referring to as having science, technology, and funding, although I can make an educated guess. None, that I can find, follows any set criteria from a third party. They all follow rules that they set for themselves, and then claim that they are the best! Pharmaceutical Grade and Therapeutic Grade have no meaning.

    • Jill

      Oh, and I forgot to mention… The quality of the oil is most absolutely determined by where and how it is grown (there many factors that are determined by nature as well.) …. The lab is only able to analyze and quantify the quality of the oil using machines and records.

  • C Smith

    wow! I didn’t know essential oil users had such a cult following! A lot of comment(ers) are sooo offended! It also helps to r e a d the whole article before snapping to a conclusion. I can’t help but laugh! Whew! Anyway, I thank you for your article, I am glad there are essential oils available that are high quality that are NOT through MLM. It’s just not my thing. I am new to EO and look forward to finding out more.

    • This oven clay is far better suited for art projects, I don’t think that it’s the best medium to make dishware with!

      • CreativePlanetJanet


  • Suzie

    wow, thank you so much for this. I was struggling as well because when I’d look to see where something like Frankincense comes from, they were all basically coming from the same regions/countries. And all said ‘pure.’ You are beautiful for posting this and the links. You have confirmed my suspicions. Again, thank you and love your site. Cheers!

  • MissJackson

    I find your article very helpful. A friend of mine asked me check out her essential oils site (doterra)… I miserably ‘hate’ MLM’s… But, I am very interested in essential oils. So, thank you for alternative suggestions.

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  • Randy

    Has anybody tried CBD hemp oil? I’ve read that it has many health benefits.

    • that would be different than essential oil, usually extracted by steeping the herb with a carrier oil. I do in fact own a bottle of cannabis essential oil and it has some great muscle pain relieving properties and helps with sleep too!

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  • Ariel Coffing

    Thanks so much for this information! Your blog has been incredibly helpful in my search for the right essential oils for my family. I decided to try Plant Therapy and reached out to one of their certified aromatherapists via their website. I received a response within an hour with even more answers than I requested. Already super impressed!

  • carissa

    Have you had any experience with Edens Garden essential oils? I’m new to essential oils and have been looking at this company.

  • RatRef

    I’ve purchased essential oils from Essential Wholesale & Labs (you can also buy supplies here to make your own products) and Bulk Apothecary. Great prices, good products = happy customer. My favorite oils are Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemon, Peppermint, Clove and Cinnamon. All of those oils work well for a variety of health ailments, cleaning, and getting rid of pests (the insect variety. You’re on your own for family members.)

  • AvidReader

    I too am confused, but not nearly as much as before last week’s Essential Oils Summit. 8 Days of 3-5 “talks” per day with some of the top names in the field. This is one of those fields/products I wish I’d have gotten into from the onset, rather than jumping on the bandwagon now that it seems “everyone I know is selling EOs”
    One of the first talks in the summit was concerning the Adultery of EOs. The message was “Buyer Beware” as the EOs can be adulterated at any point(s) in the distribution process whether manufacturer, middleman, retail store, or (hate to say so, but….) even your neighbor or family member….anyone trying to “earn” and extra buck along the way.
    The speaker is a chemist and he had a nifty little trick for determining if the oil contained a carrier or was pure (at least it worked for the one oil in his example). If I recall correctly, he said to put a light (such as your cellphone) under the bottle, and if you could see through to the phone, then there was a carrier. If not, it was pure. I’m not sure this works for every oil, or not, as he didn’t say. Also he stated (my wording) that pure EO when swirled would stick to the sides of the bottle for a few seconds whereas EO with a carrier would not.
    This chemist is trying to bring the issue of adulteration to the public and I’ll try to find the “talk” and update my post with a link to this chemist’s site.
    Thank you for these articles. I appreciate all of your efforts at researching and providing this information.

  • exlorenz

    Yes, thank you for taking the time in sharing all your research. It is a very confusing subject. I am new at buying essential oils and I did not know where to begin to get something good but also affordable.

  • Kaitlyn Marie

    Hi! So, I was wondering if you have ever ordered any oils from bulk apothecary If so, would you tell me what you think? If not, would you mind checking it out!?!?! Right now, I order all my oils from that source and I just kinda wanted a second opinion of the place.

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  • Amber

    So, I found this blog post and found it interesting. I am just starting to use essential oils. I mainly use them in my diffuser, and have, for about 6 months, but now I am more interested in them for other uses, cleansers, topical use,etc… The first brand I bought was NOW foods, I do not like them in my diffuser, the smell is completely gone after 30 minutes. Then I decided to try Mountain Rose Herbs, I absolutely love them, the scent stays completely through the 3 hour cycle of my diffuser. Then I wanted to expand my collection of oils and try a few different brands, I bought a bottle doTERRA , I HATE it! it doesnt last in my diffuser either! So I ordered more from Mountain Rose Herbs (great prices but shipping is sooo pricey). I also decided to try Rocky Mountain Oils/ Native American Nutritionals, I am excited to try but nervous at the same time, Oils can be so pricey. I did buy the NOW and doTERRA oils through Amazon and am wondering if the issue lies there? So far I am thinking of sticking with Mountain Rose Herbs. I also found the “not for internal consumption” conclusion very interesting, that absolutely helps in my decision making! I recently compared prices and wonder why MRH were significantly cheaper, that would explain why.

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  • Peter Piotrofski

    Just wondering if you have looked at the Ameo 100% Clinical grade oils and what you think of them?

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  • Robspace1

    If you want pure essential oils and don’t feel like you should have to mortage your home to own them, then stay away from Young Living and Do Terra, as well as Amazon and Ebay, and go where smart oil buyers know to go. There are three great places that have the cleanest, purest, oils you will find at great prices. Try Ananda Apothecary, Edens Botanicals, or Tropical Traditions for Florihana Oils from France, considered to be the finest oils in the world today. And, all are less to buy then from the two mentioned above. Good luck.

  • I have never had this happen to me before with ANY of the brands of essential oils I have tried. Essential oils are volatile oils (they evaporate quickly and can be flammable) unlike carrier oils. It’s very strange that this is happening!

  • kay

    Do you have suggestions for edible grade organic pure essential oils? I want no GMOs, added chemicals, pesticides, ect. I wan’t pure oils that I can eat and not just carrier oils. Have any suggestions. I found one that claims to be all of these things but I am curious who else does this.

  • I realize this post is a bit older, but I wanted to leave a comment regardless to say thank you for voicing your opinion on such a heated topic. I’m gobsmacked by how passionate people are about “their” brand. I’m passionate, too. I’m sure my words will upset someone somewhere, so let me say that you’re beautiful and do what works for you! Having written that, I share your opinion about marketing and business practices.

    I live up the street from DoTerra’s new palace (headquarters). I’m sorry, but I cannot refer to it other than that. When I see such an enormous building(s) and warehouses (more currently under construction), I have to wonder at it all. I am NOT saying that a large building is an indicator of the worthiness of a company, but like you, I have done my research and have not chosen MLM’s. I vote with my dollar, and that is my vote.

    Thanks for sharing, have a gorgeous day!

  • The difference lies in the chemotype, places it was grown, etc. the difference will vary from each species but the most commonly used frankincesne is Boswellia carterii. If you read through Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand you can find the exact chemical difference between each chemotype!

  • Nora

    I also recommend Veriditas organic essential oils. Small, conscious company with excellent quality!

  • There is nothing subtle or fancy about my FTC disclosure…in fact it’s in my own words not in any “fancy FTC language” as you put it. It’s also at the bottom of every single post on my blog. I can’t put it after every single link on my blog or you would never get to finish reading a post. I prefer the information I am reading, not to be interrupted by a paragraph of disclosure for every single link within the post. It’s so much easier for both you and me to put it at the end of every single post instead. If you have a problem with this, then just don’t click on my links.
    “FTC DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this article. However, I only recommend products or services I have personally used myself and are in alignment with The Hippy Homemaker’s ideals. Christina Anthis a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.”

  • Yes I am an affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs, that is because they are my favorite company to use because of their organic status and because they are a zero waste company.(I buy all of my herbs and essential oils from there for both my own use and for my etsy shoppe!) I do not make it a secret. I do state in my disclosure on every single page that my links could be affiliate links. How on earth do you think a blog that gets 200,000 monthly hits could run for free? It costs me money to run this site, as well as at least 16 hours of work every day of the week, so I of course am using affiliate links to get money to keep this site running. That’s how it works. Every successful blog out there has to use some form of income to keep it running, I choose affiliate links over advertisements so that your viewing space isn’t riddled with ads.

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  • Kari

    I’m not at all impressed with your unprofessional blog. Who says the word “pissed” when writing professionally?

    • I do because it’s MY blog. If I were writing a book, I would not use those words, but a blog is a personal forum where you are able to speak with your own voice. If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to read it. I pay for this site and run it myself, so I can therefore speak with whatever language I so choose. Thanks for commenting!

  • Katie

    Have you looked into Butterfly Express oils? I’m very impressed with their oils and their business practice. I’ve been learning about oils for the past 8 years and that’s the company I trust the most. I use energy testing to test on a scale of 1-10 how high the oil’s frequency is, or how beneficial it is. NOW oils test at a 2. Doterra a 6. Young Living a 5. Aura Cacia a 3. Butterfly Express 9-10.

    • Jill

      How do you perform the energy testing?

  • Donna Clay Robertson

    Why can’t I open the Cool Yourself Off with Peppermint Oil link?

  • Thank you so much for this excellent article on the safety of essential oils and companies that sell fantastic essential oils that are not part of MLM. I was befriended by a person who was a Young Living distributor. She seemed to truly care about my serious health problems, poverty and other major worries. In hindsight I realize I was used. After I signed up for YLEO, gaining her another peg on her ladder, and foolishly paid $50 for 2 bottles of oil, I wrote and said I could not continue- I was broke, all my money was going towards a failed brain surgery and trying to find a way to ease the pain from severe nerve damage and everyone I know was struggling as well. I’ve heard from her twice in the past year- a one line message on Facebook. I can’t believe I wasted money I did not have and that I fell for what I thought was a genuine friendship, but in reality was a sales move.

    I also prefer to spend my money on smaller companies. I was horrified to learn that people selling YLEO were encouraging customers to ingest essential oils, without discussing it with their physicians first. I still feel like I am swindled, but I am happy to spent my money on essential oils from non MLM companies who products are superb and affordable! Once I am well, or at least my pain is under control, and I’m no longer digging myself and my family out of poverty I hope to get my certification in aromatherapy! I have learned so many things, primarily through blogs like your own and many library books! I hope to be able to educate people on the proper use of oils, and how essential oils and medicinal herbs have given me some sense of control and purpose in helping to ease my constant pain.

    Thank you again for this thorough, excellent post! Be well!

  • Joleen

    have you heard of Jade Bloom or Rocky mountain oils? I’m getting so over whelmed just trying to figure out what company to go with that’s organic but not to pricey that has a kit can purchase with multiple items. There are too many companies and they all say they are 100% but how do I know. don’t want to spend 100+ $ on a kit and then find out its vegetable oil. This is all so confusing.

    • Alicia Claytor Byars

      Rocky Mountain Oils is the sister company to Native American Nutritionals. They now seel the exact same oils and NAN has a great reputation.

  • Renata

    Does anybody have an experience with kis oils?

  • Robspace1

    I just tried her Vanilla EO and had to ask for a refund, which they gave with no problem. Real good service there. They said the Vanilla is one of their problem oils, as many say it’s just not strong enough. And, it was too weak for me. Very light and not much there.
    I now buy mine from Dr Adorable. Her Vanilla Absolute is real dark and thick. You need to warm it in water before it will roll out. It’s fantastic, and very real. Mixed with the bean from Madagascar, this oil has deep earth tones to it, and has the base notes of cedar oil and sandalwood oil, dark notes with the vanilla top note peeking through. Just an amazing oil.

    The price is great. I just ordered more. I payed, I think, for 2,2 oz. $36.00! That’s about half what you pay at YL or Do Terra for this oil. I also just got her Cedarwood oil. It’s from Virginia and it is really nice. Like the chest and very deep, dark and brings back nice memories of being locked in that chest all day! Just kidding-Dr. Adorable is new on Amazon and Ebay, and so far, her reviews are all great, and they are putting out the best oils I have boguht and at a great price. Real oils and real oil dealers are getting to be really hard to find. So, it’s nice to see someone thats doing it right, and selling a great product. I hope she puts all the scammers out of business!

  • autumn_finley5

    What Now Foods oils would you recommend for dusting spray, cleaning/disinfecting spray, and dish detergent? Also would you recommend using the better oils or the cheaper Now Foods for things like lotion and body wash & baby wash? Also, do you know if their is a cheaper and good working blend comparable to the young living gentle baby oil? And the peace & calming

  • Julie

    One question I have for you… I need to purchase some carrier oils and am wondering if those are worth the larger investment with Mountain Rose or if the carriers (jojoba, rose hips, argan) are just as good when purchased from an organic store such as Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods that carry Now products.

    • as long as the oils you pick are unrefined, organic, and cold-pressed (this is one of the most important, heat takes some of the nutrients out of the oil) you can pick them up from your local Trader Joes, Whole Foods, or even Amazon!

  • dr. mitchell mosher

    Hi Hippy Homemaker:

    I found your site while searching for eo information and it is very enlightening.

    I was an interventional doc who took a turn onto the non-interventional trail in 1995.

    I recently got hooked on lemon oil 1 to 2 drops in water internally to eliminiate
    my blood pressure poisons. All kinds of side effects disappeared since discontinuing
    them. The product I use is DoTerra and it is my first contact with an eo. I
    eagerly signed up as a distributor a few weeks ago, although since reading your
    excellent site and a couple others, I am having second thoughts about this Do
    Terrra venture. Earning extra income is not a high priority for me since I did
    very well as a holistic foot surgeon! I just want to point my patients -I do
    Bowen Therapy- in the right directions for their well-being and health
    improvement. My question is; should I finish my DoTerra lemon, then try another brand such as Mountain Rose and see if it works as well?

    Someone said on a post that a drop of eo on a piece of construction paper will show the quality depending on the length of time it takes for the oil to evaporate and if there is any residue left on the paper. Any insight on this?

    Also, my thoughts on some type of certifying organization – FDA, USDA = LOL


    Dr. Mosher, aka Mitchell

    • Hi there Mitchell (I hope it’s ok I call you that!),
      I am so glad to hear about more and more medical professionals finding their way to complimentary practices that are more natural! I am so glad you love the site! I hope you stick around, because I have plenty more to write on aromatherapy that will be helpful to you and your practice!

      You can definitely use up the lemon essential oil that you are using, it’s not a terrible brand so I wouldn’t waste it, but when you’re finished I suggest trying either Mountain Rose Herbs (I am such a fan of their environmental practices and the fact that all their essential oils are certified organic!) You may also take a look at a few other brands out there and see which you like the best. I also love to buy Plant Therapy essential oils, since Robert Tisserand (Essential Oil Safety 2nd edition) recently started overseeing their oils. Honestly, even though the MLM’s want you to believe otherwise, there are quite a few decent brands out there and any of them that are certified organic are not going to be adulterated or cut with anything extra.
      The oil on paper test really isn’t the best test to utilize as a factor for quality, as each oil has it’s own viscosity, residue, color, etc. that can greatly effect what is left behind on the paper. Not all essential oils are clear. The best way to truly know the quality of an oil is going to be to ask for the GC/MS test which will give you a breakdown of the constituents in the specific oil. The percentages of specific constituents can vary from season to season/plant to plant, but there is a standard ISO guidelines that they SHOULD fit within. Leah over at Learning About EOs talks a little about this (http://www.learningabouteos.com/index.php/2013/08/04/why-we-perform-3rd-party-gcms-testing/).

      I am with you when it comes to FDA/USDA certification…we can’t trust them with the food we have now, how could we trust them with essential oils, they’ll only prove to further adulterate the system with their greed.

  • Tracey Givler

    Hi, I was wondering if you ever tried oils from Ananda Apothecary?

    • Robspace1

      Their a really good, honest company, with great oils, and diffusers.They don’t sell fragrances. They also sell small sample vials of all their oils. I tried out all 4 of their sandalwood oils. Yes, they are in the top 5 of legit American EO companies. From Boulder Col. I have had all good dealings with them for years. Not one problem of any kind ever.

      Also, a good, new company to try is Dr Adorable. Her oils on Amazon cost less then Ananda and so far I have gotten some great oils from them. Great service, fast delivery and they respond to my emails in about 3 hrs. every time! check their products out on Amazon or Ebay. Another honest oil dealer, which is my go-to company when I need an oil overnight, is Portland Essential Oils. I live close to Portlandia.These people are also fantastic dealers of fine oils. They distill them right there in Portland. Very fresh oil! They also sell alot of fragrances. I love their shipping. For just $6.00, I can order today, and it will be here tomorro! All three companies have good products-the cheapest is Dr Adorable, but they all have good prices for good products-no rip offs at these three, ever.

  • lori

    I have had amazing results with Now Food Essential oils and Plant Therapy Essential Oils!!

    • Robspace1

      Now Foods, for me, has been hit and miss. Some good, some not. Plant Therapy has the best Peppermint oil I’ve ever had!

  • April

    I have used a lot of brands: Young Living, doTERRA, Now, Edens Garden, Swanson, Mountain Rose Herbs and Plant Therapy. I prefer Mountain Rose Herbs and Plant Therapy. I trust their products.

    • Robspace1

      You left out Eden Botanicals, Ananda Apothecary, and Dr Adorable.

      • Alicia Claytor Byars

        Eden Botanicals was actually among a list of oil companies recommended by Robert Tisserand in a comment thread I read recently.

  • April

    Piping Rock oils have recently been shown (through testing) to be synthetic, adulterated or a completely different oil than the label states. There is a Facebook group -Blue Tansy Analysis- where this information is being posted. They are also posting reports from other companies.

  • tttimber1

    quick question? why did you not include Young living essential oil on your quest for good stuff?

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  • Mollie

    Does anyone know about Kis oils? I have only been diffusing them for the most part but want to be sure I’m not using something unsafe

  • Dani

    Anyone know where Ameo fits in with all of these?

  • xxxxxx

    Andrea piping rock has had five oils out of six fail analysis so far. Of six oils analyzed FIVE have been fake, highly adulterated or not the correct species’ oil. Go on Facebook and search for the group ” blue tansy analysis” you can see all these analysis reports for yourself.

    • Robspace1

      I agree. I have not seen that report but I recently bought three bottles of oil from Piping Crock or is it Rock? Anyway, the second I poured out a drop, I knew they had scammed me! The “oil” was so thin, it looked just like water. The scent was a fragrance, not oil. These guys are crooks-their peddling fragrance oils, blended down with some thin baby oil. Bulk Apothecary i also selling garbage.
      Please read reviews before buying. these guys are famous for their lousy oils. Try Ananda Apothecary from Boulder-great products-great service-been around along time. Try Dr Adorable on Amazon-great oils at a fantastic price! Her vanilla absolute is just fantastic. Dark brown and so thick you have to warm it up to use it. The smell is deep, earthy, with a slightly sweet top note, but not like extract or birthday cake sweet. It’s from Madagascar. Real vanilla, at a great price! I just ordered more while she has some left.

    • Heidi

      Can you tell me where the information is about piping rock on Facebook (approximate date)? I have used piping rock for the past year and would like to see the discussion. Thank you.

      • Pam

        Hi Heidi ~ Blue Tansy Analysis is a ‘group’ on fb. You have to send a request to join. It’s a great group! The rules for being approved have been changed & therefore, tougher to be accepted. I can’t tell you the date about the Piping Rock oils testing badly, but all you have to do is, type “piping rock” in the “search” box at the top right of the page (once you’ve been accepted into the group) and it should pull up any post with those words in it. So, the ‘bad’ oils information should show up. Peace & have a wonderful day, it’s raining here in East TN :/ (my favs are Nature’s Gift, “Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy” on fb & Plant Therapy, “Safe Essential Oil Recipes” on fb … both are hands on, just the best customer service ever, they both have a certified aromatherapist on staff, have on hand the GC/MS on each oil & do share it, & oh yea, PT has free shipping & both company’s ALWAYS send samples with orders) 😉

  • Elizabeth

    I appreciate your article as I’ve been researching EO companies. Aside from quality, I really think it comes down to preference. If someone wants a business opportunity that helps people, so be it. Not everyone does pushy marketing, but how else do we find the zillion other products in this world that we use? Someone has to market it somehow whether by writing an article, sharing with a friend, or posting ads on Facebook. Isn’t this how the Good News is spread? But, it’s all in technique and approach. If it helps and blesses someone, why shouldn’t I benefit financially just like the traditional business owner? They have something to offer so why can’t I? I realize there is more involved in your article, but I thought I would give my two cents on this part. Whatever the decision, the person needs to make it for the right reasons and be at peace in their conscience.

  • Chrissy

    I am looking for a good frankincense EO that is affordable. Thanks

  • HollyBelle

    For years I have been buying oil of peppermint essential oil in a 8 oz bottle. I bought mine from a small company called Ozark Herbals in Long Lane, MO. I order from them. They go to various shows during the year. I found them at a craft show in Lee’s Summit Mo. many years ago and have bought from them ever since. Now the only essential oil I have purchased from them was the peppermint. I have bought other gift items. I use the peppermint to put on cotton balls around my house in during the holidays and for other things. It lasts a long time, But I replenish the cotton balls a lot, I probably buy a bottle every other year or so. You can find them on line and they used to have a catalog.

  • BB

    Can you talk about Nature’s Sunshine essential oils. I was muscle tested with several brands and this one shown most pure.
    Also, you didn’t mention Young Living oils…another popular brand.
    thank you

  • Reverse Aging

    Great article, I also order all my oils from Mountains Rose Herbs, I create products that have changed many of my customers skin. I am 45 years old and I can say that I have an amazing skin for my age. Beautiful Blog!

  • Anything MLM is going to be expensive because of the many levels of “compensation” (ie: lots of people taking a cut) Currently doing a head to head test of YL thieves, DoTerra On Guard, and EDEN’S GARDEN THIEVES… 2 weeks in, the EG Thieves works as well or better than the others, at 1/3 the price…and it’s not MLM, so the price makes sense too…

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  • Laura

    Another excellent company is http://www.crownaroma.com

  • marika

    Wow, what a great blog and informational follow up! Has anyone tried Snow Lotus EO’s? Am new to eo’s as well and considering doTERRA until I found this blog and other articles on the web.

  • Joni M

    What are your thoughts on Bulk Apothecary EOs?

  • Jason

    We sell Essential Oil Racks/Boxes and Displays at our ETSY shop: TourtillottCreations come check us out.

  • Ns

    I put a link to this on my blog simplelifebacktobasics.blogspot.com hope it ok I found it great. Thanks for sharing

  • Suzette

    It’s is wonderful to see so many people interested in aromatherapy. Depending in where, type, and how the plant is grow depends on the scent. Also how it’s extracted matters very much. I have been a certified aromatherapist for 20+ years I have a certification through the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy. Their product is Original Swiss Aromatics you can look them up on line. They now sell to the average consumer. Kurt Schnubelt has written many books on medicinal uses of aromatherapy and you can take classes with him. His oils are truly medicinal quality or he will specify if they are not. Blessings to all.

    • I had neither heard of Original Swiss Aromatics or Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy until now Suzette. I looked them up. From the information I read it seems their use incorporates internal use of essential oils. Carefully guided and properly educated, some can be used this way. I’m not used to hearing a ‘certified aromatherapist’ endorse any kind of internal use. There is scientific, evidenced based education to support it however (LOVE the courses from Vintage Remedies!). I was surprised to see part of the coursework was authored by DR. DANIEL PÉNOËL… as he is the educator for our Ameo essential oils and has endorsed them as a ‘game changer’ in the industry. Great to hear of another school that supports (proper) internal use.

      • Bebop

        The french and British have been using essential oils internally for centuries and have Doctors that prescribe synergistic blends from apothecaries and is covered by their National Medical Insurance. Aromatherapy and certification is like pharmacy school or med school in Europe.

        I too have been an aromatherapist since 1992. I however have mixed feelings about the now popular interest in essential oils and aromatherapy. Way back when I started you could get very good medicinal and reputable oils at low cost. As with everything that becomes popular and commercial it opened up a whole industry that supplies low grade oils at a high price and lots of people that start web sites and blogs that really only have a rudimentary grasp of aromatherapy.

        Aromatherapy has not been around and has no medical support here in the USA and so internal use of the oils is not as known because taking them internally is no different than taking your prescription drugs and can be misused here in the States from people that do not take herbs and oils as serious as they do their prescription drugs. Unfortunately we do not have as old and established use of natural medicine that the rest of the world does.

  • Priya

    I’m all for freedom of speech but hopefully what people get from a blog like this is “do your research”, not just believing what one person is saying. I started with young living years ago and then basically had the same mentality as that described in this post. I searched and searched for other oils that had to be just as good and used Mountain Rose Herbs. The thing that companies like MRH, aura cacia etc don’t tell you is “organic” is in reference to the plant. It’s not talking about the methods used to distill it. I signed up for doterra oils almost a year ago and they don’t even compare to store brands or MRH oils. I need less of them and have had instant responses to my conditions with these oils. Look into the company before you judge them–they are unlike any other and are on the forefront of sustainability and fair trade. Look into the company’s practices and how they treat the people in the countries where the oils come from. They don’t have nearly as many oils as some of the other companies do, but it’s about sourcing and making sure that the sources also comply with the ethics of the company. The company is transparent…look on the website…..and make your own decisions.

  • I’m really late to the party 🙂 (and my blog is sometimes not safe for work – fair warning here)

    My one and only experience with Piping Rock was when I bought their Argan Oil. Yes, I knew it was cheap…and I should have been patient. I received 2 fl/oz for $5.99. Yes, five dollars ninety nine cents.
    (They’re also selling 16 fl/oz for $49.99… )

    It was also clear and had no sediment, and didn’t have any scent at all. Now, those things don’t guarantee that you’re getting a less-than-perfect quality, but add them to the price, and you’ll see flashing red lights.

    (I did educate myself afterwards – lazy me should have done that part before purchasing!)

    The oil itself leaves red, sensitive patches on my skin. Not good. I have used it to moisturize my hair (I’m a henna addict) and while it doesn’t do anything really (I only add it to the ends). Coconut does the same and more, and is way less expensive)

    So that’s my experience.

    I did a similar post about coconut oil on my blog. I cross-post in a Big Huge Makeup Place, and I don’t think many posters liked what I said. oops!

  • A.Marie

    Aromahead Institute that is taught by Andrea Butje is a wonderful source of all-things EO. I purchase my oils through Aromatics International and am very pleased.

    • Christina

      I love the webinars from there!!! <3

    • EdenSong Essentials

      Yes, Andrea of Aromahead is a fabulous source for EOs!

  • sheila

    and now as i reread the posts i am seeing young living mentioned!! 😛 😉 disreguard last post/question. 🙂

  • sheila

    just curious and maybe i missed….is there a reason you did not mention young living essential oils? my understanding is doterra branched off of this company around 6-7 years ago….i believe it is a MLM company as well but very well known in the area where we live.

  • Nicole

    I’m 100% with you Knowledgeispower!!!

  • Ash

    Has anyone tried edens garden? I’ve been using their oils for about a year and I really like them. Great price too!

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  • Sara

    It looks like many of the companies peppermint oil is not in compliance, including Mountain Rose.

    • Barbkarol@yahoo.com

      Adore all my Wyndmere Naturals awesome blends, singles and their entire line of good, clean products. Grateful.

    • Moon

      Which of course, makes you have to question their other oils that were not tested. I’ve recently started Simply Aroma (less than a year in business). Love their oils. I’ve tried NOW, Piping Rock, Simpler, and a few other random companies. As well as YL and dT. I’m stuck on SA at this point, and they can/will provide info on their oils.

  • I am just curious if anyone has ever considered Nature’s Sunshine EO? I have been a distributor for NSP, and recently just started using the oils when I make gifts; and even for my family.
    They’ve been around since 1972; and introduced their line of 100% Pure Essential Oils in 1998. So far I’ve loved and used all of their oils for quite a bit. I’ve always been more involved with the company as a whole; but really wanted to try their oils in my sessions (I am a Reiki Practitioner and Master Teacher).
    I am in love with the quality of these oils; but unfortunately, I don’t see much blogging out there about them?
    There are some oils that NSP does not carry; so I am always looking for advice on the best places to purchase.
    In my opinion, I don’t like companies who re-bottle their product. Something in that process seems unnatural to me.
    I thank you Christina for this very informative post; and am looking forward to seeing if there are any NSP users out there.

    Thanks again!
    Tina Korotky- RMT, NC

    • Diana

      I didn’t know Nature’s Sunshine had essential oils. Their co-founder Ken Brailsford is the founder of Ameo’s parent company Zija International. Another GREAT line of natural health products aside from essential oils. http://www.mormonwiki.com/Ken_Brailsford 🙂

    • Kat

      Tina, I am also a distributor for NSP – I love their quality control for all of their products! For the oils that NSP does Not carry, I trust Marge Clark’s knowledge & integrity at Nature’s Gift (www.naturesgift.com). She has a wide range of oils, blends & hydrosols & her prices are great (she is Not a MLM)! And she gives detailed info on each of her oils. You should check out her website.

  • livehawaii

    Hi I have some questions what brand oil do you recommend?. I do have the doterra oils but I use them on my kids and find it doesn’t work well?. My daughter has bad allergies and my kids always gets colds coughing and stuffy nose are the common. I need your help in picking the right brands for my family!.

    Mahalo from Hawaii!

    • Diana

      I tried about three different brands of peppermint oils for headaches and never got relief. However with the clinical grade Ameo oils, I not only got great relief from my headaches and nausea (within a few minutes for headache and just about a minute my nausea disappeared).. I also successfully got rid of a migraine that nothing but prescription drugs could touch before! Just a couple of drops on my temples, across my forehead and the back of my neck. two applications like that about 2 hours apart and my migraine was gone! I am sold on the quality, purity and more than ever before, my money’s worth. I became sold on them quickly. They also show you video of their oils penetrating cells, something none others can visually prove. Check them out! Feel free to email or visit my site and view the media/videos and product profiles. If you want samples, let me know. I’d be happy to oblige. I remember my frustration (and really doubt about essential oils before for anything more than pure, non-toxic scents)… until now.

      • Keani

        Hi Diana! I suffer from migraine headaches and am up to trying just about anything to make these bad boys disappear! Would you be able to send me a sample of the peppermint oil you are talking about?

        • Keanie you can email me here diana.turner123@gmail.com and I’d be happy to send you a sample and answer any questions you might have as well. 🙂

      • Kimberly

        I also would love a sample of these Ameo Oils ….i am a beginner in this world of oils ….i am about to go nuts trying to decide which way to go in the “oily world” ….thanks so much

  • Matt

    As a licensed healthcare provider, I only trust Ameo brand essential oils.

  • sophi

    You and this post are a breath of fresh air.
    Thank you so much for not accepting the status quo (doTerra, YL) and thank you for seeking out the truth and sharing it with us.

    Do you know how one might boost estrogen/induce a period with essential oils? I’ve heard that clary sage is good…
    Where is the best place to apply it on my body?

    Thanks again.

  • This article is like a breath of fresh air! I’ve been happily using Aura Cacia for a few years – mostly for aromatherapy applications. But recently, I’ve been bumping into some YL and doTerra users and hearing a lot of chatter about “therapeutic grade” and such, and began to wonder if I have been just playing around with lower quality oil. After digging in a little and doing some research, I began to develop a growing dissatisfaction with the whole MLM aspect. Why can’t I just buy some oil? Why do I need to buy “under” someone or get myself set up to distribute? And further reading brought up questionable practices from some of these MLM companies. So tiring – so confusing – so not what I want to be spending my time on. I just want good oil!

    I really appreciate your article. I’ve done some business with Mountain Rose Herbs before, but never with their oils. I’m going to look at them closer. And, I think I am going to continue my relationship with Aura Cacia, unless I find reason not to, and rest knowing that I have oils that are not “sub-standard”.

    • Matt

      You do not need high quality stuff for aromatherapy. Now if you are ingesting oils, you need to have high quality pure and cell active oils.

  • Karen Brazelton

    Can you give me some advice on what to use as a diffuser for the oils? Are certain brands better at dispersing the oils? A nebulizer? Or, an ultrasonic diffuser? What brand do you use?

  • K.W.

    I second the Ameo company. It launched a month ago so I thought it would be great to get on board just for the business side of it. Honestly, I didn’t care and figured all the EOs are about the same quality, until I heard the research they did to acquire their oils. I have used doterra for about 3 years now and have educated myself with continuing education courses, training sessions and of course my own research through pub med articles, various books and journals. I am also a Registered Dental Hygienist and understand the criticalness of oil misuse, one of my biggest pet peaves. People don’t realize you can do harm with oils.

    The amazing thing about Ameo is that each bottle of oil has an id number that links to where it came from. When you log on to the website you type in the number and can trace the oil back all the way to processing and view the microscopic test of that batch of oil on the human cells. Even better was that the owner, who I personally met, went with Dr. Joshua Plant (yes, that’s really his name) http://www.biology.utah.edu/undergraduate/research/Alumni_Pages/Plant_Joshua.php
    to get baseline research that has been done on EO for years from research hospitals. Then the took the data and researched it themselves and by other outside sources. The data was brought back and compared to the original data and correlated. Now when they test their oils if they don’t match the baseline for all the constituents, they don’t sell the oil. In fact, they tried to launch with an additional 3 oils last month, Myrrh and Birch being one of them, and they couldn’t because those oils didn’t match up to the baseline data. So they are finding new harvest sites for those oils. Now, I don’t know how much more exact you can get than that. but look for yourselves into Ameo and see what you think.

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  • Mark

    I used essential oil 111 made in Germany, really good oil, also seem like it’s insomeway medicinal, cause I pulled my muscle and after applying the oil it seemed like muscle pain dissapeard. would love to know if anyone else used it.

  • Yvonne St Cyr

    I’m pretty sure I posted this but obviously since my opinion was different my past was removed, funny how that works, that way you only hear what the want not necessarily the truth.

    Wow I love how people are so misinformed and will just post. Too bad there is always the one. I love doterra, I love that they set their own standard, yes CPTG is their trademark but it’s because there is no standard, I love that use Dr. Pappas to test their oils, and he has stated our oils do smell better because they are better. I love that because we have nothing added we can take them internally. I have no doubt Doterra was the best choice and I have no doubt this was somehow written for personal gain and misinformation

    • Christina

      I am so glad you are patient enough to wait for me to take the time out of my Saturday with my family to approve all of the pending comments. I am one person running this blog and do require some time away from work, just like everyone else. I do not have any issues with you stating an opinion different than my own, but please be advised that in order to keep the comments section civil, comments are moderated and I do delete comments that include personal attacks and insults, hate speech, comments that are off topic, and sales/spam comments!

    • Matt Choate

      I used doterra and a few youngliving oils for a couple of years. I was actually a doterra customer on autoship and seen the wealth o my family enhanced by using them. When Zija created the Ameo oils I was excited because being a ZIJA nutritional user , I knew the science and quality they put in their ousts and the high standards they adhere to.
      The ameo oils smell better, absorb quicker and are so much higher quality than anything on the market. They have even refused to put some oils into their line because they cannot find a pure enough source that meets their patented quality that allows them to claim something no other company can claim….CLINICAL GRADE OILS. If you don’t believe the science behind the Ameo oils, do the comparison test. So far all. My doterra and YL friends have switched over to Ameo after they see firsthand the difference. Whatever you choose, oils enhance your health and life in general! Use them!

  • Yvonne St Cyr

    Wow I love how people are so misinformed and will just post garbage out there. Too bad there is always the one. I love doterra, I love that they set their own standard, yes CPTG is their trademark but it’s because there is no standard, I love that use Dr. Pappas to test their oils, and he has stated our oils do smell better because they are better. I love that because we have nothing added we can take them internally. I have no doubt Doterra was the best choice and I have no doubt this was somehow written for personal gain and misinformation

  • Does anyone have any of the msds or any lab results of any of the oils? I am finding the information sparse, and am also looking into where it is grown to see the differences.

    • Barb

      Young living has a map on their website of where the farms are and I believe you can go visit them. As far as msds umm the ingredients are directly on the bottles. I believe an msds book is to provide what chemicals are in a product right?

      • JA McD

        Kind of. The SDS (changed from MSDS recently) contains more than just a list of the chemicals – includes inerts, etc. And there is quite a bit more information in the different sections, like flammability, reactivity, any personal protective gear, LD50s, Shipping requirements, ecological impacts, and lots more.
        OP, I read in a different comment here that YL also has testing done by an outside lab, but that was in dispute as another commenter said that the company was owned by YL or DGY had an interest in it.

  • Heather

    A local company in Minnesota is Veriditas Botanicals (http://veriditasbotanicals.com/). In comparing them with Mountain Rose Herbs, they seem to be much more expensive. Do you think Veriditas oils are any better than MRH to make up for the price difference? On their website, Veriditas states they are the only US company offering exclusively 100% ECOCERT certified organic essential oils. Would this matter in selection of a company or oil? Thank you.

  • Matt Choate

    I have used the Nutritionals made by Zija, the parent company of Ameo for 3 years. I had amazing results, lost 130#, reversed all my health issues, etc. I had used Doterra oils for over a year so when Zija announced they were launching their own oil line under the name Ameo, I was excited because I personally know their dedication to putting te very top quality out to their customers. But, honestly, I was happy with Doterra and didn’t really plan to switch over. THEN , I experienced the difference. The smells and potency of the Ameo oils are so much better. Even the feel of them is better. An empty bottle of Ameo peppermint is several times stronger than a full bottle of the doterra peppermint. I traveled to Utah to be trained on the oils by Dr. Daniel Penoel, a world renowned oils expert for several decades. He said he had NEVER endorsed an essential oils company before but once he seen the quality control measures and the fact , thru a patent pending process, that Ameo has revolutionized the essential oils industry by offering the first clinical grade oils to the public that are batch proven to be cell permeable, I was “in”.
    There really is a difference.

    • I was never brand loyal to one thing before and had a mixture of brands in my cabinet, but I agree about the difference with our Ameo, clinical oils. If anyone has studied essential to much degree, knows the name Dr Daniel Penoel and for his endorsement of the purity, and higher clinical quality, you KNOW there is a difference! The 3-page foreward from him in our guide was powerful reading!

    • Dr.Penoel did some work with Young Living in the past as well. Interesting that the term endorsed is being used with Ameo now. definitely great oil from Ameo.

  • savana

    What about this new company Ameo? Have any input?

  • Monica

    i stumbled across your blog trying to find good quality EO. you have answered so many questions i’ve had with the doterra EO. i’m not again MLM at all, people need to make their money and more power to them. I got very frustrated when they all claim to have knowledge, i have found they sell the stuff but they are not certified which really bugs me. i bought serenity and if i defuse it i have the worst nightmares but if i just apply it it’s ok. out of like 30 sales people i would ask, no one could answer the questions, they all gave me the run aound and wanted to sell me stuff. wtf.

  • Sarah

    Just wanted to let you know that you misquoted a companies name in your article calling ‘Native American Naturals’ when it is actually ‘Native American Nutritionals.’ Just wanted you to know so you could refer people to the right company because they are truly awesome!

    • grandma

      They actually go by both, even though the website says “nutritionals”. I’m guessing it used to be “Naturals” because if you google “Native American Naturals”, the first thing that comes up is the correct website. 🙂

  • I stumbled across your blog while searching on Pinterest for a Thieves Oil recipe (which is awesome, BTW). Of course, I HAD to check out your blog for other great content. I appreciate you writing this article. I have done a lot of research myself wanting to know the answer about “which oils are best” and came to the same conclusion that MLM and highest price do not necessarily mean “best”. I was a marketing major and can read through the hype that most companies use to market their products.

    In my search to know more about EO, I came across a great website that really helped me better understand the process from sourcing the raw ingredients to the distillation process and beyond. This guy is an EO chemist, not affiliated with any company. He does independent analysis of essential oils for many companies and does not make public recommendations of suppliers. His website http://www.essentialoils.org/ and FB Page https://www.facebook.com/EssentialOilUniversity are very informative.

    I am by no means anywhere close to being an expert, just a mere mortal trying to become less dependent upon a chemical laden life. I, too, use the NOW primarily for cleaning and have ordered from Mountain Rose for more specialized EO. I use their Vetiver for the mix I use for my husband’s grandson’s ADHD. (I pinned your recipe for ADHD and I’m going to give it a shot when the daughter-in-law lets me know they are running low).

    Thanks again, Christina for the great blog content! 😉

  • Barb

    I am using young living and I also like do terra. For the people that claimed Barefut was not a MLM, take another look.
    I just ordered a peppermint to see if it was different and after I checked out it offered me to be a distributor and make 25% and refer people to make 5% off of their sales. What a joke. I will stick with what I know. The main perk from having a team is the immense amount of support and knowledge. Good luck trying to figure out how to use your oils…..I dont think amazon will be helping you figure out which oils help what ailment.

    • Monica

      i have to disagree with you on the knowledge. i drank the kool-aid with doterra, don’t get me wrong i honest love them but i had an issue with an oil that nobody could help me with. i got so fed up i have decided to get certified in EO because there are so many people out there that sell EO but don’t really have the knowledge. i have very disappointed.

      • Barb Karol

        Just a quick thought for those of you who have a love of Essential Oils. If it is a pure E/O it will have the Latin name on the bottle, along with the country of origin. Do not dismiss the Natural Product Stores that easily…they were well ahead of the game early on…let your nose decide what you like…it will seldom fail you. Be wary of those clever yet meaningless marketing terms… ie: therapeutic grade, food grade, There is no grading system established in the U.S. Lastly, if any company tells you that they have “the only” product you should use, step away…there are many wonderful companies to choose from. Look local when you can, too. For questions, check out the websites of the professional trade associations such as the Alliance of International Aromatherapists (AIA) or NAHA. You will find many questions answered there. Most of all enjoy these beautiful gifts from nature and remember… natural is not always safe.. so be mindful to use by the drop.

      • rob etheridge

        Not sure what you mean by “drank the Doterra koolaid”. I’m a WA with doterra and enjoy their products. If there is a question I have, there are too many resources from doterra and the scientific community to blame anyone but myself if I don’t get the information.

      • I too have weird experiences with certain oils , but unlike you i did get answers. Vetiver and cedarwood would give me horrible nightmares and anxiety when used at night . If used with juniper berry it will curb any negative effects . Every ones chemistry of their body is different and the oils will be different on everyone also. Essential oils are made up of minute molecules that are very easily absorbed. Each oil has a unique chemical composition of terpenes, esters, oxides, alcohols, phenols, ketones, and aldehydes. These components interact with bodily systems and, depending on the essential oil, can stimulate the immune system, aid cell growth, help eliminate toxins, kill bacteria and viruses, and so on.

      • Monica, how do you become certified? I really would like to do that.

        • Christina

          Sarah I have been studying aromatherapy through Demetria Clark on Heart of Herbs! She is a well known herbalist and tries to offer all of her classes at a reasonable price! http://www.heartofherbs.com/

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  • So as I’m going through my course through Vintage Remedies I have another insight that I never knew before. There is information that should be shared but is not. There is “Traditional Aromatherapy” which seems to be the supportive type here that is opposed to anything except means of Inhalation and Topical (always diluted and sometimes heavily diluted). While there is nothing wrong with this type of Aromatherapy, there is indeed SCIENTIFIC evidence that supports the Internal use of Essential Oils in the Clinical Aromatherapy path of study. Yes there are safety guidelines and no, not all EOs are for internal use.

    I also learned that Robert Tisserand, very highly respected and the ‘go to’ source for all things “traditional aromatherapy” and safety use. However, in comparison… Mr Tisserand’s background is Massage Therapy. I think it only fair to present the scientific research backed by scientific studies by clinical researchers and bio-medical experts/physicians.

    It does a dis-service to not provide people with the means to learn all avenues, then allow them to choose which path of use they choose for themselves and their families. You can’t tout the dangers of internal use of essential oils, and not report on the VERY DANGEROUS effects of prescription drugs that the MDs prescribe freely. Yes you can do harm with improper use of EOs but there is no comparison to the dangers of prescription drugs that are “properly” provided and instructed. We all really want the same thing, right? Access to and education about Natural Healthcare. I think a lot of people need to learn of areas outside of a small circle. Science HAS advanced in the areas of Clinical/Aromatic Medicine, just as it has in many areas of study in the world today. Let’s focusing on learning all there is to learn and base our decisions and choices on that not just what one exclusive area of study tells us. Traditional Aromatherapy relies on theoretical basis without concrete proof. “It just works.” What about concrete proof to the contrary? Blessing! 🙂

  • robert etheridge

    Your bashing of doTERRA is impressive. You made a statement which is pure liable. You said dt peppermint is cut with other ingredients. This was from another company which actually labeled an inferior oil as that of dt. This misinformation was part of a lawsuit in which dt was totally cleared.
    Your list of most shocking was fairly blah.
    It would be nice to see a blog which didn’t see fit to bash on other companies.

  • Theresa

    I’m really amazed at the mlm bashing that is scattered amid the sometimes factual sometimes biased info in the comments. In order to provide both a quality product AND a quality life for members it’s common for businesses to try to make a profit by bringing in more money than what goes out. One quote was TOTALLY wrong: mlm’s don’t FORCE you to buy ANY amount in order to get the discounted rate, MLM’s OFFER a discounted rate to members. You can definitely buy retail! As little or as much as you want! They don’t turn you away for that! Many, many businesses give special discounts to faithful customers, why would you single out this practice? Do you shop at warehouse clubs or bogo sales? Businesses are just that – businesses. The fact that these businesses can and DO sell a quality product seems to be lost in all the spouting off about marketing practices and copywriting.
    I’m also concerned that SO little attention is given to the ways that other companies, dilute, mix, and adulterate their products with other ‘natural’ and ‘pure’ products. Did you know that synthetically produced compounds that can also be found in nature can legally be labeled and sold as ‘natural’ ? Even if they were made from raw materials which might have been coal, petroleum or natural gas? And these products most certainly don’t have the same properties as oils derived from the natural plants in the best possible way to preserve their desire able properties. Mainly because that COSTS more and cuts down on profit. (Or results in higher prices.)
    So…here’s the thing….
    Do your own homework!
    MLM or Farmers Market, or the latest greatest ‘we’re not am MLM, we are concerned about you!’ – if they don’t tell you exactly where, and under what conditions their oils are produced, from beginning to end, whether they are from the first, second, third or whatever distillation, if the company can verify where the plants come from. These things you need to know! Do they not only test their own products, but also have third party testing done and have educated scientists read and interpret the test?
    Do the oils smell like the NATURAL plant? Just because you like the smell better doesn’t mean that’s it’s better! Sometimes that means it’s been changed!!! (And now possibly HARMFUL, if not in the least, less helpful.)

    There are many books written that can help you pick out a good, quality, natural essential oil that will actually help improve your health! Take the time – do the work and make up your own mind!

    • Jill


      • Stacia J


  • Sarah

    thanks for the great info . I currently use DT and am searching for a more affordable brand that will work as well as that has for us. Im looking into MRH and plant therapy. all this research is over whelming but I hope i can find something that works for us soon!

  • Heather

    Thanks for your article. I’m just diving into essential oils and have a question: Is brushing your teeth with a drop of essential oil considered “ingesting” the essential oil? I’ve been brushing with a drip of tea tree oil mixed with a bit of coconut oil,

  • HI Christina,
    I would like you to check out NYR Oils. They are MLM BUT do not suggest to ingest the oils nor claim the word Therapeutic. In fact are against such uses too and wild craft where they can as well.
    Would love your input
    https://us.nyrorganic.com/shop/shaytana22 please click on Shop and then Aromatherapy on the left.

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  • Kim

    I signed up for YL a short time back and am just getting my feet wet with EOs. I am having second thoughts about YL. I was wondering what you know and think of the Florihana EOs sold through Tropical Traditions? Thank you.

    • Becky

      I signed up for YL and had signed up others below me as well but I found the cost of the oils just too high. After lots of research I discovered that there are many companies that have the same quality oils for much less because they are not a MLM company. My family has been using Florihana oils for around 4 months now. My daughter’s health issues continue to improve on these oils as well as other family members. Their organic coconut oil is wonderful with the oils! I am not against making a business with the oils but for me I cannot talk someone into spending more money than they need too. The price difference is amazing! Try the Florihana oils, you will love them. On both websites, Tropical Traditions and Florihana, they show how they make the oils. They also explain why the oils are less expensive.

      • Kim

        Thanks for the information, Becky. I did order some from Tropical Traditions the other day because there was free shipping for one day only. I thought from what I read about them that they would be comparable in quality, but less expensive.

  • Chelisa

    Just now getting into EO’s and am diligently doing my research on the “best” oils in the field! (I’m a little overwhelmed!!) Any thoughts on Aromatics International Oils? Im noticing a HUGE price difference between them and Mountain Rose and comparing the two – which is better?

  • Lainie Angus

    What are your thoughts on Windmere Essential Oils? Just saw them at Whole Foods.

    • Please feel free to contact myself or any one of us at Wyndmere Naturals, Inc. with any questions…anytime! We have had the same supplier since 1995, who sells to hospitals, hospices and aromatherapists throughout the UK. We are a certified organic facility, have all our paperwork in order and belong to both trade associations, AIA and NAHA. There are many wonderful companies out there, and we are proud to be one of them. We are a smaller company, and the people who work here are the heart and soul. Most of us have been here for over a decade…and we love what we do. Thank you!!

  • Matt C

    I’m proud to say that as a founding member of a “mlm company” with integrity, we have broken the mold o the average essential oils company and created a line of oils that are 100% organic, tested and proven to be of the highest quality, and have put quality over markup and profit margins and have recently launched them to the public because we put health first and foremost.

    • Jill

      What is the name of this mlm?

      • Matt C

        Ameo oils by Zija International. We just launched them to the public this week. Feel free to email me anytime.

      • Having never before been affiliated with a MLM as a distributor (for any kind of product), I too am very proud to be a part of Ameo oils, a division of Zija International. I had referenced this new line of oils a while back here but at that time could not reveal any details. They are clinical grade… the only grade acceptable by hospitals and universities for clinical trials. They also have patents on their science and technology as a result of MUCH research. More information is available should anyone want to learn more. diana.provenoils@gmail.com 🙂

        • Jill

          I looked at the website last night, and a little more this morning. I am unable to see anything that sets them apart from the other mlms. If you have any information that is not on the website, I would be interested to see.

          Clinical Grade, from what I can tell, is the exact same thing as Therapeutic Grade or CPTG. I researched what that term means, and it doesn’t have any regulations or governing agencies affiliated with that term. The only grade that is recognized by the medical community and has a regulation attached is Pharmaceutical Grade. I would like to be convinced, but the website doesn’t give enough specific information that I can comfortably be swayed. Like I said, if you have any information that is not available on the website, I am more than interested, but as it stands, I am unsure.

          • You won’t find the Ameo EO information there YET, since the official launch of the new line won’t be until the Zija convention on the 25th. The “market” and site aren’t out there just yet. Though a small group of those in the other product divisions may have access to product now, it will be after launch when everything will be fully available. Therapeutc and CPTG are marketing terms. Ameo has PATENTED science/technology available for the proof of their quality. These are patents no other EO company will have. Our Harvard Phd/MD and head of research and development has gained access (in the course of his own research on essential oils and papers he’s written) to the highest quality of oils that would be the only GRADE acceptable by hospitals and universities for their clinical trials. Those mapped grades are Ameo’s quality. Each bottle with come with the ability for the consumer to verify themselves (beginning with lot # to verify the testing on that lot of oils… moving to a QR code working with a mobile app that provides that info). It just no longer becomes a “take my work for it, these are TRUE, PURE quality oils”. The consumer will be able to verify that for themselves.

            If one reads the history on the company, Zija International, and their founders principals (Ken Brailsford)… their media section provides a LOT of company, other product and founders backgrounds. It’s not a NEW start up company. It’s VERY long standing. This is a new line of oils added to this great, proven company. Integrity and living “Life Unlimited” is the main focus.

            If anyone wants to learn a little more about it, feel free to contact me. Whether you are interested in becoming a distributor or just buying the oils that’s each individual option. In all my life I’ve never cared to ‘sign up’ with an MLM company, until now. I have and use a few ‘brands’ of EOs. And I won’t throw them out. There are Good Quality EOs out there. I just found something, I prefer with the backing of this great company and their research, technology and science behind it, that can be proven. 🙂

          • Jill

            Does it not concern you that they promote internal use??

          • Jill, you asked me on September 13, 2014 at 7:57 pm “Does it not concern you that they promote internal use??”

            At this point, no. (Anybody can change their mind I suppose.) But here is why. There ARE indeed internal uses of EOs… with proper advisement and safety precautions followed. I don’t believe just any EO can be used internally and if so then very little, maybe even less than 1 full drop. I’ve read about the British, German and French “schools of thought”. One focuses on aromatic/inhalation, one focuses on topical and another uses internal use, though not internal exclusively.

            I have also read the statements of US, Stanford & Harvard schooled, licensed Internal Medicine Doctors who use internal use of EOs with patients. Should internal use be at the recommendation and advice of a licensed physician? I’d say ABSOLUTELY!

            This is not meant to be a ‘slam’ again Certified Aromatherapists (I’m attending classes myself) but the is MUCH less education and training required for a Certificate for this than a licensed MD. I believe there ARE potential dangers for internal use! But maybe in this century there can be more education on the safety of that instead of the negativity towards anyone who even suggests using an EO internally.

            Common sense dictates that with progress, science and technologies change. We don’t use the same instruments in surgery that they did in the 18th century so wouldn’t it make sense that since thousands of years ago we have also found that there are new ways to use the sources God gave us?

            I know that the new company I spoke of (améo) actually promotes this… “IF one drop of a particular EO works for whatever the condition… then TRY less and use less if possible and it works.” They do not promote using MORE, to sell more.

            It’s hard to see any difference maybe for some from other EO companies but I see a difference. After public launch on the 25th, then everyone can see, read and decide for themselves. Let’s all make our decisions with as much information and education as we can consume. And no, we won’t all make those same decisions and won’t agree with the decisions of others. THAT’S OKAY! I don’t get up every morning and swallow EOs. I don’t tell others to. And it’s not the ONLY way it’s done by those who think there is a time, place, condition for SAFE use, under the advisement of a trained, licensed, MEDICAL professional.

            That’s my stance. And I may stand alone here. I’m okay with that. 🙂

          • Jill

            I believe that there are instances in which the ingestion is a good option, and I am aware that my level of education is significantly less than that of an M.D., or PhD. My concern is with any company that promotes ingestion to the lay person without proper medical care or consideration for that persons’ individual health issues. EOs are powerful and useful, but they can also be dangerous. People who have take aromatherapy classes have been taught those dangers, but people who have be educated by a company promoting their product may not be. It is a dangerous and slippery slope if you ask me.

            I am on the fence about this company. I am also a woman who is very aware of her educational “limits”. I am an eternal optimist, as well as a skeptic. I would love to find a company that provide indisputable proof of their claims regarding EOs, but the skeptic in me wants that proof to be from outside and unaffiliated sources before I give anything to my husband or two growing boys!

            I know that all the information may not have been disclosed yet, but it concerns me that any large company who has done millions of dollars in research would think that it is wise to promote ingestion to every mom who wants to do right by her family and is hungry for answers that don’t involve pharmaceuticals. I say that not to offend any mothers, as I am one myself, because we are all looking for a safe option to keep our kids healthy and strong.

            I know that there are many trains of thought on how to successfully use EOs. In France, where ingestion is considered to be most acceptable, it is done under the care of a doctor with special education in aromatherapy. It is not a form of self medication. Proper respect is given, and the dangers are understood.

            I respect everyone’s choice. I also love that, as mothers, we have access many options in aspiring to greater health and wellness. Everyone must be at peace with their choice, whatever that may be. I am not trying to sway anyone else, but I would be remiss if I did not have an open dialogue with you to express my concerns… You may not be interested, but you have heard them, none the less… 🙂

          • On the contrary Jill! I do feel like both sides of any issues/argument/debate/idea should be discussed, researched, evaluated and education provided about! 🙂 None of my posts are intended to argumentative or imply what I feel is the way it should be. I can see how it s VERY hard to see a full picture now but we can (if anyone cares to) re-visit this after launch and everything is “out there” to review. I can tell you it’s not just “suits in a boardroom” who are saying to go tell people to ingest these oils. There has been lots of research and there is (in addition to the PhD’s extensive research) an internationally respected Aromatherapy expert behind the education that will be provided to with the essential oils and will be used by those who represent the company. 🙂

          • Jill

            I did not mean to imply that you were close-minded… In my experience, when people have made up their mind, there is little that can be done to sway them. I am happy to hear that you are open to both sides of the issue. I hope that your experience with this new venture is a positive one and I wish you all the luck in the world! If I ever have any questions about Ameo, I will ask… As for now, I have expressed my concerns, and that is all I can do. Please be mindful of the power of essential oils and potential for harm when you are using them, regardless of the advisement of any company.

            Blessings and well wishes!

          • As more information and material comes available, the precautions Ameo promotes will be more visible. Here is a direct word for word statement from a bottle of one of the blends:

            “Caution: Not for Internal use. If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before use. Avoid eyes, mucous membranes, and sensitive skin. Not intended for use on infants and young children. Keep out of reach of children.”

            While the “not for internal use” is not on every bottle, the extensive research done on each oil and it’s uses and safety needs ARE indicated. Ameo as a company will not promote using everything they sell internally. Like any company, you may find an individual that will tell someone too but it’s not going to be educated and taught to do so.

            Just sharing another piece of education of the MANY aspects to come in the next week from Ameo! I’d show you a picture of the actual bottle label but I can’t get a pic on this post. 🙂

  • Great article! Thanks for writing it 🙂

  • Carla

    I’m new to oils, and finding some relief with them, I have a friend in the Young Living “crowd” but was wondering have you tried Plant Therapy ( http://www.planttherapy.com ) they have quite a few oils on Amazon and are much less Expensive than YL. Thanks for writing this I learned a lot 🙂

    • Christina

      Plant Therapy is a great brand! Robert Tisserand has taken over, overseeing the quality of oils at Plant Therapy so they are definitely a trustworthy brand to go with!

      • Carla

        Thank you so much, I wish I could talk my friend out of her YL ex’pend’ature.

  • heather

    Has anyone used oils from barefut?

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  • Jessi

    I was wondering what Essential oil brand you can ingest safely.

    • Christina

      It is not recommended to ingest ANY essential oils without the help of a registered aromatherapist and medical practitioner. It is not safe!!! Please read my post Introduction to Essential Oil Safety

      • VInce

        Christina…Wow..I’m relatively new ( green ) to the world of essential oils..( my wife got me hooked on em’ )..and light years from being Master Aromatherapy certified as you are..but..I read earlier tonite ( at Barnes and Nobles ) that ingestion of oils was a big no no from the English schools of oils….though the French were relatively okay with it…. Any truth in that?

        • Christina

          Hi there Vince!
          There is a lot of controversy across the internet, as to whether or not to ingest essential oils. I am here to tell you NOT to ingest your essential oils. Much of this controversy over ingestion, actually stems from French aromatherapy, sometimes referred to as “clinical” or “medical” aromatherapy. In France, you can schedule an appointment with a Doctor who is also a certified aromatherapist. Here, after going over your medical history, ailments, and current prescriptions, this Doctor may prescribe a regime of essential oils to ingest, just as they would prescribe other pharmaceuticals. There is a lot of science and evidence from this school of thought, BUT the key here is that, in this instance, you have a certified aromatherapist and Doctor who knows about what they are prescribing, how it will interact with you, and how to safely prescribe it. You would not (except maybe in a zombie apocalypse situation) go into a pharmacy and start randomly taking certain pharmaceutical drugs without first consulting your Doctor as to whether or not it’s safe for YOU to take that medication; would you?

          It’s important to understand that all essential oils, no matter the quality of the oil, are an extremely concentrated combination of multiple chemical constituents. Without the supervision of an aromatherapy certified medical practitioner, ingestion of essential oils could lead to poisoning. I do not care how pure your essential oil company claims to be, that does not change the fact that the chemical composition of a specific oil, might lead to a serious or deadly reaction. According to both Robert Tisserand and Salvatore Battaglia, there are many recorded cases of poisoning from essential oils, and ALL of those cases were from oral ingestion of essential oils. If you are not a certified aromatherapist, then it is safest to utilize your essential oils dermally or through diffusion into the air.

          • VInce

            You made some great points..If I had any doubts about ingestion before..there are gone now..thanks!

  • Rohit Sharma

    I purchased Sandawood, Melissa, and Helichyrum essential Oils from them. I regect spending money on them, as they ‘none’ of their oils are authentic. The Sandalwood, is NOT sandalwood, but some cheap perfume oil. Helichyrum, even though smelled the same, it was very weak compared to the Corscia one that I have. The colour of Melissa is supposed to be light Yello in colour – the one from Piping Rock had no colour, and was fake. Beware of Piping Rock, and got to know it the hard way!!

    • Joey Johnson

      What company did you purchase these from?

    • SMM1

      The sandalwood is not a cheap perfume oil at all, and it smells wonderful, nothing like a fragrance oil. The Melissa is not fake. Melissa can be clear colorless to yellow. Piping Rock’s Melissa is more clear, and it’s certainly real. You mention just three oils yet claim “‘none’ of their oils are authentic.” How do you know this? And how many people would spend almost $180 on three of the more expensive oils from a company they had never used before?

  • Joanna Steele

    I just found this post and I’m so glad I did! I’ve only just become aware of Essential Oils. I used tea tree oil several years ago for a skin treatment, but that’s as far as I’ve taken it. I’m now a mother and desperately in search of ways to ease my son’s “growing pains” without medication (or as little as possible). I’ve only just begun my research, but I became skeptical of the doTERRA and YL brands after looking around their websites. Especially after noticing the trademark that appears after “CPTG.” The prices on their oils were also hard to believe. I know I didn’t pay more than $15 for a good sized bottle of tea tree oil when I was using it, and I got good results from it.

    Thank you for the information. I’m looking forward to getting started using EO’s!

  • Beth Ann

    I love the oils from NYR Organic. The company is based in England and has a long history of excellent business practices. They passed the 3rd party testing for their peppermint oil and it smells completely different than most MLM companies. That said, I also use several other brands that do not cost $25 a bottle.

  • Laura

    Thank you for your post. I have been using essential oils for about 15 years and with the sudden onslaught of doTerra and Young Living popularity I was starting to question my MRH and Aura Casia. I think the prices are outrageous and wondered about their marketing strategy. I appreciate people getting excited and learning about aromatherapy and it’s benefits, just disappointed that it has to come at such a high cost. I have been very happy with Aura Casia and Mountain Rose Herbs. Thank you for confirming my thoughts 🙂

    • Laura, do you take yours internally? And if so, how?

      • Christina

        It is NOT reccommended to take your essential oils internally! Please read my post Introduction to Essential Oil Safety to learn more, but the basic jist is this: It’s important to understand that all essential oils, no matter the quality of the oil, are an extremely concentrated combination of multiple chemical constituents. Without the supervision of an aromatherapy certified medical practitioner, ingestion of essential oils could lead to poisoning.

  • Kerri

    Thanks for this post. I am curious if you know anything about a local company I just found.

  • jim ward

    Piping rock has very little if any concern for their customers! Have a problem and see how you get treated! Like you don’t matter, that is how….. Shipping is horrid as well. I feel if you treat a troubled customer badly, you will have no trouble selling him something of low value. Just my personal experience.

    • SMM1

      Wow! That is the complete opposite of my multiple experiences with this company. They go out of their way to be efficient and polite. I had a problem once with a shipment (it was the post office’s fault), and they were ready to ship a replacement order out right away (and it was an expensive order). They were very fast at answering emails (usually within an hour of me sending a question), and their shipping is Priority and ultra-fast. Usually my order ships the same day if I order early enough, and if you spend $40, shipping is free.

  • Jan

    I’m just starting out with essential oils and I’m interested in using a diffuser for the oils. I’m in Canada and have previously purchased products from a Canadian company called Saje…they also offer essential oils. Anyone know about the quality?

  • Sam

    Have you ever heard of or used Edens Gardens Essential oils? Thank you

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  • Mona Jones

    Has any heard or know anything about a company called “Swiss Just”? If so, what are your thoughts? I tried their pain relief and loved it

  • Vince

    Well, I did my homework , compared apples to oranges and asked all my questions that were answered quite honestly, and have decided to sign on with an essential oils MLM company ( and this after years of NOT being a fan of network marketing at all !). It’s a new start up company , but those starting it are not new to the oils industry nor to the oils that we are all so passionate about. They will be able to show everyone the scientific proof of the quality of their oils( and even those of other companies ) ,oils that will be proved to be of medical grade quality! I realize that MLM is not for everyone..but, if you’ve ever wanted or thought about starting a home based business , or any business for that matter, wouldn’t you want it to be something that actually makes a difference in peoples lives? I’ve tried to make this as brief as I could…and thanks to everyone here ( and Christina ) for keeping everyone aware and educated about the power of essential oils. I can be reached at: bestnewopportunityever@gmail.com Leave your contact number and the best times to reach you, with any questions you may have , and I’ll share with you all that I know and have learned so far. I’m just a regular guy , not a salesperson. Just want others to hear about this and can then decide for themselves about it….Hope to hear from you…. Vince

    • Vince I’m sure I know what company you’re now with. I’ve NEVER been a fan of MLM (and never been a part of one) but I too am very excited about the science and the people behind this new line of oils! We should all be seeking the best options available since this is our HEALTH we’re talking about, and that of our families. I don’t pretend to think there is only one source for our EO health needs but finding one with proven quality, scientifically backed is important to me! Looking forward to sharing this great find! dturner@schmidtgroup.us

  • The BEST essential oils, from the process in which they’re made to the way they smell, to how they actually make a difference when using them developed by a woman for over 35 years now. Addicting, as in, I love them. Found at a farmers market. Check out “Path to Perfect Skin” and “Path to Perfect Health”

  • Ryann

    Eden botanicals is a website I trust, they list the country of origin, MSDS, certificate of analysis, process of extracting the oil, etc, plus their prices are very reasonable. And if you spend 20 bucks, you get a sample of 20-30 drops of an essential oil of your choice.

  • MLM Companies BRAINWASH their people. Period. All those classes saying everything else is Junk. There are some really bad Essential Oil Companies and there are a few good.

    Point is – do the Math.

    Compare Apples to Apples.

    Like the Hippy Homemaker suggests – go with someone who has 3rd party testing done.

    Why pay for every Jane, Doris and Paula’s salary when you can just order elsewhere (quality) for more than 1/2 the price.

    One word ????? DUH?

    • PS I also called Mountain Rose Herbs as I was being “attacked” by the MLM Monsters. We have manufactured a Deet Free Go Away Tick and Mosquito Spray for 5 years!! We were the first in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. After being poisoned by one of Kraft Foods largest Residential Toxic Waste sites I quickly learned we needed something without Deet and Poisons.

      Kudos to me 🙂 Yes! Kudos for getting the MEMO that don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat 🙂 Yes!! I have 4 children who NEEDED me to get the MEMO.

      Having done Farmers Markets for over 4 years and having our Spray in almost 40 stores, I have been BATTERED by MLM, Young Living and Doterra finatics! Why??? They ask you… “What is in your Bug Spray”… I say 9 Essential Oils….They say, “BUT WHAT KIND OF ESSENTIAL OILS!!” I say Peppermint, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, etc.


      I actually told the last person just to LEAVE. GO AWAY!

      Not only getting the MEMO about the KRAFT FOODS poisonings which I, yes me, figured out that long term exposure causes SUICIDES as we had over 30 within a 3 mile radius, one of those being my brother.

      But I also got the Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia MEMO for our whole family of 6!

      So here is what I learned….
      Don’t do ARSENIC in your Kool Aid.
      Don’t put Poisons on your SKin.
      A certain type of Cinnamon Oil taken for 90 to 120 days is killing off ALL Tick Born Diseases…. another MEMO … no it’s not Do Terra or Young Living.
      And most importantly stay away from the MLM Do terra and Young Living LUNATICS who are brainwashed and are roaming free.

      • I like your post. Im sorry to hear about the robots questioning your products because they lack the mental capacity. If you’re interested in skin care and healing oils you might check out the website pathtoperfecthealth.com, and pathtoperfectskin.com. I’m new to this but, they were at a farmers market and mentioned how people can have such a biased opinion or question things solely off the fact that it doesn’t have 100 ingredients you can’t even pronounce, basically. I won’t use any other products now for my skin, and am now fascinated and interested in products that aren’t so HaRmFuL. but shhh, I don’t think the government wants us to know about them 😉 just kidding, I’ll spread the word like wildfire! 🙂 Kudos to you for making a change! 😀

      • Alex

        Do you sell the spray you mentioned in your post online? Thanks.

  • elnitza

    Hi, this question is really for anyone who has been studying aromatherapy and/or herbology but I’m really interested in hearing from you Christina and Jill if you read this! Can you recommend good schools, courses etc on these subjects. I love what has been written, both in your article Christina, as well as in the comment thread, Jill, and without knowing how else to get in contact was hoping to get some advice on how to start my journey toward learning natural holistic healing. Thank you!!

    • Jill

      I would love to help you in any way that I can… I started with the Valerie Ann Worwood books. They are simple, informative, and give a lot of useful and medicinally sound recipes for a beginner. Once I read those books from cover to cover and used many of the amazing formulas, I ventured out to find a class that was NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) approved. Although aromatherapy is not regulated in the U.S., there are guidelines that should be followed, and NAHA provides those guidelines.

      I would say, buy those books and read them. Buy the necessary oils to incorporate her recipes into your life and see how you feel. One thing I cannot stress enough, is make sure you buy quality oils. If you do not, then you might be getting fragrance oils, or substandard quality that will not give you the medicinal effects that you are looking for. It is better to have 5 high quality oils that you use sparingly, than 25 fragrance oils that serve no other purpose other than smelling nice. After you a have a little basic knowledge you will know if you want to take the step, time wise and financially, in taking a class.

      I hope that this helps. If you have any other questions that I can help you with, please feel free to respond and I will do my best to assist you how I can…

  • Tobias

    Awesome post.

  • Stephan

    I live in Canada, and I’ve been pretty happy with a Canadian aromatherapy (oils, blends, etc.) shop called Taiga Therapy (http://taigatherapy.com). Pure oils at good prices. Used to shop at Escents but their prices are way too high. Seems you have to make a special order if you wanna ship to the US, though..

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  • Jill

    Hi Christina, thanks for all the research! I am new to the EO world I was recently introduced through a friend who now sell YL. They have a couple blends that I was really interested in trying. So my question is do you buy blends or do you just make your own using the MRH? or is there somewhere else you like to get blends from since I did not see any on there site?

    • Christina

      As I am studying to be an aromatherapist, I have learned to make my own blends! I buy my essential oils in singles from Mountain Rose Herbs and create my blends myself!

  • veronique e.

    I’m curious, Has anyone ever ordered from essential depot.

  • Candy

    Has anyone researched or purchased from Bulk apothecary? If so, what did you think about their essential oils?

    • Jill

      Bulk Apothecary is extraordinarily inexpensive. It looks to be about half to a third of the price of all my trusted EO sources. Most trusted sources have around the same pricing, give or take a little, and maybe more if they are having a sale and trying to move the merchandise out.

      The thing that concerns me the most is that they claim to have the highest quality, but they don’t tell the buyer what that actually is. Quality companies will give all important information regarding a specific oil. Bulk Apothecary gives the Latin name and country of origin, which is good. In many cases, such as lavender, they offer several options grown in different parts of the world, good. The oils are also different prices, which is also good.

      The thing that concerns me is that they, and I checked several oils, do not specify the quality. They just state that their oils are of the highest quality, but that is very ambiguous. I like to see what I am buying. Is the plant farmed, farmed select, farmed organic, wild crafted, or bio dynamic. The fact that they don’t even state that their oils are organic, which is the lowest quality I would ever purchase, makes me believe that they are not. If they are not, then they may have been distilled or pressed from plants that have been farmed with pesticides or any number of other practices that would make them not organic. That would explain the inexpensive pricing.

      If a plant has been grown with pesticides or other chemicals, and are then distilled, those chemicals end up in the EO. If I am using a natural remedy, and expect a desired result, then I want to use the highest quality that I can find. That would be EOs that I am guaranteed have been distilled from plants that have not been grown with any chemicals.

      Buying EOs are similar to purchasing medicine. I would rather have 3 precious bottles that I use sparingly, but I know that they are of the utmost quality, than to have a cabinet full lesser quality that serve little to no therapeutic value.

      That is my opinion, and I hope that it helps…



      • Valerie

        Results is what count as it stand people can put anything on a label

  • Stacey Cobb

    I can see this is quite the conversation piece! I would just like to say that while I appreciate all the research you have shared as well as the information…the reason there aren’t any governmental or FDA Approvals for essential oils is because they don’t support any herbal or natural remedy. My dad passed away from cancer three years ago and I began researching the Tumor Shrinking Diet. I have also met some people practicing this diet with their cancer in remission. I myself have been using doTerra products faithfully since April as I cook and clean with them but also use them in my garden for deer, insect, and gopher repellents. I have also notice that I have not been sick or had any allergy attacks for about 4 months. I thought I could just go to GNC and get them at a cheaper cost but found that the products are not readily available so I signed up to see for myself and have been fully satisfied with the results.

  • I appreciate this post SO much. I have friends who sell DoTerra and Young Living, but I’m always skeptical of MLM stuff — they seem too centered on money. Your information was VERY helpful and encouraging. Thank you!!

    • Erin Salerno

      Thank you for this information. Very appreciated. Waht about Floracopia?

    • Grandma

      I agree Cheri! My sister swears by Young Living and claimes doTerra is not all that great, and my brother swears by doTerra and swears Young Living isn’t all that great. Since I plan on using the EO to help my 5 year old grandson overcome a traumatic brain injury he sustained when 3 weeks old, I want to make sure I have the best! It’s all very confusing, but I love this article!

    • Valerie

      I am not big on mlm but get real people make a living by earning money so the company is no different it is more expensive because they pay those who sell the products, It is an option young living from my experience in the past was all-ways consistent. if there is a cheaper oil that works go for it While appreciate reviews I rely on experience just as I do not rely on the media to give me information

  • Bob Goodenough

    Thank you SO much for doing the hard work to bring this information.
    I, too, was sad to learn that oils (and vitamins AND spices) are not held to any standard anywhere.
    I have hesitated for a long time to order, as oils are quite expensive and you never know what you are going to get.
    A company you listed is also on several other lists I have looked at and they will be the one I choose.
    Thank you again.

  • Christina, thank you so much for this article! I know it must have been a ton of work to put together. I found you doing some essential oil research for my own blog (I have a very small natural living blog). Lots of my friends are using MLM essential oils, but they have not done their own research at all. Admittedly, neither have I! Wow, so much to learn. I’m putting together some information for a post. Last night I found that series you referenced above by Whole New Mom. Nice to know other bloggers are out there doing their own research! You are added to my RSS feed! Thanks again!

  • Misty

    Thank you so much for sharing this information. It has answered many of the questions I had about essential oils

  • Mary

    Hi! I have used Young Living for several years, and tried DoTerra and AuraCacia. I switched to Heritage about a year ago and they are wonderful. I am slowly using up my other brands and replacing them with Heritage. They have a great travel kit with 16 2ml samples. I use the info on their website all the time whenever we have an illness or family issue (snoring, add, asthma, bug bites, itchy rashes, high blood pressure, etc). It has been great. They ship super fast, which is nice, because often when I order it is urgent! They are a Christian company. There is no MLM. I love their Facebook page. Heritage Rocks!

    • Ada

      May I ask why you switched from YL? I’m new to EOs, and as so many have said, there’s just soooo much info out there.

      • Valerie

        Yong living can be expensive but the results when I used it was by far the best, but there are other god ones though selections may be limited

  • Grandma

    I have a grandson who was shaken when he was 3 weeks old and sustained severe traumatic brain injury. He is now 5 years old, non verbal, and developmentally anywhere from 12 months – 3 years. He seems to understand a lot but lacks impulse control (severe), and as I stated earlier, he cannot talk. I’m reading that Frankincense may help him – have you heard of any one recovering from a TBI years later after using essential oils? I would GREATLY appreciate any help you could give me. Thank you,


    • Jill


      I know that you were specifically asking about frankincense, but I found a website that talks about alternative therapies for TBI. I thought that if even one of the therapies worked a marginal amount for your grandson, that I should share it with you. The site is:


      As far as the Frankincense… I do not have any personal experience or knowledge, but the way I look at it is alternative therapies never hurt, so give it a try! My yoga instructor/health coach says that therapies have mostly to do with intention. She was 54 years old and was hit, actually plowed over, by a deer while she was driving her motorcycle. She was in the ICU for awhile and the doctors thought that if she survived, that she would have a number of severe and debilitating problems. Blindness, lung issues, no mobility in one arm and shoulder, and brain issues. She has almost fully recovered and she refused surgery! The doctors are amazed by her. She participated in many alternative therapies, diet changes, yoga, and massage. I am inspired by her recovery, and when you ask her about her recovery she says that all therapy has to do with intention.

      Pray… Your grandson is young and he is still growing so there is a great hope for at least some, and maybe a complete healing. Any therapy that you try, pray and have the most concentration on what you would like for this therapy to do for him. Love him and pray for him….

      • Grandma


        Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, for your good thoughts and for the link – I really appreciate it.


    • Valerie

      F is great it works on various levels
      I have not tried Galballum but read up on it and see what your thoughts are.
      You may do well to see some aromatherapist who could mix up a blend
      Look for oils which is good for the Brain and suplles oxygen repairs the cells You could do you research by seeking single oils first.
      There is no magic pill I also do not know your finiancial situation
      As a reader suggested a Blend of therapy would be my choice Cranio Sacral therapy would be good,also look at something called access consciouness
      Look at a health diet,Consider water quality
      Structured Water
      is great as this would benifit the household good luck unless you acesss a great healer this is a slow process the thing is Healing is possible you need belief Mas Sajady, jarrad Hewitt= 2 healers Good Luck grandma

  • Julianne Patten

    This is a great and honest article, thank you. You are SO right about what to look for in a company. And yes, it is important to understand how very powerful the oils are, they heal on a molecular level in amazing ways, just inhaling them brings significant benefits as they are able to pass the blood brain barrier and enter the blood stream and brain through the nasal passageway. Companies would have to pay huge money to guarantee the safety of their oils and they ideally should distill their own as well as grow their own herbs, plants and trees, and many of those oils should bee grown in other countries like France, Omar, Israel, as well as in the USA. I love my Young Living, which I signed on with for private use, because they guarantee ALL this. I have been to their farms, have seen their process and they invite their members to come stay with them and participate in the process. Along with this are the MANY chemists and doctors from around the country who support them and their claims with no monetary compensation. This company has been in business for 20 years. Great reputation with products they stand by. I have consumed a great deal of essential oils from YL. So yes, if you do not care to ingest or can not afford the expense there are a lot of options out there BUT look at their numbers of ARR’s ( adverse reaction reports) and understand the FDA will not endorse something that detracts for the huge money making and sickness inducing trap of pharmaceuticals. Time is what will tell. Money is a sinker when it comes to businesses and greed.

  • Denise Williams

    Thank you for your post. My preferred essential oil vendor is Mountain Herbs. They offer economically priced larger sizes which I need in order to keep my products affordable.

  • becky

    I have read through all of these comments, and no one has mentioned Heritage. I am still in research mode, so I have no opinion on any company. The Heritage site says this about their processes.

    “We select Certified Organic, Organic (same as certified organic except not certified), Wild Crafted (self-propagating, uncultivated, grown and harvested by hand in the wild), and ethically farmed essential oils. All of Heritage Essential Oils are GC/MS analyzed and certified to be pesticide free. Our essential oils are subjected to rigorous mass spectrometry and gas chromatography testing to ensure exact composition and activity.”

    Just looking for some advice before I buy.

    • Jill

      I will start with, I have not personally tried Heritage Essential Oils, so this is just an opinion based on my research and knowledge of what to look for. I like this company because:

      1. They run tests, assuming that those tests are performed by a third party and that the consumer has access to the results.

      2. They post the Latin name and origin of the oil.

      3. They post the quantifiable quality. (Wild Crafted, Organic Certified, Organic Select, or Farmed)

      4. I did not find anywhere that they used the marketing terms therapeutic grade or food grade. They did say that they expect for their oils to be used therapeutically… but that is fine.

      5. Their oils seem to be priced well, but not so low that it would be impossible to be of good quality. They sell Rose Otto by 10 drops which tells me that they paying for the precious quality that the consumer expects!

      I would definitely try this brand. If you do, let me know what you think, I would be interested to know.

    • Diana

      I checked out Heritage as well after your post and agree with Jill. From my own points of research criteria I look for, this looks like a great company with great products. I just might order myself from here to try them. 🙂

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  • Jessa

    Hi! Thank you for your article and your research. I too have tried all of those brands including others. I recently settled on doterra for numerous reasons, and you may laugh, but one of those reasons was because of the certified pure therapeutic grade

  • Nicole

    Hi Christina! Thank you so much for this informative article. I have spent so many hours trying to figure out which essential oil companies are best. I am wondering if you have any idea whether Mountain Rose essential oils are safe for ingesting and/or applying directly to open wounds?
    Thank you for all that you contribute!

    • Christina

      though they are 100% pure and certified organic I still don’t suggest anyone taking any essential oils internally without the supervision of a certified aromatherapist only because they are so concentrated it’s like taking pharmaceutical scrips without a doctor telling you what to do or a pharmacist noting interactions with other stuff you’re taking.

  • Kelly

    The EO industry has been changed forever because of Young Living and doTERRA because of them and the MLM model main stream Mom’s were introduced to EO for the first time and have had amazing results as well as lives changed. EO are not only for the weird zen types anymore and you can actually have an intelligent conversation with your doctor about them since doTERRA came on the seen. Word of mouth through direct sales is supporting families all over the world since Avon and Tupperware came on the seen 50 years ago, helping women become amazing leaders so I don’t think it matters if the EO’s are marketed though an MLM or not. Yes, everyone needs to make their own decision on what oils work for them and everyone is different so one of these companies might work for you or maybe not. On the subject of CPTG and other “therapeutic grade” terminology. I totally agree with you it is a marketing tool. After 3 years of helping people with EO and changing lives I have recently found a EO company that can provide scientific proof of their quality with comparisons between other companies. This proof is through a Harvard PHD partnered with a biotech company that provides clinical’s for hospitals and universities. This would be the final proof of quality you are seeking with clinical science to back it up. If you are interested let me know. Happy Oiling

    • Marie

      I would like the name of the EO you are using. I have tried several companies and am looking for the truest quality for the best price. Thank you and please email me.

      • Jr

        Marie, I have something I would like you to take a look at. Just from an educational approach. My company is just starting into the EO field and I want to get the word out there. We may or may not have the best quality. Only time will tell for that. However I look at it as an education for me that have knowledgeable people look over the information. Thanks

    • Jill

      I am interested. I am always wanting to learn more and expand my choices. Please let me know what you have found… 🙂

      • Spend some time looking at a company called barefut for your EO’s. They are not MLM and great EO for the price.

    • Diana

      I am interested as well in what you have found. I have recently been looking into a small handful of companies closer and more than their quality, their documentation for the uses that a large number just repeat, share, etc. Knowing that their are modern medicine’s clinical trials and valid legitimate documentation provided gives me more confidence in someone as well!

    • brittany

      I would love to know what EO company you are referring to. THANK YOU!

    • Sandra

      I would also like the name of the company you use please. I’m currently buying from Young Living but feel as their prices are so high even with my discount. I’m also very interested in dealing with knowledgeable companies.

      • Kelly

        Hello Sandra,
        I am currently using doTERRA because that is all I have known over the last 3 years. But I have found a new essential oil company that is opening soon with incredible science and technology behind them. I am certain this new line of essential oils will turn YL and DT on their heads. It won’t be about here try this and see if it works “trust me” anymore and I am VERY excited about that. I have been working as a full time essential oil educator for 2 years and I have decided with much research and prayer to switch to the new company when they launch. Since this is pre-launch and very sensitive information I would love to chat with you about it but I can only do that over the phone if you don’t mind. I have talked with others from this site and they are very excited to hear what I have shared with them. Please email me directly at kelly@winwithoils.com with your contact number and what time of day is best to call you if you feel comfortable with that. I am a very ethical Christian woman who just wants to help people not a pushy sales person I promise!! Happy Oiling Kelly

  • Christine Shannon

    Thank you for all of this wonderful info, Christina. I just found an interesting bit of news about Piping Rock. They are involved in a lawsuit because many of their products contain lead and they have not listed it as a health hazard on their labels after being directed to do so by the State of California.
    Here is a link address to that PDF:

  • Molly

    Thank you so much for this article. Will keep researching what you have brought up. MRH said if ingested, the oils should be food grade and at this time they are only therapeutic grade. You can go on line and can find companies that are. Thank you so much.

    • Jill

      There is no independent institution that has decided what therapeutic grade or food grade even is… Those are marketing terms. First of all, taking essential oils internally should only be done under the supervision of an aromatherapist or a holistic practitioner. In those cases only the highest quality oils should be used… organic, wild crafted, or bio dynamic. Any company that uses the terms food grade or therapeutic grade should be avoided.

  • Kimberley

    I am just curious if you take any essential oils internally?

    • Christina

      no I don’t take essential oils internally. Rarely I will drop a drop or two of basil or rosemary into the food I am cooking if I am out of herbs for that recipe, but when it comes to internal natural remedies I use herbs instead because they aren’t as concentrated and therefore much safer to ingest.

    • Dan

      Your information about pricing and essential oils is incorrect. Companies like doTerra could sell for less but their commission structure requires them to sell at a much higher price. Their oils are not better than most other oils. In fact, their oils are made at manufacturing plants that sell to hundreds of other companies.

      Their Certification does not mean anything since they are certifying themselves. It is like an athlete who says they do not take steroids so there is no need to test them. Of course they are tested. In order to truly find the difference just have their oils tested against a company like Spark Essential oils. You will see they are the same but Spark is significantly less expensive.

      The only reason you buy from and MLM is because you are doing the MLM business. MLM products are always the worst value.

      I hope this helps. And, by the way a typical Lavender 15ml oil costs about $3 or less to make.


  • James Kelly

    Hi Christina,

    Thank you so much for the great articles. I think that you can get high quality essential oils without paying the MLM price. I have come a crossed a company that is not MLM and sells high quality oils at a reasonable price. Check them out http://www.barefut.com

    Please keep writing the great articles. 🙂

  • Linda L

    Hi Christina,
    Once again, I am in awe of you and your research. I would like to point out to some, that you are offering YOUR opinion on what you have found in your searchings, and offering it to OTHERS to take or leave or continue (as I have) to delve into. I have some of the same opinions regarding MLM companies. I am not saying that their oils are not good, but I agree that phrases that tend to pull in someone who may look into products as carefully as they should, should be a red flag. I use my oils mostly for cleaning and topical remedies. What I have purchased has worked amazing for ME. I use some from Bulk Apothecary (which will provide a C of A if you ask for one.) I use some doTerra, as I have friends who sell, and I like to support THEM. I also use NOW. I read labels on everything and do what is best for me and my family. I am sure there will be someone to tell me how wrong I am too, however, you can’t please everyone, and as long as I have done MY research, I am good to go. I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction as far as what to look for.

    I love your information and your recipes/remedies. I don’t always agree with everything you say, but I will say most of the remedies/recipes I have tried from you, have worked better than most, or at least have been the best starting point for me.

    Please keep the information coming. It helps keep us questioning the best way to take care of our families. A year ago, I started down this path of make-my-own products, and I am happy to say I am not turing back! I love the money I save, and the fact that I know what is in my “stuff”. That include the oils/scents/flavors I CHOOSE!

    Thank you for all you do! There are many of us that truly appreciate you!

    • Christina

      What a wonderful reply! Thank you so much Linda! You are soo right, much of this is my opinion on what I found and how I feel about it. I would likely support my friends if they were selling essential oils (if only my friends here even used essential oils lol). I am so glad that you do your own research and are finding the things that work for your family! Keep it up! This path that we’re on is a never ending journey of learning. Thanks for being a fan and reading my work! <3

  • Gail Willis

    Do you know anything about Rocky Mountain Oils? Thoughts?

    • Amber Shonk

      Rocky Mountain Oils has joined with Native American Naturalists which is a great company!

  • Lee

    Wondered what others experience with using melaleuca essential oils was… Positive or negative? Are they a quality oil?

    • We use the Melaleuca Tee Tree Oil in our bakery for burns – works wonders (even if getting used to the smell initially was tough). I’ve put it on burns that should have left huge scars on elbows, arms and hands and sometimes I have to really look to find the tiny remnant scar. I really have no experience with Melaleuca’s other EOs, if they have any.

  • Kelly

    Hi There
    Thank you so much for your post! I am an aromatherapist in training and in my small town the only competition I have are 2 doTerra sellers which I was hugely worried about them however after reading and following you I know I have superior knowledge to back myself up.

    • Jill

      What are you planning on selling?

  • Jan

    Thanks so much for posting this! It has helped tremendously!

  • Very nice, however Jasmine is not an essential oil and Now is not using fragrance oil, the jasmine must be extracted into a carrier they used Jojoba oil they never, ever use fragrance oils. Nice article though, great work. Enjoyed reading. Thank you, Monica

  • linda c

    Wow! Thank you so much for doing this research. I have stewed for years over the price/quality question. Love your blog site.

  • catherine

    I am so glad to finally find an article that doesn’t push the mlm eo companies! I agree with others, IF they were the best then so be it but I find that few mlm companies actually care about people more than the bottom line . 🙁 you found some very interesting information that I want to pass on to my friends that pay through the nose for their eo’s! Here’s the thing that gets me about doterra and yl, you have to buy so much to get a discount, it’s kind of a scam. Advocare does the same thing and it drives me nuts! Ok rant over. Love the article!!

  • Lovely ideas however I thought I’d let you know that even though the FDA may indeed not classify oils as you require, across the pond, most specifically in France they do grade essential oils as; grade A (aromatherapy, eg inhalation) B (topical application eg massage etc) and C, ( therapeutic grade MOSTLY ORGANIC CERTIFIED which can be used as above but are also suitable for internal use. Hope this helps with your quest)….. Theo

  • Lovely ideas however I thought I’d let you know that even though the FDA may indeed not classify oils as you require, across the pond, most specifically in France they do grade essential oils as; grade A (aromatherapy, ie inhalation) B (topical application eg massage etc) and C, ( therapeutic grade ALWAYS ORGANIC CERTIFIED which can be used as above but are also suitable for internal use. Hope this helps with your quest….. Theo

  • Megan

    Any one have any experience with Plant Therapy?

    A bought it and I like it. I suggested a friend buy them, she has more experience with EO and stated she needed several more drops of the Plant Therapy compared to young living. Thoughts? Thank you so much!:)

    • Lynn

      Megan, I currently used PT too. Did you receive any responses?

  • siti

    I hate mlm biz too but if that’s d only way for me to get the best eo, then so be it. Tried othr brands and their smell are terrible.
    Since i have some friends who actually have been to yl farms to see d whole process by themselves, i thought hey…isn’t that good enough? Will mountain rose let me see their distillation process? If yes, i may check them out.

    • Jill

      Young Living is not the best way for you to get quality EOs. Their practices are sketchy and the fact that a majority of their farms are located in the US should be a huge warning sign. The plants used to distill essential oils should always be grown in their indigenous climate and soil. Lavender should be grown in the hills of France at a high altitude, not in the desert land of Utah (where Young Living has its farm). You should also be leery of any company that dances around whether or not they are organic. We already know that they are not wild crafted or bio dynamic, which is what you really want! The practices that they promote are considered hazardous by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. There are way too many red flags concerning this company and I am confused as to why there is such a large and loyal following… Anyone who does their research and knows what quality Essential Oils are, would not use their product. Oshadhi is the company to use. They get all of their oils from their indigenous land and they test every batch, independently,before selling to the consumer. They are in good standing with the NAHA. Young Living charges for the highest quality, but they do not deliver. If you are going to spend that kind of money than at least be assured that you are getting what you pay for!

      • Sara

        YL has farms all over the world – and grows things suitable to those climates/areas. They have farms in Ecuador, Oman, France, and Canada, to name just a few. They recently purchased a farm, but since fertilizers were used on the ground previous to their ownership, they will not plant on it for 7 years and they’ve had a chance to replenish the soil naturally. They only fertilize with the YL oils themselves, not chemicals.

        The difference is they own their farms and monitor the growth of their oils from seed to seal. Each oil is tested thoroughly to ensure optimum quality and strength – if it does not live up to par, they do not use that oil and start over (hence the short supply of some oils like the Valor blend recently).

        • Jill

          I respect your viewpoint. YL customers/distributors are very passionate. So much so, that they sometimes forget the controversy surrounding Young Living. They always state that YL has farms all over the world, and use their “seed to seal” process, which makes them unique. Maybe… But I could go into a long list as to why YL is not a company that I find to be trustworthy. I believe that my concerns are already expressed, on this thread, to another reader. The list is long, and explanations are lengthy. My opinion is not one that I came to, lightly. I have done much research from hundreds of sources. I am not an expert, but I do consider myself relatively well educated on the subject.

          All I can say is, be careful and do research outside of YL. I know that die hard YL users believe everything that the company says, “hook, line, and sinker”, but I think that their information and recommendations are risky. (That is putting it lightly.) Read books and articles written by people not affiliated with YL, and then make your decision. Consider all the angles, not just the one that is trying to sell you their product.

          Blessings and well wishes,


          • I’m not “in the know” concerning the YL “controversy, but I find it pretty cool that a former top CEO of YL who took the company from a few million to over 600 million in sales come out of retirement to join our company (Ameo) because, as he said it….”Ameo not only one upped, they ‘hundred upped’ the essential oil business with heir patented clinical grade testing standards.”
            Being able to be mentored and directed by a man of his knowledge is amazing! And from tours we have been on at various essential oil plant producing farms I can assure you YL doesn’t own all of their sources. In fact, some of their sources doesn’t meet the Ameo standards for purity. I’ve seen it firsthand. All I have learned in the past 4 months is a little overwhelming , but I’m learning….and learning from the best.

  • Becky

    I came across Tropical Traditions who have Florihana EO. This is on the site:

    World Class Premium Florihana Essential Oils From France
    Essential oil (steam distillation), essence (expression) and absolute come from botanically defined vegetable raw materials and are 100% pure, 100% natural and the majority are100% certified Organic: CEE by Ecocert and NOP-JAS by Control Union BV
    Detailed product labeling (see the 360 degree view on each product page).
    Traceability from production to delivery with tracking of batches on the bottles and invoices (SAP).
    High safety due to presence of technical information on all product pages: GCMS of all batches, MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet), IFRA and allergen certificates.

    Has anyone used these oils. My family is using YL but the cost is hard to keep up with. They work great and we are having wonderful results. BUT would like to spend a little less. All in the end, I want to buy what is going to get & keep us healthy and if I have to spend more I will. I am done with pharmaceuticals, the side effects are so bad with most meds. Finding the best EO company for a good price is almost overwhelming!!

  • I cannot find the comment about Piping Rock. I looked them up and the essential oils are very very cheap. Who was it who used these oils? Thanks

    • Jill

      Be VERY leery of this company. These prices are literally too good to be true. High quality plants and proper distillation are an art and there is no way that they could possible even make cost at these prices, let alone make a profit. 1 ml of Jasmine Absolute from a reputable company is at least $30. Piping Rock sells 15 ml for $72. That is an amazing discrepancy. Rose Absolute likewise is about $30 per ml, and Piping Rock has it for $52.99 per 5 ml. Did you know that it takes 60,000 roses to produce 29.5 ml of oil, or 2 1/2 dozen roses to make 1 drop of oil. I think that if you do the math you will find that it is unlikely that these oils can be of good quality. If you want essential oils to treat yourself therapeutically, then you don’t want the cheapest, you want the best quality, otherwise you really are wasting your money. If you are investing in essential oils to create a pleasant scent in the home, then you can get away with the lesser quality… I hope that this helps… blessings.

      • Joey kagniss

        Piping Rock is owned and operated by very honest, knowledgable and ethical people.

        Take a look at the history of Piping Rock and you will quickly change your mind. Their prices seem to be to good to be true, but this is because they manufacture, bottle, label and package all of their vitamins/essential oils in one place…cutting out the middle man and every other markup along the way.

        I have placed several orders from them and received them all on time and are of good quality.

        • Jill

          I only give my opinion when I have researched a company. Piping Rock does not give the origin of any of their oils…. major red flag! They also do not give a quality, the lowest of which is select, then organic, wild crafted, and the most precious bio dynamic. You actually don’t know what you are getting with this company. Other than the Latin name, there is no other information. Their oils are much too inexpensive to possibly be of high quality. Even if you bottle and label in one place, thousands to millions of flowers have to be distilled, properly, to get the oil! Those flowers have a price. Most of these companies that do not give much information about their oils are either selling the second distillation or, they distill other parts of the plant, such as leaves and stems… Parts that most companies would dispose of. If you are pleased with this company, than it is probably because of the price point. I would say that it is better to have 3 great bottles of quality essential oils that you use sparingly, than to have a closet full of inferior oils…. but that is just my opinion.

          • Lisa

            I have oils from piping rock. I emailed them and asked them a lot of questions before ordering in addition to doing my own research. They offered a lot of good information and I felt comfortable ordering from them. I have been happy with the quality of the oils.

      • SMM1

        Piping Rock has perfectly good essential oils. I have ordered dozens of them and have only been disappointed by one (their Ambrette Seed oil, which it seems they’ve recently discontinued). Otherwise, their oils are of good quality and so are their prices, fast delivery, customer service, and frequent discounts/specials. Usually about an hour or so after placing an online order, I get an email saying my package shipped along with a tracking #. They always arrive quickly. It really does seem too good to be true price-wise, but it’s for real. A whole half-ounce bottle of pure Neroli oil (not blended) is about $15, and it’s really great, sweet, not too bitter. It’s nice to be able to stock up on the common often-used oils like orange, lavender, cedarwood, peppermint, lemongrass etc. as they are also offered in inexpensive 2 oz glass bottles.

        • Jill

          Respectfully, you are giving me examples of good business practices, and that may be absolutely true. They may be a lovely company with excellent customer service, but I am holding to my opinion that from an aromatherapist point of view they do not pass the test of top quality oils. We are taught, in the certification classes, what to look for as far as quality is concerned. I have also read dozens of books and articles on EO’s, carrier oils, hydrosols and herbs. This company does not hold to the standards that we are taught to use to decipher quality oils from substandard oils. I don’t have the equipment needed to test Gas chromatography or Mass spectrometry in my home. I do, although buy from a company that enlists a third party to test all of their oils by the batch to prove that they are exactly what they are selling them to be. These tests cost money and that will also raise the price, although marginally. In the end, I use common sense. If I want an oil that is distilled from top quality, wild crafted, sustainable, plants where pesticides are not used, and from their country of origin, then I have to be willing to pay a little higher of a price. Not all oils are equal. If you are pleased with Piping Rock, that is wonderful 🙂 !


        • Lisa

          I too have been happy with Piping Rock’s business AND the quality of their oils.

    • I completely agree Jill. Thanks!

      • Jill

        If you are interested conversing further about EO’s, I would be happy to help you out! Just let me know! I have been immersing myself in a natural, organic lifestyle for awhile, now and I would be happy to help!

    • Grandma

      There is a comment somewhere on this tread with a link to a pdf about Piping Rock. Something about their oils contain lead and the state of California required them to put a warning on their label and they didn’t, and now they are being sued. Personally, I would stay away from that.

      • Lisa

        None of the products I saw on that list were Essential oils. They were all supplements.

        • Jill

          I believe that there is another comment that stated that Piping Rock is having legal issues due to additives in their oils. I believe that it was lead. I read it sometime ago, you might want to check it out.

        • Jill

          If a company sells even one product that is harmful, then their standards for all of their products are questionable. I stand behind my comment about Piping Rock… I is impossible that they can offer quality oils at that price. Impossible!

          • SMM1

            Respectfully, until you experience a sampling of their oils yourself and research it properly, then ultimately what good is your opinion? How can you review or condemn something you’ve never experienced? The reviews on their site and the information they provide would suggest the EOs they sell are of good quality. Maybe you’ve been wasting a lot of money on overpriced oils? Maybe it’s hard to accept the fact that you may have bought into the idea that prices for EOs have to be astronomical in order to be any good.

          • Jill

            As an aromatherapist, we are taught how to choose quality oils. Piping Rock does not meet this criteria on several aspects, as I have pointed out in previous posts.

            As to the fact that I have bought into overpriced oils… I live by the philosophy that if “it is too good to be true”, then it probably is. Unless you have machinery, at your disposal, to test the oils, then how would you know? You have to trust your source… It is not logical to any experienced aromatherapist, or any educated person for that matter, that a company would be able to grow, harvest, distill, bottle, and sell quality oils at those prices. Do you know how many roses it takes to make 1 drop of absolute? 60 Roses. Piping Rock sells 5 ml for $52.99. 5 ml. is 85-100 drops. You do the math. That is a lot of roses for a low cost! It is incredibly low for any trusted source that I have ever used, or has been recommended to me by other respected professionals. Piping Rock has never been recommended to me, or in any article or book that I have read, as a company that sells quality, respectable oils.

            Cheaper prices are a huge draw for many consumers, but the truth of the matter is, bargain oils are not quality. I don’t need to try something to know that it is not good. I can look at the information that the company offers, including the price, and deduce whether or not it is logical that a quality oil can be sold for that price. My education and experience, in the field, allows for me to do that. If you are happy with Piping Rock, then that is all that matters. I am only offering an educated opinion to those that have no experience.

            I would recommend several companies, and believe it or not, the prices of their oils are all relative. They all offer all the necessary key points of information for their oils, and they also offer test results for their batches. Those are the companies that I want to do business with. I would say to you, do your research before you defend a company that does not follow the protocol recommended by all professionals when selling essential oils. But if you are happy with Piping Rock, then that is great!


          • SMM1

            I don’t think you need to be an “aromatherapist” to read the readily available information online regarding how to evaluate essential oil companies. I have pretty good reading comprehension skills and am fully capable of looking for COAs, whether a company sells suspect oils such as “Wild Orchid Absolute” etc. I know the signs to look for. I agree that those are absolutely good things to check out. For instance, all the online companies from India certainly raise flags for me, and I would never order from them.

            You wrote: “Unless you have machinery at your disposal to test the oils, then how would you know?” Well, I think that applies to you also, correct? If you order from Eden, do you ever test them with your own machine? But ultimately the real question for me to you is this: How can you be so sure you’re not incorrect about your evaluation if you’ve never even smelled a single Piping Rock oil or taken the time to properly investigate them? By investigating I don’t mean just glancing through their web pages. You seem to like “rules.” Have you ever heard the saying, “There are exceptions to every rule?”

            Piping Rock staff are very friendly and super willing to answer any questions over the phone. If you had investigated properly, you would not have stated earlier that they grow all the materials for their oils themselves. Yes, that would seem ridiculous. They state many times on their website and their Facebook page that they source their materials from all over the world and claim to be meticulous in their choices. They then manufacture, bottle etc. everything in house, which cuts down on costs greatly. Since sources aren’t always the same for each oil, they don’t go into all the details that you may like for each oil on their website, but they wholeheartedly offer to answer specific questions over the phone about origin of materials, their distillation methods etc.

            Also, if you read the reviews by customers, some of whom seem to be tried and true aromatherapists themselves, the oils almost always get very good ratings. Just because a rule like “if it is too good to be true” works sometimes, that doesn’t mean there aren’t sometimes pleasant exceptions to said rule. I’m sure you’ve experienced an “exception to the rule” yourself. Many companies surely want you to believe the rule that expensive equals better, no doubt, for OBVIOUS reasons. They clearly don’t mind the confusion that we’ve all struggled to read through online as we start our journey into the world of essential oils. Maybe you’ve just bought into the fear that it can’t be good unless it’s super overpriced. Maybe that’s not being very open-minded or even wise. Also, I’ve been told by experienced aromatherapists that a lot of the oils sold online are sourced from the same sources. The oils get packaged and labeled differently by each particular online merchant, but essentially they’re often the same product –just different prices and different labels. It surely doesn’t sound farfetched. I’m guessing this is particularly true for the rarer oils. The prices can run the gamut from reasonable to ridiculous all for the same thing. Can you disagree with this?

            You wrote: “Do you know how many roses it takes to make 1 drop of absolute? 60 Roses. Piping Rock sells 5 ml for $52.99. 5 ml. is 85-100 drops. You do the math.” Well, if you are an educated person, you would understand you can’t do the math so much because you didn’t mention how much 60 roses actually costs, and you haven’t considered any other factors such as costs for production, bottling, labeling, bulk discounts, the different sources etc. Maybe you’re just convinced that it’s astronomically expensive due to the “higher end” online stores telling you this and wanting you to buy their product?

            You wrote: “but the truth of the matter is, bargain oils are not quality.” Declaring something does not mean it’s necessarily fact in every instance. You are just one “aromatherapist” whereas I’ve heard other dedicated, experienced aromatherapists say that Piping Rock oils are indeed quality. You also wrote: “I don’t need to try something to know that it is not good.” Really? Isn’t that slightly egotistical and dismissive? To give a more honest and fair online review, I truly believe you do have to TRY the product out. I understand all your points, but I think not actually experiencing the actual product when reviewing it is sort of a fail. Why not just try a few of the cheaper ones and call them on the phone with questions backed by all your experience and knowledge in the matter? That would make me respect your stance much more and would seem fair to me. Yet, if you’re happy paying a lot of money for essential oils, and this comforts you somehow, then I am glad for you. For me, exploring other less expensive options would be logical and smart.

            Thanks so much for your input. I do appreciate it.

          • Jill

            I am not in the habit of trying to convince someone who has already made up their mind…

            Having said that, if it were only the price that was questionable, then I would understand your objection to my opinion.

            As it stands, I am surprised that you are so adamant in your position. I am not interested in trying their oils because they raise several warning signs to me. (There are many companies, online, that seem questionable as far as quality, should I try all of them?) I have stated all of my issues in previous posts, so I won’t be redundant.

            I have also looked for reputable sources that claim that Piping Rock essential oils are of good quality, and I couldn’t find any… (Maybe you could post the sites so that I can educate myself further.) Several companies are frequently named as having quality oils and I am in the process of researching them so that I can expand my choices. I have found several that fit all of the criteria that I have been taught to look for. The only thing that makes Piping Rock appealing is the price. No other factor, that I was either able to find on their website, or in reviews online demonstrated any redeeming qualities that would convince an educated person to choose them from all the sources out there, except the price. Ultimately, though, if you are happy with the company, than that is all that matters. It is a win, win for you… great oils at a fantastic price!

            As for the comment that I believe that price is the deciding factor, there are many companies that have high prices and I still don’t think that they are reputable. I am always looking for a deal, but there is one aspect of my life that I don’t trivialize… my health and the health of my family. I don’t buy bargain medications (although I haven’t had to buy any medications in over five years), or food that is not organic or as natural as I can find. I put essential oils in the same category. When I buy something that is that powerful, and that I am going to use on my children, then I want all the information that I can get. I want assurance after assurance that I am buying an oil that is pesticide free, a first distillation, unadulterated, indigenous, and all the other factors that I look for. If you are happy not using this criteria, then that is your choice.

            We have a difference of opinion, but really, as long as you believe in your opinion, then all is good!


          • Jill

            I forgot to mention, as far as your comment on the roses… If you are an educated person, (I am just using your words), you would realize that you can do the math… 60 roses per drop, 100 drops per 5 ml equals 6,000 roses, correct? Piping Rock charges $52.99 per 5 ml. $52.99 divided by 6,000 roses is .0088 cents per rose. That is assuming that all the rest of the process, planting, growing, harvesting, distillation, importing, and bottling are completely free. Your sarcasm is not needed.

          • Jill

            Let me correct myself, Rose Otto is not distilled, my mistake.

            Piping Rock sells the Absolute for less than 1 cent per rose, not taking into account the rest of the process. That seems quite amazing and unlikely…

          • SMM1

            I have only made up my mind about your review, and not so much Piping Rock. I guess that’s why I’m here talking with you in the first place. I would be less critical of an opinion if it was based on facts and a more thorough review of the actual product in question. I agree with some of the things you’ve said, but, as I stated, and you didn’t deny, there are sometimes “exceptions to the rule.” My point is that you haven’t tried the product in a real way to be able to go online in a public forum with negative comments.

            If you are not interested in trying their oils as you say, then how can you condemn them? You are the one who seems adamant. If you won’t talk to the company with your educated questions, then I’d say you’re not really being fair. Face it, online comments are sometimes all we have to go on when we’re trying to figure out the world of essential oils. Comments can oftentimes influence where our own research goes. As someone who calls herself an aromatherapist and seems to enjoy helping people and answering questions, why not make sure your information is as correct as possible? That would seem responsible. I would think if someone was going to review something online for everyone to see, she’d at least have smelled, experienced, and used at least one sample! Perhaps you’re mistaken? Perhaps not? I think a cursory glance through their flawed web page may be inconclusive either way. Perhaps they should teach that in aromatherapy school. I too haven’t been able to find many reviews, good OR bad, regarding these oils. Actually, I’ve seen a scant few that were positive, but otherwise, there isn’t much online to be found at this point. I’ve noticed this about many companies who sell essential oils online though. It’s rather frustrating.

            I’m glad you’re vigilant about protecting your children and eating well. That’s good. I would hope most parents share such goals, but, alas, that’s not always the case. So anyway, “Educated person” was originally yours actually when you wrote: ”It is not logical to any experienced aromatherapist, or any educated person . . . “ For me your rose calculation is circular. You’re basing the low per-rose amount you calculate as being expensive on what? It seems to me you’re basing your opinion on the high prices charged by the companies you’ve dealt with. Are you just being severely overcharged, and that’s actually the problem? Are you an expert on buying rose blossoms in bulk? I imagine the roses they use aren’t florist-shop quality since their aesthetic beauty isn’t a requirement. Perhaps you don’t really know enough about the business to really proclaim that the calculation you decided on is freakishly hard to believe. Again, do you buy rose blossoms in bulk ever? Do you know someone who has? Did you call Piping Rock and ask “what’s the deal”? Maybe they have an explanation.

            I believe Liberty Naturals is considered to be a reputable company from the online things I’ve read along with the information they provide on their website about each oil. Everything seems to be uploaded online for you to see about each oil (COAs and MSDSs) and they are very open to phone calls. They even grow their own lavender and some other botanical items.

            They offer:

            Rose Damask Morocco Absolute (Rosa Damascena) ½ oz bottle for $53.89.
            Rose Russia Absolute (Rosa Damascena) ½ oz bottle for $45.82.
            Rose Kazanlak Bulgaria Absolute (Rosa Damascena) ½ oz bottle for $57.66.
            Rose Anatolian Turkey Absolute (Rosa Damascena) ½ oz bottle for $57.87.

            Piping Rock offers:
            Rose Absolute (Rosa Damascena) ½ oz bottle $52.99.

            Hmmmm . . .

            Regardless, my point was that before dismissing something online in a public forum, perhaps pursue a more fair and educated review other than saying it looks fishy. You think I’m being a smart ass, but I’m not. I’m truly just trying to get to the truth. My mind is open. You’re the one who’s made up her mind. That’s fine if you’re good with what you do, but reviewing oils online in a field that is already nebulous, without giving the company/product a fair and thorough evaluation, only muddles things more and dismisses a company that could POSSIBLY be okay.


          • Jill

            Online, we are given a lot of information to sift through. There are many, many companies that sell essential oils. Most people, not all, are uninformed about the criteria that is important to look for in an essential oil, (or a company that sells them), or any natural healing product for that matter. They take things at face value.

            For example, Company 1 is selling Rose Otto for “x” amount and company 2 is selling it for a fraction of the price. Most people will happily purchase from the bargain store because they believe that they are getting the same product at a fraction of the price. They many not notice some warning signs that would explain the “great price”. Quality is not something that I am willing to compromise for a low price when it comes to essential oils.

            As for your frustration that I have given my opinion without calling the company or trying the oils… I believe that websites give the information that they want for you to see. No company that takes the time and effort to find organic resources, develop a personal relationship with their suppliers, and is obsessed with quality and purity will forget to mention that information to their prospective consumers. If they test every batch of oils and make the results available to the consumer, then they are going to post that all over their site. Any reputable company selling a quality product wants their customers to know all the information about how amazing their oils are with quantifiable terms. For a company to ambiguously state, “We sell only highest quality”, is totally different than “Our oils are organic, wild crafted, indigenous, tested, and we even offer the date of distillation”! I will buy from the second company even if they charge double before I would buy from the first. It is more effective for them to post all of their information on the website so that the consumer doesn’t have any questions and doesn’t have to call. There is no lack of information or confusion as to what you are buying. Piping Rock does not give much information on their oils… a lot of the missing information is vital and in some cases even makes a difference in how the oil should be used therapeutically.

            I only give my opinion when I notice that a company is questionable in several areas. For example, you mentioned Liberty Natural. They, having given a quick look, seem to be in compliance with most of what I look for. Again, I looked quickly. One thing that I didn’t like is that several of the oils that I looked at did not have an organic option and none of them offered a wild crafted, or bio dynamic option. That is something that I look for, but not something that everyone is concerned about. I believe that their oils are of a decent quality, but I also know that pesticides do not come up in essential oil testing, so that is a risk that you are taking when ordering from them. What I do like about them is that they do offer an exorbitant amount of information on all the oils that I looked at, so I believe that they are acting in good faith, and I like that. Having said that, the fact that the oils are not organic would effect the price. How much, I don’t know. They are not a company that I would write off, or give my opinion about because they are a company that I would have to try. Every thing looks pretty good, so now it is time to try… does that make sense?

            I understand that you feel that my opinion is arrogant, but in all actuality my method of deciphering possibly good companies from highly questionable ones is accepted by most professionals on the subject. Not only was it taught to me, but I have run across this same checklist in countless textbooks, books, articles, and online blogs by very respected authorities on essential oils. This is the criteria that one is supposed to use to decide which companies are worth ordering from. I am sorry that Piping Rock does not even come close to making the list, but Liberty Naturals is one that I will keep my eye on… Thanks.

            A new company that was recommended to me that seems great is Aromatics International… I have not ordered, but I am going to! I also love their variety of carrier oils and butters… you might want to take a look!

            Blessings and no hard feelings 🙂 (I don’t usually disagree with people, but having a healthy debate keeps everyone in check and at the top of their game!!)

          • SMM1

            I do agree with you on many of your observations and respect the criteria you follow. I have no doubt you’re a lovely person by the way you write and the things you say. I too have read the checklist. Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding though, and since your missing the actual pudding in your evaluation, we’re still partially unsure (to be fair to Piping Rock). I stand by the idea that if you’re going to discredit a company online in a public forum, at least perhaps call them or hold a bottle of their oil up to your nose. I have the feeling you have all the right questions to get to the bottom of this issue once and for all. Maybe some day a knowledgeable person, such as yourself, will give them a ring and post what they discover. I would do so myself, but I am way more the neophyte and would probably just get tongue-tied. I’m also incredibly shy. I’m not a good “phone person.”

            I believe you may have been mistaken regarding your rose calculation as I mentioned in my previous post. Does this not at least make you re-think your stance a bit? I must point out that I made a mistake earlier. Liberty Natural sells the different rose damacenas in ½ oz bottles for the average price of around $55 each just as I listed. The Piping Rock bottle is actually for only 5 ml, which would make it considerably more expensive than Liberty. The fact that Liberty Natural (a seemingly quality company from all I’ve seen and heard) sells rosa damascena at even a cheaper price than Piping Rock kind of throws a wrench in your “the Piping Rock price is too good to be true” theory. When you find the time to look more deeply into Liberty, I’d be grateful to hear what you think.

            Also, I have several bottles of Piping Rock oils that are labeled organic (sage, niaouli, and lemongrass). They are no longer offered this way, but they did so in the past. I got the impression from what I’ve read that there main reason for not including a lot of information for each oil is that their sources often change, and having to update their website constantly would not help in keeping their costs down. Maybe this is foolish on their part. They say they test all their products. Updating the test results for each batch of every oil must be time consuming and ever changing. Oftentimes, when I read test results online about specific oils, it just looks like Greek to me with a lot of scientific jargon. So, what does it really mean? Are you truly able to decipher all the MSDSs that you see? I’ve actually read in a forum once that one particular company simply made these documents up! So, sometimes even if it seems legit and trustworthy, a company may just be really good at lying –at least better than the wacky companies from India. Talk about blatant. Uggggh. 🙂

            Thanks for the heads up about Aromatics International. If you are willing to spend $203 on a ½ oz bottle of rosa damascena from this company when Liberty Natural sells four different varieties of this absolute for an average of about $55 for a ½ oz . . . well, you get my point. All the prices on the Aromatic International website are way too expensive for the average consumer. How many people can afford to spend $203 for a ½ oz bottle of an essential oil? I’d cringe every time I used it. Ha ha. That’s more than my monthly electric bill. It just doesn’t seem practical to me. But in fairness, I don’t have children and don’t get too hung up on whether or not an oil is organic. Most of the rarer oils don’t even seem to be offered as organic anywhere. Does that mean you just don’t buy them? If it’s real rose, it’s real rose. The chemical composition isn’t “better” if it’s organic. I agree there’s the question of pesticides and chemicals though. Do these remain in the final product, or does the distillation process leave them behind? (I told you I’m a neophyte). Because if it doesn’t end up in the final product that you’re going to breathe or put on your skin, what difference does it make?

            And no hard feelings of course. You definitely get the reward for “most patience” and “most pleasant.” Discussion and debating often get us closer to the truth, and I appreciate your input. Thanks.

          • SMM1

            I thought this was interesting from the Gritman.com website regarding “organic.” These people are seasoned aromatherapists.

            “As a marketing person, I can use your belief in organic food to sale organic oils. In reality organic essential oils are not always the best. How do you know this? Quality of oils is determined by scientific testing called GCMS , gas chromatography and mass spectometry. These are two machines that test oils as to quality. I will talk on another blog as to how this equipment works, but for now organic oils often do not qualify for premium using these tests.

            How can organic oils not be premium or the best? You need a fundamental understanding of what essential oils are. The best quality oils are produced by plants under stress. Oils grown in the wild tend to test high for this reason. When you use organic methods, the plants tend not to be stressed. I call them happy plants. Essential oils are made by the plant to defend against attack, disease, damage, or severe weather conditions. Most evergreens produce high levels of essential oils, as they do not have a time of rest and recovery. Because organic oils come from happy plants and not stressed ones, they do not need to make high quality essential oil, as the plant does not need it. If you are buying organic essential oils, ask if the oil meets premium or therapeutic levels. The organic oil you are buying may be a great oil, but the organic label does not tell you that.

            The point can be made that organic oils do not have pesticide residue. Most plants that produce essential oils have the ability to defend against pests and do not need pesticides, but this is not always the case. Sometimes growers will have fungal outbreaks and will use chemicals. There is not a grower alive that would spend the money on pesticides and then cut the plant material and distill it. If the plant has been sprayed, there is only chemical residue left and it will not distill. These chemicals being larger molecules will be left behind with the plant material. Essential oils are small molecules and they can float in the air or evaporate.”

          • Funny you should bring up the topic of the true quality of ‘organic’. I’m excited myself about something even better than an Organic quality in a new line of EOs hitting the market soon. Like nothing available anywhere else. Who would have thought there was something better than “Organic”. 🙂

          • Jill

            Just before I forget… 1/2 ounce is virtually the same as 15 ml. There is less than one ml. difference between the two amounts, so that would make those two prices comparable.

            The other response that I have is that organic is the lowest quality that I have purchased and it is definitely not my first choice. The information that you posted from Gritman is very interesting and I am intrigued, to say the least. It verifies what I believe, but have never had proof of, to be important when purchasing essential oils. I prefer wild crafted but my first choice is bio dynamic. These qualities are not readily offered by most companies that sell oils. I totally agree that their therapeutic benefits would be far and above any other quality.

            As far as organic being less therapeutic because they are “happy plants”… that would be true for not only organic, but also to any farmed plant, don’t you think? That would make it even more important to find sources that offer wild crafted and bio dynamic options. Those would be the only ones that would grow and prosper in the environments that are not only indigenous, but also through the stresses of the wild.

            I also would like to respond to the issue that pesticides and chemicals would not distill into the oil. I don’t know if this is true or untrue. I have always been taught that some of the chemicals do remain, but I have no concrete information as to this statement. I do know that it is an accepted fact that the traditional testing that companies solicit for their oils, does not test for the presence of chemicals and pesticides. So that leaves the “jury out” as far as to whether or not they remain after distillation. I will add that most likely, if it were a known fact that the chemicals and pesticides remained, then someone would have developed some sort of test to prove this to the consumer… An interesting thought, don’t you think?

            I also believe the fact that healthy plants have their own, naturally occurring pesticides… This only makes sense, otherwise it would be unlikely for plants to remain and prosper in the wild. It is the same concept that I have learned about treating domestic dogs and cats with flea and tick repellent. We are told that if we don’t Frontline or Topspot our poor animals once a month, then it is only a matter of time before a massive flea and or tick infestation. Blindly, we buy this expensive medication that says on the instructions that if we get it on our hands during application that we must wash immediately! (Yet we leave it on the skin of our helpless pets.) My rescue dog is allergic to these medications. He was loosing large spots of hair and his skin was oozing and bleeding. I researched and worried, and learned that if the dog or cat is healthy, they are unlikely to get fleas and ticks in the first place. It is wiser to spend your money on quality food and a healthy lifestyle for your pet, than to buy and apply expensive flea and tick preventative treatment. (The veterinarian’s office will never tell you that, even though my office is amazed that I don’t treat my dog anymore, not for 4 years, and he has never gotten fleas or ticks!) Long story short…. too late, that theory holds water for me with my experience.

            I find the information that you post very valuable, and I am definitely going to do some further research, but I still think that buying wild crafted and bio dynamic oils are the best choice. You have successfully convinced me that organic is a quality that is therapeutically ineffective, and therefor not worth my money! I will spend more time trying to make sure that my sources are wild crafted or bio dynamic.

            It has been lovely having this debate with you!! You are not a neophyte. You are quite intelligent and have been able to eloquently discuss your thoughts and I am all the wiser for it! Thank you.

          • Jill I too have concerns about the flea/tick/heartworm medications we are told we ‘must’ give our dogs. I would love to find VERIFIABLE info regarding the use of EOs for this that is safe for my fur babies! We have two 8 month hold chihuahuas that are indoors exclusively except for short times with us in tow in our yard/on our porch or getting in the car to go somewhere. My husband’s medical conditions require us to keep them in because he may have a couple of days at a time where he is in bed and no one else is with them (to take them out) while I’m working. They are fantastically trained on puppy pads and we keep it that way. Anyway… their chances of getting exposed to the fleas/ticks/heartworms are so very slim but it’s a ‘just in case’ thing that they receive the medicine each month. I would love to know how to handle this naturally and effectively but mostly SAFELY! Is there a way to treat/prevent all three of those… fleas/ticks/heartworms? Would love to hear your feedback or anyone else’s of proven, safe EO use in this area! Thanks so much!

          • Jill


            I read, actually poured over an amazing book by Dr. Pitcairn. He is a holistic vet in California. He believes that the food that you feed does most of the work. He tells a really enlightening story about working for a some sort of organization that treated wild animals that were hurt or in an accident, and then were released back into the wild. He noticed that he never saw a wild animal with a flea and or tick infestation.

            This discovery led him to improve the quality of food for his own animals as close to what they would eat in the wild as possible. He noticed that his animals never got any type of illness including fleas and/or ticks. A healthy dog with a healthy lifestyle, just as in humans, does not need a lot of medication!

            I have a large husky/malamute rescue. Before he came to be part of my family, (he was 6 years oid when we took him in), he had several flea infestations, a skin condition as a result of the fleas, and had also had lyme disease, twice! I thought that I would never get him the road to healthy skin and fur… but I found an amazing pet store that sells only human grade pet foods. I feed him a high quality kibble, freeze dried raw. Sometimes I feed him a protein that I broil and give to him.

            As an extra protection, mostly just to make me feel better, probably… I spray him with a mix of essential oils. I use lavender, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, and rose geranium. I mix the oils together, then I add about a tablespoon of vodka. Let that sit for a little while, maybe 30 minutes… then add water. Voila! My own flea and tick deterrant. The beauty of this mix is that it is perfectly safe to use on myself, my husband, or even my children! I love it make it all summer long as we are frequently outdoors!

            Hope that this helps…

          • I will definitely look up the vet you mentioned. I would love to find the kind of food you mentioned too. Do you have a name of the food? Maybe I could find a place that sells it as well. Thanks for the info!

          • Jill

            I use Great Life, but my dog is a big dog with a bog appetite. My sister has a chihuahua, and she swears that they have a finicky appetite. For her dog, I found Canine Caviar. It is a very high quality kibble but is designed for the more finicky type dog. You might find that the Canine Caviar, with the smaller kibble is a better fit for your puppies…

            Hope this helps

          • SMM1

            Hi Jill. You are so nice and very intelligent yourself. Thank you for your kind words. There is still some confusion in regard to the rose thing. Not to beat a dead horse, but the Piping Rock is 5 (five!) ml of rose absolute, and the Liberty Natural rose absolutes that I cited are all 15 ml. All of these (including the 5 ml Piping Rock) are in the $55 range. So, the Liberty Natural costs much less. You get 3x as much for the same price as the Piping Rock. If a respected company like Liberty Naturals (I’ve ordered from them myself) can sell ½ oz bottles of various rose damascenas, then perhaps some of the quality sites we’re familiar with inflate their prices tremendously. It does give one pause. And way back to my original point: The Piping Rock price isn’t freakishly low as you indicated earlier.

            I do think I’m a neophyte, but thank you. The world of EOs is a vague one. It’s full of all kinds of conflicting information about quality, safety, growing techniques, therapeutic benefits, harvesting etc. And those rare and enticing absolutes –lily, orchid, tulip, honeysuckle etc. –all seem to be blatant lies. It’s so hard to trust a company, and you really do need to follow the checklist as your first step in evaluating a website. I do feel Liberty Naturals is a quality, trustworthy site. The oils I’ve received have not been disappointments, and I’ve ordered many, including some expensive absolutes. I am expecting a large order from White Lotus Aromatics today, which seems like a great company based on the “checklist” and online reviews/comments. I do believe a large number of the oils that I ordered are listed as wild harvested. As far as biodynamic –I don’t remember ever seeing this option anywhere. I’ve also ordered from Silky Scents, Samara Botane, New Directions and Floracopeia. I was pleased with all of my purchases from these vendors. There is a company in the UK I was interested in called Luminescents, but there is virtually nothing online in the way of reviews/comments about this site. Didn’t know if you had heard of them at all? They have some unusual oils.

            Yes, “happy plants” would seem to extend to farm-raised plants too. I guess the real question is this: How important is this really? How much more therapeutic are wild-harvested or biodynamic plants than just regular farm-raised ones? Does anyone actually know? Is this somewhat gimmicky? Is it a matter of just 5% better for the wild harvested or is it more like 50% better in regard to the beneficial chemical properties within the oil? And beyond this question, you must ask yourself, how much does my body need in order to benefit? Is it just a matter of adding a few more drops to your diffuser etc. with the farm-raised oils? Is the 5% sufficient to get the effect we’re looking for with anything in excess just being overkill or unnecessary? I always read how careful we must be in using these “powerful” oils. So, how much is plenty? Do we really need to shell out 4 times more to get a product that *might* have a bit more of the chemical properties we’re looking for, or is this just wasting money? Next they’ll advertise oils that were harvested by virgin wood nymphs in silver bowls. I believe with a lack of real peer-reviewed scientific studies, who’s to know if ultimately any of this really matters? Rose is rose. It either has rose compounds, or it doesn’t. The rose compound that makes rose rose is what effects our bodies. It’s either there or it’s not. Is all the rest just superfluous nonsense?

            But then there is the question of pesticides. I don’t know if someone would ever develop a test for measuring the amount of chemical residue left over after distillation. Who would do so? Mainly you would hope the companies that sell the oils would, but perhaps not if this would reveal a negative truth or be way too costly. I think we have to look at it like this: There are pesticides everywhere, in everything almost, unless you’re very dutiful about avoiding such (which I’m guessing you are). But how much pesticide (if any) would there be in a few drops of essential oil? Would it be anywhere near a toxic level that one should remotely think about? We have this vague fear regarding this word “pesticide,” but what does it really mean in regard to oils and how they affect our health? If it’s something like one part per billion after distillation, does it really matter? We just don’t know because no one is scrutinizing this business. It just doesn’t seem widespread enough of a hobby for anyone to make such an effort. Even the wonderful-sounding terms like “pure” or “therapeutic grade” our inherently deceitful and vague. And don’t forget all the other factors: soil, country of origin, harvesting techniques, storage, age of the material, weather etc. How much do these matter? I think ultimately rose damascena is rose damascena. If we have the chemical compounds that make rosa damascena, do all these other factors mentioned really make much of a difference? Do we really need wood nymphs to harvest our herbs for them to be safe and to have the effect they’re supposed to on our bodies/minds? Lastly, there are people who do spend 4x as much for their oils based on the hope that they’re somehow better, so what do you think they’re going to tell you? Of course they’re going to tell you they are better and that you’re risking your health by buying reasonably-priced oils. But do they *truly* know if the extra cash is justified? Or do they just want to save face and not feel foolish for spending $200 on a bottle of cedarwood oil? If you break down once a year and eat at McDonald’s out of desperation on a road trip, you probably get all the pesticides in one meal that you’d get out of your essential oils in a year. I don’t know if this is true, but what if that’s really how it is? We just don’t know. Is the fear regarding pesticides in oils justified? Some swear “yes” while others say “no.” And again, maybe what the Gritman article says is true –they simply get left behind in the distillation process.

            I agree with your flea story. I too have a dog, and she eats very good food, gets plenty of exercise and goes swimming in the bay a lot (I live on an island). She has no fleas EVEN without Frontline (which DOES seem toxic). I had the same epiphany you did: If I have to run to the sink to get it off my fingers, imagine what it’s like all over my dog’s coat! Yuck. Sometimes spraying a little lavender or palo santo on her haunches and butt works great. I know she seems to like it when I approach her with the bottle at this point. With dogs, Mother Nature is really good at taking care of most things. Vets would want you to think otherwise. In fact, some vets are downright evil from my experience in that they want to sell you every little test or gimmick imaginable, almost making you feel like a bad dog owner if you don’t have your pet’s teeth whitened! Imagine how oil companies may be able to manipulate us in similar ways, playing on our fears. Are these fears really justified? I’m not sure anyone knows. “Biodynamic”?? Really? Have we been poisoning ourselves for years before biodynamic oils came on the market?

            Back to how we met: So, is Piping Rock our friend price-wise, or do they just sell inferior oils that are somehow harming us? God only knows. To me, they sure smell real, but my nose may be different from yours. I do think there would be less of an issue with this company if they’d take the time to keep their site updated with COAs etc. It’s all a big economic formula, and perhaps for them, they find it unnecessary to spend money on doing this. Does that automatically mean their oils are suspect just because our “checklist” evaluation fails on some levels? I know I’ve used their oils for quite awhile, and I haven’t grown any extra limbs, nor has my hair fallen out.

            Who knows! Urrrgggh. Lol.


          • Jill

            First I want to say JEALOUS!! Living on an island! Mine and my husbands dream!! Lucky you… You really are blessed!

            Before I forget, Bio Dynamic might not be a term that you are familiar with, but it is actually the oldest and most trusted quality. It means that it is wild crafted, but it is also only harvested during it’s peak time of the year, and in a sustainable way. Bio dynamic oils are prized because there are limited quantities. It is similar to having an apple during the fall (apple season), or eating one in the spring. They are not even close to the same texture and/or flavor! I totally agree with you that there are many terms in the EO world that are used solely for marketing and have no value, but I can assure you that Bio Dynamic is not one of them.

            Anyway, back to the topic at hand… For anyone who does not actually work for these distilleries and farms, which is almost everyone, it is really hard to fully trust the quality of any company. I do my due diligence, and I follow the guidelines that I have been taught, but I really believe in finding companies that share my excitement. I guess that there is a huge part of me that believes in passion. I know that it is not a quantifiable term, and there is no criteria that I can list for you that would prove that a certain company has a passion or not. I do believe, though, that you can tell when a company is invested in art of essential oils, not just the business. When I research a company that sells hundreds to thousands of products that I do not approve of, (that is a whole other subject for another time), then it makes me not trust the quality of their oils.

            I respect your position, but Piping Rock is not a company for me. I perused their site several times in the last week or so that we have been in this little debate and some of their products are not things that I agree with. Their way of pursuing health is not the same as mine, maybe they are right, but I disagree. Although that is not how this conversation started, but I still do not think that Piping Rock offers a quality product. To me, their site looks like a pharmaceutical site, just with lots and lots of vitamins and supplements and other supposedly healthy products. Some people believe that health comes from a bottle of vitamins, special water, protein shakes, and probiotic pills. I believe that health comes from fresh foods and herbs, spices, exercise, and lots of love. Until, if, and when I am diagnosed with a specific ailment to which I need to respond, I do not want to take daily pills if they are from a pharmacy or a health food store. I know that not everyone believes in their “gut”, but I have learned to trust mine a lot more in recent years. I find that it has been more reliable than any other source…

            I agree that it is confusing, and I might be a little more confused now, then when I started, but I will continue to pursue knowledge and use my judgment to make the best decisions that I can. No one is right 100% of the time, but we do our best to make wise decisions and help others if they ask. My yoga instructor tells me that it is all about “intention”. I have found this to be true. “Intention” plays a large part in whether a therapy works or not. Maybe the EOs are just an extension of our intention.

            I can’t answer a lot of your questions. Organic, not organic, pesticides, this company or that. All I can say is that leading the most pure lifestyle that you are capable of, that includes externally as well as internally, is the best way to go. As I said in a previous post… We have not been sick in over 5 years. Before that we were regulars and on a first name basis with everyone in my pediatrician’s office as well as my family practitioner’s office. Something drastically changed in my household, and I am going to continue trusting my intuition.

            I will, as I have time, investigate the other companies that you have mentioned in your recent post. I do believe in guidelines, but as I have stated, I believe in reading in between the lines.

            You have been wonderful in testing my resolve and making me question things that I readily accepted as “true”. Thank you for that.

            It has been a pleasure,


  • Marcia

    I have used Young living oils for years and have found them to be the best.

    • Jill

      With all do respect… Have you tried anything else? I am an aromatherapist, and Young Living is concerning for many reasons.

      For one, the website never mentions that their oils are organic. That is very important, and actually the lowest standard, for quality essential oils. The highest quality are wild crafted and the ultimate is bio dynamic. The fact that they never use any of those terms, organic, wild crafted, or bio dynamic, means that they can (and probably do) use pesticides and plant food. Definitely not what a consumer wants for the prices that they charge.

      Second, they market the oils as being grown and harvested under quality standards, but never explain what these standard are.

      Third, there is no classification, other than from Young Living, of “Therapeutic Essential Oils”. That phrase infers that there is a governing company that has validated, using independent criteria that these oils are of therapeutic grade. There is no criteria anywhere that defines what “Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils” even are.

      Fourth, the best, and highest quality oils are always grown in their country of origin. For example Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) should be grown in France and Helichrysum (Helichrysum Itlaicum) should be grown in Italy and sometimes Croatia. That is where you are going to get the plants that have been growing for hundreds of years in the wild getting their sustenance from nature!

      Fifth, The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy warns against taking essential oils internally without being under the supervision of an experienced aromatherapist or holistic practitioner. Many adverse reactions can occur, especially in children, the elderly, and anyone with any type of health problem. They also state that it is dangerous to apply essential oils neat on the skin, with very few exceptions. Essential Oils are extremely powerful and there are many risks, historically, with using them undiluted on the skin, and internally. This is an ancient art that has been around for thousands of years. This leads me to question whether or not Young Living is actually selling pure, unadulterated essential oils.

      I could go on and on, but I hope that I have given you something to at least consider. We can never grow, unless we are challenged, and I challenge you to take this information and make an informed decision as to whether or not you think that Young Living is practicing ethical and proper practices. I hope that I have been of some help… blessings.

      • Diana

        comment on Helichrysum should be grown in Italy… I was just reading on another site (Global Healing Center) that Helichrysum was “Native to Africa”. It seems every site I go to has something to say different about every company and oil out there. It’s so discouraging. 🙁

        • Jill

          That is why you have to buy from a reputable company that is trustworthy. My teacher, a NAHA approved aromatherapist, trusts only Oshadhi. I have used their oils for approximately 10 years, and they are the best! I would have to research further about the Helichrysum, but I do know that it is the oil that the Romans called immortelle because they believed that it’s healing powers almost made you immortal!!

          • Jill

            What you really want is an oils that is wild crafted or bio dynamic. Wild crafted means that it is grown in the wild, naturally… Bio dynamic means that not only is it wild crafted, but it is also harvested only during it’s proper time and also to be sustained. Bio dynamic oils are hard to find because they are much more rare than any other type! Oshadhi does have many of these oils, but they come and go depending on supply and demand. They do not have a supply that reaches the demand, so when the oil is gone, it may be gone for an extended period of time.

          • Diana

            Okay in all the sites and blog posts (various blogs) on choosing the best EOs, this is the first I’ve heard of Oshadhi! I’ll have to look into them too and see what I think. Thanks for the reply. There is just SO MUCH out there everywhere and what is ‘best’ on one site, is not on the another and everyone has their reasons they state for why. :/

          • Jill

            Oshadhi is not mentioned because they do not market to the uninformed consumer. They specifically want to sell to aromatherapists, holistic practitioners, and other educated clientele. They do not make claims on their site as to what oils are good for certain ailments… you have to know how to use them. They only guarantee the highest quality. Small company that deals with all their individual distillers. They visit all of their distillers periodically to maintain quality. If you have any questions or thoughts, I would be happy to help. I am a certified aromatherapist myself and will soon be going for a higher certification. I am constantly researching and learning and would be happy to help in any way that I can!

          • Diana

            Your offer of help is greatly appreciated! I’m thinking becoming a certified aromatherapist myself is the best option for making the wisest choices! lol I might look into that. How can you be reached if I did have more questions? 🙂

      • I am newer to the EO world, but my cousin (chiro) has been in YLEO for decades and my sister has been in YLEO for several years and has seen some interesting things.

        I am sorry you tried the splinter company (DoTerra) and not the original (YL). I understand that DT was created by the business people in YL who wanted to run a business and make money while the YL people wanted to help, educate, heal, whatnot. I also understand that there is ongoing litigation between the two because DT walked off with and markets proprietary info.

        A friend of my sister’s (in her presence) got rather ill from an oil from Doterra and did not from the same oil from YL. She mentioned that the DT oil smelled more like your flavored cooking oils (like your super-sweet candy peppermint).

        I’ve been told that if you want, you can get a no-hold’s-barred tour of any of YL’s farms. I don’t live near any of them, but if someone does and wants to try it out, I would love to hear about it. I’ve also been told that DT refuses visitors.

        Also, YL lists France, Oman, Ecuador and Peru as part of their Global Farm Map (http://www.seedtoseal.com/en/seedtoseal#view-farms). I would have to look into it more, but this potentially negates your point about lavender in Utah.

        Actually, here is YL’s Seed to Seal website http://www.seedtoseal.com/en/seedtoseal. I know that many ppl refuse to use MLMs but they have a place – someone who can’t really afford the products (like me) can share a product they’ve tried and believe in (like me, like my sister) and possibly use the MLM structure to be able to get these EOs. I also know that this website is a marketing tool, but all companies have some sort of tools to sell their product.

        A few comments about EOs in general –
        1) What works for me might not work the same way for you – this can cause distrust or skepticism. I know because I am a huge skeptic. I’ve been told that if you use an oil and feel better, it is working. If you feel worse, it is working. If you don’t feel anything, it might still be working, just give it some time. Okaaaaaay. Except that is how medicine works. You feel better or worse or nothing, and, ideally, you are better in the end. Except with EOs, you don’t have the giant list of potentially life-threatening side effects and will-to-live-threatening side-effects.
        1a) Not really its own comment – Most of my uses for EOs are not from YL’s big book of booboos The regimen I use for rosacea comes from testimonials. I go in with the hope that it will work for me., as it has worked for someone else.

        2) We all take in oils internally – naturally and from the foods we eat. Consuming EOs, however, I believe needs to be taken in a considered manner. If on any medication, please, consult a dr. I am not currently or planning to ingest any EOs I purchase. I believe that topical or diffused use will satisfy my quest for better health. I’ve seen companies (Melaleuca, YL, etc) who market products (bars, shakes, drinks, etc) with oils as ingredients. I’m not talking about these – I’m talking about the use of capsules or just tossing back a drop or two of EO. Not for me, but my sister’s family has had success with it. Her friends have had success with it.

        3) How in the world can you wild-cultivate enough plant material to create EOs (and support the current demand of EO’s now trending popularity) without decimating the wild population or requiring some degree of farming? While wild-cultivation might be ideal, I can’t see how that is sustainable. I’m interested to hear thoughts on this.

        4) Choosing an oil company can be very difficult – as this article discusses and the plethora of comments supports. I chose YL (for now) because I have a familial connection to YL and don’t have the majority of concerns listed (esp since they primarily refer to DT). I know there are other options (differing quality and pricing) and for now, I am content to use the 3-5 products I have that are working in the expected manner for my issues.

        5) Talking with you Dr can be difficult. Some drs believe that oils are hokum. One lady was even told by her dr (she’s not on prescription meds) that she could use EOs but it will kill her. I’ve found that it is easier to talk to your chiro about it. This might give you a stronger leg to stand on with your general practitioner if you get the same type of reaction. Of course, there are drs out there who believe chiros are hokum too…

        Anyway – thanks for reading, I look forward to whatever comments I get. 🙂

        • I meant to clarify – YL has only been around since 1993 – Decades makes it sound like she was part of the founders!! She’s been in a long time and has presented at at least one event I know of (like I said, I’m rather new to this biz).

    • Debbi Higgins Lofton

      I agree!

    • Cat

      I have used Young Living for some time now. I went through Rain Drop Certification and Young Living was one of the oil companies that was recommended for quality. I do Rain Drop and body works on people and animals. I appreciate you spending the time to research these companies. I like the Head of Young Living because he is an anal individual. He really does care. I agree all companies have their flaws and their oils are not cheap, but Young Living has consistently produced quality products. They want to educate not just sell. I warn individuals seeking EO to watch the labels as well. I use them internal and externally. But not all oils are meant for internal use. Your type of skin, metabolism, emotional state, stresses can play a role as well. I agree, consulting someone before using EO is an excellent idea. There are many great books out there that are backed up with research that you read. There is an organization called CARE that strives to educate about the uses of oils and that not all oils are created equal. They give intensive classes on the subject if anyone is interested.

  • Diana Odegard

    The is an non-profit company that test Essential Oils. It is AIRASE.com. It might be good for you to check it out. It is not a good idea to ingest, inhale or apply topically adulterated essential oils. You have to know the process of how it came to be in the bottle. What was the seed like, what was the soil like, did they harvest at the right time, did the distill it properly, at the right amount of time and temperature without the use of chemicals in the WATER they used for steam, did they do proper testing to see if the constituents in the oil are what they should be????? Do they grow their own plants? Most companies are for profit. Even inexpensive Essential oils are making a profit. I think you would also find that the MLM companies have distributors that are teachers. A leader teaches her distributors. They pass along needed information. Like which oils not to apply without a carrier oil, etc. All this matters to me. So I choose to spend my money on Young Living Essential Oils.

    • Debbi Higgins Lofton

      I am so happy to see that so many of you are doing your research, and sticking with the best. Price should not be the mitigating factor, when dealing with ones health. Young Living for me, all the way!

    • Jill

      This non profit has a huge connection with Young Living. Gary Young’s name is all over the website. Definitely not a neutral, unbiased company. I wouldn’t be surprised if this non-profit was founded by Young Living!

    • Cat

      Yes, I agree there is a lot of details that need to be paid attention to. Because EO pass the blood-brain barrier, it is extremely important that you know that it was carefully prepared and there are persons that know what they are doing, are monitoring it from start to finish. I would rather have a company that is anal about quality then depend on the government to decide what is quality. The government has not convinced me that they are qualified to monitor the food industry, let alone EO. I think if customers are educated and demand quality the companies that provide it will prosper and the ones that don’t .. won’t.

  • Jill

    Oh, and I forgot to mention, that the grade of oils that is of the highest quality is wild crafted or bio-dynamic. There is no such thing as therapeutic grade because there is no independent company that governs essential oils. What you really want is the highest quality and those would be the most beneficial medicinally. Any company that does not differentiate between farmed, organic, and wild crafted is not a company that should be selling oils. The oils get their strength from the way that they are grown and with what standards they are harvested and distilled. Can you tell the difference between an apple harvested during the fall or an apple that you buy at the store in the spring? That is the difference between the oils. The growing, harvesting, and distillation methods are of the utmost importance. Oshadhi is the company that holds themselves to those standards. I frequently cannot get an oil that I want because it does not exist at that time of the year…. That is what you want!

    • Lisa


      Is there a way to connect with you? I’m loving everything you’ve commented on and would love to connect as we are just entering into this world of EO’s!

      • Jill


        I have had a previous request for contact information… Christina, the Hippy Homemaker, said that if you e-mail her directly, then she will give out my e-mail, individually. I will let her know that she has my permission to give my e-mail to you. All you have to do is contact. If that doesn’t work, than comment again on this page and let me know… I am happy to help!


  • Jill

    I just wanted to let you know about Oshadhi Essential Oils. They fit all of your requirements and are known to be of the highest quality. They have every batch of oils that they receive tested by an independent company to insure that they authentic. They also regularly visit all of the small distillers from all over the globe to witness their practices. My teacher, an amazing aromatherapist, says that they are the only oils that she will use. Try them, I am sure that you will be impressed.

    • Debbi Higgins Lofton

      There is a HUGE difference in what may be a great oil for aromatherapy and what is good for your health, and quality of life.

      • Jill

        Aromatherapy is extremely important for your quality of life. Unfortunately, Young Living educates their distributors according to their own philosophy, and not according to the ancient art that has been developed for thousands of years.

        When you are an aromatherapist, and have taken courses that educate you on the chemistry and makeup of these oils and how they effect the body, then you understand the dangers with the practices of Young Living and like companies.

        You learn how the plants should be grown and distilled according to history and that when oils are tested, the actual seed is just the beginning. Lavender grown in the desert of Utah will not have the same properties as Lavender grown at a high altitude in France in its indigenous environment. Wild crafted is a much higher quality than organic, and Bio Dynamic is an even higher quality than wild crafted. Young Living does not claim to be any of the three!

        You learn the therapeutic grade does not exist and it is just a marketing ploy. You should read my other posts. (They are a bit more informative.) I would be interested in continuing this conversation if you so desire. I really am passionate about the beauty and the power of these amazing treasures, but it upsets me when people are so misinformed.


  • Thank you so much for your post! I had been wavering on which company to go with and finally settled on Mountain Rose Herbs. It’s good to know that NOW oils have also worked for you. Much cheaper on the wallet. Thank you again for your honest post.

  • Sue

    oops…sorry for my typo below.

    There is room for everyone 🙂

  • Sue

    As an RA, registered aromatherapist, I know much about the harvesting, distillation, and purity testing of essential oils (EOs). I have also tried numerous brands of EOs, some from MLMs. I just want to caution to everyone that the harvesting of EOs alone is very expensive. When you add to that the cost of testing them properly, I would be VERY hesitant about buying “cheap” EOs. There is a difference, and my clients will often tell me that they wish they had found the better ones sooner because they wasted a lot money on garbage. For example, A 15 ml bottle of Frankincense should NOT cost $20. The best Frankincense is harvested in Oman and is extremely difficult to harvest and distill. A 15-ml bottle of Frankincense should cost around $90 to $100. And I do have to say, there are most certainly “grades” of essential oils. Those used in the perfume industry are “synthetic” grade. Those used in foods, like candy canes, are GRAS [Generally Regarded As Safe]; while those used in “medical” professions [chiropractors, aromatherapists, etc.] use therapeutic-grade. So yes, “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade” is a trademark, hence the TM near it when written, but don’t discount an essential oil just because of the way it is sold (meaning MLM or no MLM). Buy a few of the same oil from different vendors and compare. No need to bash the industry – – there is room very everyone 🙂

  • Kendra

    If you put the marketing aside, You will see that some of these MLM really do have the best oils. The reason they are more expensive is because they have the best quality oils out there. They spend lots of money to ensure that they are getting the best so that they can give you the best.I dont think you should bash other brands because they market their products. Everyone needs to do lots of research before they choose. Don’t turn away from one brand just because someone blogged about how they are trying to rip you off. Get on each companies website and check it out for yourself.

    • Christina

      I don’t knock the quality of the mlm companies, though Doterra I am suspect of because of the testing that has been done on their oils, but Young Living I truly don’t know how good or bad the quality is….BUT that does not negate the fact that you can buy just as high of quality oils if not better, from companies that aren’t trying to rip you off. I don’t know why you would WANT to pay more for an oil when you can get the therapeutic quality in certified ORGANIC form for a much more reasonable price. It just doesn’t compute…

  • Deonna

    Thank you so much for sharing your research! This helps clear up confusion and let’s me know I don’t have to pay a fortune for good oils!

  • Tom Blumenthal

    I would also recommend for safety, quality, and power (potency), those oils sold by Wisdom Of The Earth, company founded by Barry Kapp of Cornville, Arizona.


    This is not a shill (commercial) for them or him, or only by incident if so; they have earned their reputation.

    However, they are not the least expensive, but if you want or need oils that are of the highest safe potential (of course, they should always be used in an educated manner – diluting, testing on a patch of skin like back of the hand, etc.), and not mis-distilled or containing impurities that are harmful, this is a go-to company one should consider.

    However, they are not the least expensive, only for those who want top quality, and potency.

    Barry pours and distills for himself, his family and clients in small batches. Moreover, he gives consultations over the phone (for an additional price, perhaps $ 15/hour or something like that) on which oils may be indicated for any particular condition.

    This company’s products should not be overlooked or dismissed out of hand with bias. Their Myrrh, for example, is unsurpassed. Their frankincense is as potent as anyone’s, and unlike Aura Cacia frankincense, which I had to cleanse from, theirs (WOTH) has always been safe, bottle after bottle.

    They also market a non-essential carrier oil with amazing healing properties, Egyptian black cumin (nigella sativa), not to be confused with Indian cumin, which as different properties.

    Although probably in small batches, he has as wide a variety of oils as anyone. The Eucalyptus Blue Mallee WOTH markets is just divine for influenzas and chest congestion problems, especially if used with Balsam Fir oil for inhalation. Their Cedar Leaf oil is wonderful for itchy feet, between the toes, and probably to prevent athlete’s foot.


    Tom Blumenthal

  • Thanks for the info. I use a variety from Eden’s Garden, spark naturals, mountain rose herbs, and Now.

  • Thank you Hippy Homemaker. My recommendation is to not purchase any item that is MLM. Why? Usually the products are inferior and overpriced, and they sell because distributors sell to family and friends who believe what they hear and want to be helpful, or attend parties and feel pressured to buy. I also never attend any of their “parties.”

    They convince distributors that their product is better than the competitors with psycho-social manipulation, including thought-reform techniques at their meetings, motivational rallies and via up-lines. Some, like Amway are cult-like. Sorry if this is offensive, but it is true. Regarding the deception, I take my advice from the bible, that he/she that is faithful in little is faithful in much, and he/she that is DISHONEST in little is dishonest in much. Once a person or business has demonstrated that they aren’t trustworthy, I wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

  • Charles

    Does anyone know about the essential oils being sold by Bulk Apothecary? I’ve been considering purchasing from them. Their prices seem very reasonable compared to other places. I just don’t want to buy junk oils. To me that defeats the purpose of having essential oils. I’m not looking to use them for monetary benefits. Because I’m not an aromatherapist,and I would never present myself to be such an educated professional. I’m looking for my own personal use and for my family. I’ve taken to making my own green cleaning products, and a lot of the oils have antibacterial qualities that smell much better than commercial products. I’m very new at the learning of essential oils and their uses. This is why I’m seeking advice to people better acquainted with oils and sellers. I wish their was a place that sold a starter kit of the most important oils one will need starting out. But, everyone that I look at to purchase they all have different products than the others. I need some help and advice.

    • Robspace1

      Charles-DON’T DO IT!! Like they say, if it’s cheap, it’s junk. And, they sell junk oil. I too like saving money, and I am retired, and have all the time in the world to shop around for oils. I have alot of them now, and have bought them from many places. Iuse adiffuser to put their vapor in the air. I also blend them to make colognes for me and friends. I bath in some and I add them to my car air freshner. And, I have spent many hours reading about and looking for the best ones from the best sources and most honest dealers. I was just ripped off buying from an Indian dealer. He sold me Sandalwood that was, I think 10/40 motor oil with cedar oil fragrance thrown in! So, I’m very careful now.

      My number one place right now, at this minute, is Dr. Adorable. She was a medical Dr. that decided to get into essential oils and lotions and creams. Her products are all really good, and priced fantastic. Finally, I found great oils at a great price. Of course, this could all change, like they always do, but, for now, I am getting all my oils from the doctor! She has a store on Ebay and another on Amazon, and so far, I have bought her Vanilla Absolute, which is just great-dark, strong, and lasts a very long time. And, I just got her Cedarwood oil, and it too is fantastic, and on Monday, I have her new Sandalwood oil coming in along with her Peppermint Oil, and Ylang Ylang oil! YEA! Check her site on Amazon and see what people are saying-

      I just ordered more of that vanilla oil because I think it will sell out. Its from Madagascar, and the best I’ve ever smelled. Imagine this scent-Sandalwood mixed with Cedar oil, and then add a dark vanilla that smells like it was just made yesterday, and. just came out of the jungles on a mule yesterday, and is now in my hand, and making my place smell so good my cats doing backflips! Its that good! I have never smelled any real vanilla absolute before. I’m real happy to find this. Everyone loves this one!

  • Danielle

    hello I am just wondering if anyone has any information regarding the company Edens Garden essential oils. I have bought quite a few of their oils however when I looked to see if they had done any specific testing – all it said was they had an MSDS type of the sheet available. This has me concerned about quality and maybe this is why they haven’t seem to do anything for which I’ve tried to use them for like my headache – still here, and using their four thieves blend – we’re still sick. I hope its not a sham – would be a shame as I liked them. Can anyone help advise?

  • Danielle

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me about Edens Garden essential oils – to speak of their quality. I cannot seem to find much good or bad about the company. I own many of their products- but now I’ve started to wonder. I don’t see anything about their testing – only like MSDS type of thing – can anyone help – its driving me crazy not knowing.

  • Jodi

    doTerra is known in the supply-chain side for cutting and adulterating their oils with cheap fillers. This company does business with less than stellar suppliers and often buys cheap fragrance oils to meet the demands of the market place. I would not buy those oils nor could I comfortably recommend them. Rocky Mountain is a much higher quality brand than many of the ones you’ve listed. They provide outstanding essential oil quality consistently.

  • Steve

    I use Mountain Rose Herbs products as well, including EO’s. They are a great company that sells great products and I have not seen any controversy surrounding them. I love buying from Mountain Rose because they also sell an assortment of butters, hydrosols, herbs, and other products such as cosmetic clay and arrowroot powder. They really have a great selection.

  • LeNeah

    I’ll never buy from Doterra because I just think they are way overpriced. When I want essential oils that I plan to ingest, I buy from a locally owned company that provides certified organic (by ECOCERT) oils that are recommended and safe for ingesting. They are certainly a little expensive, but the prices are not ridiculous like doTerra. When I’m buying EOs to add to homemade lotions or other products, I’m not as picky. I think Bulk Apothecary, Mountain Rose and Aura Cacia are fine.

  • Tracey Thomas Botelho

    I’ve heard that using Lavender, lemon and peppermint oils are good for seasonal allergies. If the oil says not for internal use does that mean that it cannot be used for that. I hear that 3 drops of each in an ounce of juice or water will help. Is that true. Most allergy meds give me migraines. I need help desperately.

    • Hi there Tracey! It is not advised (whether the bottle says it or not) to take any essential oils internally for medicine without the help of a certified aromatherapist. Those specific essential oils are great for allergies when diffused in your home/room or mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed onto your feet and chest. Internal use is not recomended because 1 drop of essential oil is equivalent to 85 cups of tea of that plant, making it extremely concentrated. Depending on the essential oil, the main chemical constitutents of that plant in such a large dose is like taking prescription meds without a doctor’s supervision to make sure it is right for you and doesn’t interact with any current medications that you are taking. Many European aromatherapists do not at all approve of internal consumption to begin with, although it can be safe to do orange/lemon/lime/grapefruit (no more than 1 drop), dropped into your water, even then you have to be careful because the main chemical constituents in grapefruit and some other citrus will interact with antibiotics if you are taking them, and render some birth controls useless (they’ll say on the package if you can’t have grapefruit). It’s MUCH safer to apply essential oils through external use and/or diffusion.

  • Angela

    I would like to say, “Thank you very much”, for your take and voicing your opinion. I am a beginner and, on my own, found that some of the crazy priced companies were using a lot of marketing phrases to lure me in also, so I too went on a search to find out the truth. I started out using PT and so far love them and can more easily afford their prices. I am so thankful EOs are not just for the rich. After reading MANY MANY reviews and opinions from folks that actually use EOs, I will never pay high dollar for an oil because their is no reason to unless you are helping a friend reach a sales goal for the month.
    I feel like I’m on a used car lot with several salesmen trying to get me to buy the same exact car, but from them, when I search the internet for EOs. We all bust our behinds to earn the money we have and I think it is very smart to check out exactly what you are getting for your money. That being said, I think it is crazy to “give” away your money and pay the “big bucks” for an oil that happens to be labeled better or happens to have their very own trademarked phrase, when in the end both oils give me the same end result with one being more affordable oils (e.g. Oil to help aid in getting rid of my stomach aches that occur often). If both oils help me, why pay more?
    I thank you again for your thoughts and opinions. I will walk away with the information along with other information I have gathered and form my own opinion before I buy my next batch. For those that do not like your thoughts and opinions, I say, use your mouse and click out of this page, or go make your own blog with your opinions. For those of you, like myself, that appreciate Christina’s thoughts and opinions, applaud her and lift her up. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and opinions Christina.

  • madison

    I just stumbled upon this and was wondering if youve hear of Genesis Pure? It is a MLM but as far as I know is the only USDA certified organic oils on the market. A lot of what youre saying about the word “pure” is absolutely right. Thats why I chose Genesis Pure brand. Just wondering your thoughts and if you’ve researched them at all. Blessings!

  • I honestly really like Uncle Harry’s oils and have asked them Many
    questions. They are always eager to answer and help. Their oils seem to
    really work and most can be ingested if you really wish to do so. They
    are a well rounded awesome company. I use to buy from young living,
    their peppermint smells as it should unlike some other mlm companies,
    however I’m not ok with their prices after using other oils such as
    uncle harrys and seeing they work just as well. I will never use aura
    casia I know for fact they have something not good added. They don’t
    smell right and give me a head ache and have too many warnings on their
    labels. My go to is uncle harrys though, I buy through their website.
    I’ve read almost everything about oils in the past three years and
    learned A lot. No they don’t have to be pricy to be good but dirt cheap
    isn’t usually good either. Just do your research, use common sense, ask
    questions, and try and compare. You’ll find what works for you but it
    may take effort and a little time. 🙂

  • Michaela

    Hi all, I’m very new to essential oils. I’ve one some basic research, but if anybody has any recommendations for good sources, I would love to know. Anyway, I’ve been going to doctors for years trying to figure out some weird symptoms I’ve had for past three years, but I have grown frustrated with the lack of results. I’ve decided to turn to essential oils, but with some hesitation. I am very accepting of alternative medicines, but I like to do my research. I’ve come across a few blends I think will alleviate my symptoms. I’ve gone ahead and bought Now 100% pure essential oils, which is recommended above, but it seems to not be the greatest quality compared to the other recommended brands. I also came across a post that said if I put a drop of oil on a piece of construction paper and it leaves a ring, it’s not pure. I’ve done that and the there is still a spot. Does that mean it isn’t actually pure and I should take them back? If it is pure, why are there other essential oils that seem to be better? Any help you guys can give would be great.

    • Hi there! I like to use Now foods for cleaning around my house and Mountain Rose herbs/Native American Nutritionals for all of my healing needs. I love Mountain Rose Herbs because they are not only 100% certified organic but their company is a zero waste company, striving to be completely sustainable in all of their practices. With now foods, i use them only for cleaning because I don’t buy them straight from Now, I buy them from Amazon and you really never know if someone has repackaged a cut oil from there.

      The problem with the paper/oil ring test, is that there are some essential oils that can leave a ring, just from the very nature of the plant. Heavier essential oils, like Patchouli or Myrrh, can leave a ring, for example, and there are even colored essential oils like blue chamomile, that will leave their color like an oil stain. Most citrus oils should evaporate completely, though bergamot may stain your paper. You will need to understand the different essential oils and there constituents and weights to properly do this method of testing. It is not 100% full proof to test this way. Also, there are plenty of chemicals that can be cut into an essential oil that will not leave any marks on the paper. The BEST way to to test essential oils is the gas chromatography analysis of essential oils, also know as the GC testing of essential oils. When looking to purchase 100% pure essential oils make sure that the company you are buying from does this testing!

    • Sh’reen

      Try the oils from Stillpoint Aromatics in Sedona, AZ.
      They are the only company I know of that puts the distillation date on every bottle. Since EOs last from about 1 year to 6-8 or more this is important information. So far I have not seen any reference to storage – except with this company. Keep them in the refrigerator as they do. Plus they will answer any questions you have and support them with all their reports.

  • Tami

    Does anyone have any suggestions for joint, nerve and muscle pain due to Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I’ll try anything.

    • B

      Deep Blue from doTERRA works well for joint and muscle pain

    • Robspace1

      Norco 10/325

  • Crystal

    Very helpful and informative, Thanks 🙂

  • oilskeptic

    I rarely comment on things but after all of the research I have done, the books I have read, websites I have visited this is the worst post I have read regarding essentials oils. Your reasons for not choosing MLM oils are ludicrious. For those reading this, there are much more reliable, educated and informed people to get information from.

    • I think you are incorrect. My reasons for choosing not to buy MLM essential oils is quite the same as people choosing an American made company over one that is not, a religious company over one that is not, or even a company with outstanding customer service versus one that does not. They are making a statement to companies out there, as a group of buyers, about what they will stand for. I do not say the quality of YL or Doterra is lacking, I merely state that I will not buy from them because I do not agree with their business practices. People every day make choices not to buy from specific companies because they do not agree with those company’s practices. This is a very valid reason to not want to purchase essential oils from those companies. I CHOOSE to buy my essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs because I like that their high quality essential oils are all certified organic, their company is a ZERO WASTE COMPANY (that’s a BIG deal to me), and they strive to be completely sustainable in all of their harvesting practices. It is not ludicrous to expect a certain standard in ALL areas of their business rather than JUST one. There are other companies out there that are just as high of quality if not better, so why limit myself to a company that I do not feel comfortable with their business practices. I think it’s ludicrous to limit yourself to a company solely based upon their quality. I have higher standards than that.

      • Linda

        Looks to me like there are a lot of YL distributors responding to your post.

  • bloom

    Like Melissa I too am very confused about the different essential oil companies. Young Living and doTerra are so expensive. I am thinking this is due to it being an MLM company. Aura acacia is more reasonable. I guess my question is .. is the higher price mean it’s better.. my experience with other things .. this statement is not always true… so anyway…. What do you think of Aura acacia…. I am looking for essential oils for anxiety. Thanks!!! love your blog!

    • There is of course a bit of price that matters, essential oils such as jasmine, rose, and chamomile are always going to be fairly exspensive because it takes a LOT of plant material to create just a small amount of essential oil, BUT with that being said you can take a look at Mountain Rose Herbs essential oil (say a general one to look at would be Lavender) and look at the price per oz….their essential oils are very high therapeutic quality, CERTIFIED organic, and their company is a zero waste company that strives to be eco friendly in everything that they do YET you get a LOT more essential oil/oz. because they price them appropriately. I have read a blog post that a individual took it upon themselves to raise money to have specific brands tested in a lab for quality and what not and they found that Aura Casia was VERY good quality essential oil (you can read this post here: http://www.nourishingtreasures.com/index.php/2013/04/17/essential-oils-testing-and-the-results-are-in/)

  • Rose

    I’m sorry for posting again but I’ve been searching high and low for this link. This lists several companies that were tested for quality of certain oils. Tests were done by a 3rd party. http://www.learningabouteos.com/index.php/2013/08/10/3rd-party-test-results-master-list/

  • Rose

    This was a great read. Thank you for doing the research and taking the time to put it up here. I’m sure you’ll be saving people a lot of money and confusion. 🙂 Have you tried Plant Therapy’s oils yet? I absolutely love them and they’re easy on the wallet, too.

  • bloom

    I want to say thank you for your blog. I am new at essential oils and the information out there is overwhelming. A friend of mine sells YL and she likes them a lot. Me, I am not fond of MLM. Been there done that. I am going to give Mountain Rose Herbs a try. Thank you!

  • Oil user

    I was researching YL oils and was about to take the plunge at selling them until someone sent me some very disturbing info about the founder Gary Young. Apparently he does refer to himself as a doctor and there info that said he may have killed his child by trying to deliver the child on his own at home, he was taken to court for this. He goes to different countries pushing his oils as if he were a doctor prescribing medicines which I thought was very odd since most people that promote YL oils will clearly state that they are not physicians and that they should not use oils to replace any medicines and talk with the doctor before use. That was a little to much for me and I backed out! I now buy oils from Ananda Apothecary and Eden’s Gardens. I’ve been very happy with them.

    • C E Phillips

      You just wrote everything i was going to write ! I love LOVE Edens Garden btw!

  • Jessica

    Do you have an opinion on NYR Organic Essential Oils?

  • Lana

    Thank you for this info…I am a reiki master/teacher and i use essential oils in my practice. I was using Y.living for the past 2 yrs and my inutition was telling me this was not the best company. My gut was right, i was blown away with what i found. Thanks again for the post! 🙂

    • Alex

      Hi Lana, thank you for your post, but please tell me what essential oils are you using; Also I am looking for food grade essential oil?

  • CorrectKnowledgeIsPower

    Though I think it’s great you took the time to research which essential oil companies would work best for you, disregarding MLM oil companies for the reasons you did only causes you to miss out on quality oils. Yes the companies trademark phrases to set themselves apart from other oil companies since prior to, everyone was using the same terms and so there really was no way to decipher between them…especially if you are a non-expert consumer. But, that doesn’t mean they are trying to mislead you. Of course there is the potential for people who don’t take the time to do their research to just go on “certified” and “therapeutic”, but that’s not the fault of those oil companies, that’s on the person. People have to be held accountable, it’s their health and they need to not be so cavalier with it. If I had a company and I needed a way to set myself apart to let people know “hey, I’m guaranteeing to you, putting my butt on the line, that these oils are legit and everything I say they are because if they aren’t I will be outed as a fraud”, I would trademark a phrase too. Doing what the rest of the people are doing makes it harder for a consumer…harder to research, harder to decide, harder to settle on a quality oil. Lastly, as far as the “not for internal use” and price, I would not base my decision on a site run by “users” who don’t seem to be experts in the field of essential oils. Oils label not for internal use, but also labeled 100% pure, are labeled that way for more than just insurance. And frankly again, I don’t know how I feel about a company whose not willing to invest in my health by backing themselves up…seems to me they don’t consider their oils medicinal quality and in that case why waste my time. I’m wanting oils to manage my health, so yes, I will pay the extra for the “insurance”, cost for testing, cost for properly distilling, cost for quality assurance, and so on and so on. You get what you pay for no matter what bloggers and “experts” may say. As for now, i’ll stick with the chemist, doctors (alternative and modern), and specialist vs. a blog run by a husband and wife team with second-hand, blogger sited information.

    • letsjusttrytogetalong

      No need to be rude. We’re all just talking and sharing our opinions. As you suggest, people should be accountable for their own health and do their own research regarding the products they purchase. That research may include reading blog posts such as this one, and they should decide for themselves whether or not they agree and whether or not the information is sufficient justification for making one decision or another (I feel the need to remind you here that this blogger asked repeatedly that her readers do just that). If you are an expert, please enlighten us with your knowledge and experience. Insulting comments are highly unnecessary. Take what you like and leave the rest.

      HippyHomemaker – In my experience, husband/wife teams (or any committed partnership team who cares about their family and want to do what is best for them) are the most effective teams out there. I have no scientific proof for this; it is just my opinion. Ziggy is right…the world desperately needs your spirit and energy. The world needs much more just like it.

    • Lucy


      No, they ARE trying to mislead you. The oils work but that doesnt mean they’re not trying to mislead you. Look at Young Living, he names himself “D. Gary Young” which really tries to seem like “Dr.”.

      • Dr. D, DC

        Please be careful on the quackwatch site. I recommend researching “Dr.” Steven Barrett as diligently as you are researching essential oils. Quackwatch clearly has an agenda… truth isn’t their priority, in my opinion. Thanks for all the great information!

  • Liz

    Thanks for the info! I really appreciate you taking the time to sum some of these things up! I have worked for an MLM corporate, and since have always felt they’ve never been truly honest. I know that when you rate many of these things it can become very inflammatory, so thanks for being brave!!

    • I am glad that I am not the only one who sees these marketing tactics as honest! lol thanks for the support! I appreciate it! <3

      • Rose

        You definitely aren’t alone! I think people need to research what a “pyramid scheme” looks like…

  • Elizabeth

    Great article! I also have liked NHR Organics out of the UK in addition to using Mountain Rose Herbs and Butterfly Express.

  • Viki

    The only comment I will make is you made a comment
    the supplier has relations with his/her distillers, if possible, YL farms and distills their own oil. As with the other companies… they almost never truly know where their oil comes from only a distillers company name. You also do know that Young Living is the ONLY Essential oil which does NOT have a warning on it when it comes to Dietary uses. The NOW brand states right on it DO NOT USE INTERNALLY. I thought I was going to learn something from your page…I did you need to take a better look into the brands of oils out there.

    • As stated above in my post, I use Now for cleaning purposes and it works just fine for the price. For all other purposes including healing, medicinal, and my personal business I use Mountain Rose Herbs. ALL of their essential oils are certified organic AND they are very close friends with the farmers and distillers that provide them their products. They work to be sustainable in all manners of business and even give back to the environment in many different ways. I also do not promote the use of essential oils internally without the guidance of a certified aromatherapist. Essential oils are very potent and concentrated and one drop is equivalent to 85x as potent as a cup of tea from the same herb.

    • Rose

      ALL essential oil companies SHOULD state right on the bottle DO NOT USE INTERNALLY. It’s not so much to do with the quality being the reason, but moreso the danger of doing it without the close guidance of a professional. Any trained aromatherapist would tell you the same thing.

    • Linda

      Absence of a warning doesn’t mean anything. It may indicate there is nothing in it.

  • Barbara M

    I am just wondering if you have any experience with Plant Therapy Essential Oils?

    • Pamela

      I am looking into that company as well….

  • Melissa

    I’m so confused about essential oils. I tried young livings peppermint for my headaches and it helped a lot! I couldn’t justify the price once I saw the NOW brand price, so I bought that but it didn’t work. I then had someone suggest Mountain Rose Herbs and that helped my headaches a little more at first but then it’s like it just stopped working. It’s frustrating because I can’t afford young livings but it’s the only one that worked. 🙁 Has anyone else experienced this and what did you do?

    • Rose

      Melissa, I would recommend checking out Plant Therapy oils. I started using them a few months ago and so far I’m loving them. Their site is http://www.planttherapy.com I HIGHLY recommend them! Also, how often are you using the peppermint? It’s possible that you have become desensitized to it and may need to alternate between that and something else for the headaches. I am not an aromatherapist so I could be wrong but I would definitely look into it.

      • Joleen

        Are these all organic. went there and they have a great kit I would like, but I’m new at this so just don’t know

    • I went through about 4 or 5 brands of oils before I found the peppermint that worked great for my tension and migraine headaches… every time I use it. I was starting to doubt that essentials oils had any medicinal value at all to be honest. Though I think those oils do have their place and use, I don’t believe a clinical, medicinal use can be served by most oils. Yes, that’s my opinion, based on my own trial and errors. I have since learned so much about the new clinical grade Ameo essential oils. And no, they do not have a trademark name of clinical grade like “Certified Therapeutic Grade” is a trademark. Their clinical grade comes from the database of clinical criteria that is used by oils chosen for research and clinical trials. That database is not available to the other oils companies. Dr Joshua Plant from Ameo has himself been published in medical journals and worked WITH the National Institutes of Health (NIH) where you see all the pubmed research studies from. He gained access to that clinical grade database (that Ameo oils GC/MS is compared to) from his previous work. His work in helping to establish the clinical oils for Ameo (with patented testing processes beyond all the industry standards done elsewhere) has caused Ameo to even reject more batches of oils than they even accept, if after the more extensive testing results in their testing showing the oils are not cell permeable and active… even oils from the SAME suppliers get rejected because not every batch from the same supplies is EXACTLY the same, as testing has proved. Not because any fault of their own, but so much plays a part in the variation of the chemical makeup from batch to batch. I’ll tell you right now, that Ameo IS a new MLM company so if you are deadset against MLM’s you can keep on reading. If you want more information you can email me but I encourage you to check out every piece of information and videos on the http://www.ameo.com website to see why they are truly different than any others out there. I have tried the cheapest oils, middle prices oils and oils from other MLM’s… my choice is for what works, continually.. time and time again, when others (yes all have been mentioned here) failed to work for me.

      We all are responsible for our own health and that includes our own choices. Just because we don’t agree with anyone else’s choices doesn’t mean they are wrong. Yes I pay more for Ameo than I did for most of the others I tried. But for the assurance of something that I know has been testing and can be proven and that proof shown to me that the oils I purchase WILL be cell active and permeable, I will pay for the guarantee of the quality that I demand for my health needs and that of my family. 🙂

    • Tanya

      Sometimes headaches are a cause of stress or allergies.
      Try meditating.
      I hold loads of headaches which were from “allergies”, I started yoga and meditation and it helped my body all around. No more headaches!

    • Laura

      Headaches can be a sign of dehydration…make sure to drink plenty of water every day & even more on days that you are not feeling well. 🙂

    • Beloved

      I have always used YL and especially there peppermint oil. Primary reason is because they have been around longer than most other companies with more evidence than any other ones that I have seen. Their evidence in my opinion coupled with my own personal experience over the years was enough for me to debunk the Federal regulations or lack thereof. Not to say that other companies aren’t high quality, but with the potential of getting something that could be laced with solvents I prefer to put my vote behind a company that has been tested for years on others before myself. If you ask me, experience doesn’t lie.

    • Kathy

      Try Loving Scents. They are owned and operated by certified aroma professional.

    • Danielle Known As DzEyez

      I’ve always used Plant Therapy since I decided to go with essential oils .. This blog/post helped me in determining which brand to go with! I highly recommend Plant Therapy and I feel you will be pleased that you did!

    • Annette Welner

      I use Edens garden and love them!!

  • I’m actually disappointed reading the lack of science to back up your article, considering how high it ranks in Google. Not only that, but you immediately lumped Young Living and doTERRA together as “the same” when they are truly two different companies, and folks from either of the two companies would definitely assure you of that.

    A lot of folks consider a bargain a “great deal” for your money, but with essential oils, cheaper doesn’t mean better. When it comes to essential oils, you have to consider distillations. Some companies use complete distillations, which means they’ve distilled their oils 2, 3, 4 times. It’s like brewing coffee grounds after their first use, they products yielded might smell similar, but not as strong, even if they look somewhat the same.

    Also, some companies add fillers and/or chemicals to their products, in order to make it cheaper. How do you know that the lavender oil you picked up from the store is mostly lavender and not a little lavender and more carrier oil?

    Last thing you have to consider here is what chemicals have been used on the crops to help fertilize, grow, and create the herbs and plants for the oils to begin with – where is their sourcing? Is it reliable? Or is it organic? Will you always get the same, perfected oil every time, or is it hit or miss? Where’s the quality assurance and guarantee?

    I think in your limited insight immediately referring to MLM companies as a scam, you completely overlooked the science and research put into their oils. While I have not had any experience with doTERRA, I have had experience with Young Living for years, and it wouldn’t be growing exponentially as it is if it wasn’t working for many people as well as it is.

    • I am sorry I did not use more scientific evidence in this article, and at some point I should edit and update this article because it IS so highly ranked. That being said I do not state that YL or Doterra shouldn’t be purchased because they aren’t high quality oils. I say that I do not like being fooled and think that their methods of sales is extremely underhanded. I will not support a MLM essential oil company because of that. You are right though about organic, cutting oils with carriers, etc. Those are very important things to look at when finding an essential oil brand that works for you. I personally prefer to use Mountain Rose Herbs essential oils because of their quality AND the fact that they are all organic and sustainably acquired. I am sure the essential oils are of great quality with doterra and young living, but I do not support their business practices.

      • Michael Sturgeon

        I have never worried about YL business practices. Over the years I have been asked to join different MLMs. I only joined one years ago. Blue Green Algae. Most MLM you get on their webpage and they give you the pyramid that shows how you rise in the ranks. What I loved most about YL and the reps I talked to was it was all about the product. Their web page is about the product and the research they are doing. I knew it was an MLM, but it wasn’t about getting rich quick. It was always about bettering your health and helping others. At no time did I ever feel deceived of led on.

        • Beth

          what about Edens Garden? Do you have any experience with them?

          • Mary-Catherine Slaughter

            I have bought very successfully from Edens Garden. Especially the Helichrysm…wonderful oil…..very effective on bruising.

      • Linda

        I read a customer review on Amazon of a YL essential oil. (Sorry, I can’t remember which one and I suppose I could find it again if I searched all day on Amazon but I don’t have the time but it’s there, on Amazon.) Anyhow one person bought a YL essential oil to use for a research project and had it scientifically analyzed. There was not a smidgen of the so called ingredient in the oil. So I won’t touch YL oils, especially at their prices.
        I have used •Aura Casia a lot and their EO’s SEEM to be of a good quality, more than NOW. Just my opinion. Bulk Apothecary, NDA and Mountain Rose seem good too but who knows. It may pay to have a bottle analyzed.

        • Heather

          You have no way of knowing if a YL oil sold on Amazon is actually what it claims to be. You buy directly from the company to ensure you are getting the quality that is expected from them. Anyone can SAY they are selling YL oils on Amazon for cheaper, but you have no way of knowing if they are genuine/adulterated, etc.
          Also, I recently watched a video Aura Cacia posted about the way they distill their patchouli oil in Sumatra…it is on youtube…and it is scary! I would NEVER put that oil on myself. The still is an old barrel with a cooling off area made up of muddy water…the oil is poured into used water bottles and taken to a market where it is “tested” by a little flotation device …and then given to the man in yet another used water bottle. So many things wrong with that! If you watch the video entitled Younglivingoildifference 2013, you can see that video and see the MAJOR difference between Aura Cacia and Young Living…

        • Charity

          YL does not sell on Amazon. Your friend was duped. People repackage YL oils and sell them on Amazon with their own concoctions. I would love to hear of the analysis on a true YL oil purchased from the company.

          • Linda

            Baloney. Yea, sure and I bet YL would allow their attorneys to ignore counterfeiters sullying their name and exploiting their patents on Ebay and Amazon. Ebay frequently pulls conterfiets for that very reason.
            Young Living is a multi- level marketing company and their distributors sell their product not only to friends,family but on Ebay and Amazon and anywhere else they can to get a pay check.
            Further it wasn’t my friend. It was a reviewer on Amazon.
            While I have never analyzed either Aura Cacia or YL I have had great success with Aura Cacia. Sorry, I don’t believe the hype from YL and I’d never pay the prices they demand and unless YOU have had a product scientifically analyzed by a a qualified certified scientific firm you don’t know if the product is real or not.

        • A. Jones

          YL does not sell their products on Amazon and their people are forbidden to sell their products through a 3rd party site. The lids that go on the bottles can be bought through a distribution company and the product changed and recapped. You can not hold YL responsible for the bad practices of someone who would take advantage like that. YL products should only be purchased through YL or one of their distributors. That is the only way you can be sure the product you ordered is the one you will get. Justmy2cents

          • Jean Anne McDonald

            YL no longer forbids 3rd party sales, fyi. They changed up their agreements for distributors. I won’t do it but it is allowed.

          • Wow… that seems like it would make it TOO easy to question what you are really getting.

          • Jean Anne McDonald

            I’m sorry, I don’t understand this comment – you should always question what you are getting, especially online. If you want an oil and YL is out of stock but someone is selling off their stock online, caveat emptor. Again, I wouldn’t sell it online, nor buy it online from someone I don’t know.

        • Lilly

          Just came across this article today and saw this comment about how someone bought and analyzed YL essential oil… there are so many scammers out there selling YL or other oils from companies like YL on Amazon, ebay etc. They tamper with the oils by adding water or whatever they want and seal them back up saying they are brand new never opened. I have seen This happen so many times. That’s why you always buy directly from the company. Even if you think you are getting a better deal on other sites, it’s not worth it to be scammed.

      • Stephanie Erickson

        MLMs offer stay at home moms like myself to provide for our families while raising our own children. That is a practice you don’t support?

        • MissJackson


        • MaraNatha

          I don’t recall seeing that any where in the article…

      • Jessica

        When I first joined doTERRA to “sell” (get the discount) I noticed there was a very small trademark symbol next to their “CPTG” label. I still plan on buying from them because I know they are high quality and I like earning points to get product. That being said, I’m not paying 40$ for vetiver when I know I can get it for less at just as high of a quality from another oil company that didn’t try to pull the wool over my eyes with their fancy CPTG label. I am thankful for doterra, though- without their exposure, I wouldn’t have even looked into essential oils for my family. Vetiver has really been a life saver for my 3 year old son, in particular (and when the screaming 3 year old is happy, everyone is happy). Thank you for such an informed and researched blog post. It was very helpful.

    • elle

      YL is growing because of it’s marketing techniques- but in general the use of essential oils of all kinds are growing. I personally have used EO’s for over 20 years, and find multilevel marketing to have some ethical problems, as does the YLO company in my opinion. Gary Young has made a lot of claims that can’t be backed up, and pushed EO use into dangerous realms as if these are harmless substances. I appreciate this even handed article in light of showing readers that many other brands are quality backed , not just those two.

  • CuriousCat

    I’m curious. Why do you say “doTERRA will be my example, but Young Living is no better and is the example that doTERRA followed when they split off from them.” When young living isn’t even on the list of oils you tried.

    • You are right, Young Living is just as bad. I wasn’t just picking one and not the other. There are actually quite a few more MLM’s as well. I didn’t think I needed to use both examples since they are pretty much from the same fabric. I have in fact tried Young Living, as my MIL is a big fan of them. I feel the same about YL as I do Doterra. I did not put them on the list of oils I have tried because I have no owned any. After purchasing a couple doterra essential oils I was pretty annoyed by the pricing and refused to buy any more at those outrageous prices, so YL never got my money.

  • Ziggy

    Hi hippy cuteness. It’s my first post. Wanted to share a couple of things because you’re so ernest, truth seeking, sincere & awesome in my eyes. The world needs and loves your spirit.
    There are, in fact, therapeutic grades of foods, oils, etc. But no, the FDA wouldn’t have anything to do with that (thank God). It’s more of a medicinal thing but not modern medicine. I was fortunate to have some exposure to this many years ago in dealing with some healing, ancient Japanese healers, etc. Here’s the real deal. Not only are there therapeutic things that are better but to make it more confusing those therapeutic things have different therapeutic levels within that! I’m not an Herbologist, essential oil expert or well known healer. I got really lucky when it mattered and the right people came into my life and I “got” what I needed to know to cure some cancer & things (not in me) and move on. These people exist who know the differences but I no longer have connections with anyone. I’m 65 years old now. Who knows the real truth? Shamans, traditional healers & those sorts I imagine. They aren’t employed by governing agencies. It leaves us a place where we get to keep our minds, our eyes & our hearts open. Those therapeutic grades make a big difference (they did in my experience anyway). Always go with what feels really best.

  • TRK

    I’m bummed! I have multiple sclerosis and pretty much live in pain because I won’t do pain killers. I switched over to Advil, and that nearly (literally) killed me because it was causing my stomach lining to bleed without my knowing it, and since tylenol is bad for the liver, I’m stuck. So, I went on a quest to find natural things to help the pain that wouldn’t have to go through my stomach. Not knowing a thing about YL, I found a stranger off of a blog and messaged her. At first, she was super helpful and super nice to me, but once she got me signed up, she wanted nothing to do with me. I emailed her a few times asking questions, looking for some direction and help, and she blocked me! So I’m kind of out on my own just winging it. I got my essential 7 kit and I have to say this much, it worked on my pain like manna from heaven. Panaway took the pain away faster than anything I ever swallowed in my life! But it’s gone, and guess what? I don’t have the funds to keep buying it as much as I love it. So I need to find an alternative solution that works. Good oils, that don’t cost as much. If anyone would please point me in the right direction, that would be awesome! Thanks 🙂 Tabathart@gmail.com

    • I most often buy my essential oils from mountainroseherbs.com they are all organic and you actually get an appropriate amount of essential oil for the price as well! I am totally glad to hear that the essential oils work for you and your pain though! it’s pretty amazing!

    • Jodi

      I am personally sorry to hear of this! Actually it makes me mad. Hope God gets you want you need! Praying right now.

    • Sam

      Tabatha, Sorry to hear what is happening for you. I’m a Bowen Therapist registered with the Bowen Association of Australia, if your’e in Aust, google them and find a registered, qualified Bowen Therapist closest to you. I work with a few ladies and 1 man with MS, with great results. Best wishes to you.

    • grammypowell7

      there are other oils out there that work well, I have fibromyalgia, and arthritis, and I used aches and pains from either aura cacia, or a company that sounds like wys,,,,,, You can get these at whole foods or if you have one in your area vitamin cottage or probably most natural food stors in your community.

    • letsjusttrytogetalong

      I don’t know anything about MS, but I know acupuncture has helped me immensely with pain. There might be a practice in your area that has donation based community clinics. There is one where I live. That could be a good/inexpensive way to try it and see if it works for you.

    • Heather

      I just want to say I’m sorry that happened to you. The woman I signed up under has been *amazing* at helping me with everything, and I’m constantly on our group’s FB page researching what oils will help with their particular ailments, etc. I can’t imagine signing someone up and then just jetting like that…it doesn’t even make sense to me! She obviously is in the business for the wrong reason. The majority of us have seen the oils help keep our families healthy and are passionate about helping others have a greater quality of life! I just wanted you to know that not everyone is like that! I hope you find the help that you need!

  • Shelly

    Thank you! I recently bought a wholesale YL kit and i’m glad I have a good defuser from YL and some starter oils, but I will not be buying more MLM oils after reading more blogs like this!

  • Natalie

    Hey, I love your article. My friend is selling doterra so I was so close to purchasing some, but I have two Now brand EOs which I like, and was just having such a hard time with the price compared to Now brand. So I would like to know what EOs and brand do you recommend for colds and for for helping respiratory, like asthma. Also I am looking into clary sage for labor help. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    • grammypowell7

      I myself keep hearing that NOW oils are inferior, so when I went to purchase some I asked and was told they keep their prices low, by there were like three things and unfortunately, i forgot at this point, my life is so busy and crazy that that is not so surprising, unless I write it down, my information even if I thought I remembered might be false, so ask where you purchase, I have had good luck with them, there my be others that are much better, but I have used the 3 brands, NOW, aura cacia, and one that starts with wys……, at the store I frequent. I am or was checking out Whole Foods 365 oils when I came on this blog, I am in now way an expert, I’m a beginner, but I know what works for now and since I have a very limited budget, I probably will stay with this unless I find a superior oil, that comes my way cheap or free, that it equals out, but even then most of the time I don’t have the money to make the initial outlay, I’m also going to check out mountain rose since I’ve heard so much good info on this, I’m also going to check out Amazon, if you’d like to share info you can e-mail me at grammypowell7@aol.com, we can swap info

  • Lyndsey Reese

    Have you heard anything about n.fusions?

  • Mary

    Hello, have you heard anything good about the company Piping Rock or Spark Naturals?

    • sarahapo

      I have ordered e.o.’s several times now from piping rock and have been happy with my orders every time. I am actually on this site because I am searching for reviews to say otherwise. No one seems to reccomend piping rock as much as they are more expensive oils which concerns me and makes me question if they are too good to be true…. their oils are external use only once combined with a carrier oil so I have had a lot of success with making deodorant for my family and sprays for my animals. (Lavender oil with some cider vinegar and water helps repel fleas) I love the smell of their oils and always recieve my order within a few days. So I reccomend them but I am still unsure of how good the oils are in grade only because I have yet to really find any bad reviews. I am still going to continue ordering through them in the meantime.

  • brandles

    I have been on the search for a healthier way to life in spite of the doctor. In the process I have learned a lot about essential oils. From several sources over the years a EO company can put 100% pure on the bottle when in really it is not. Also there are a couple of different methods of extracting the EO from the plants. One of them being with chemicals. With EO sometimes you get what you pay for. Please be aware of how the plant was grown, such as pesticides being used or other chemicals sprayed on the plants. And they are VERY concentrated including the chemicals. I have used several different brands, one way to know for yourself which brand is the best for you (and you might need different oils from different companies), is to muscle test yourself. Your body will tell you what it needs and wants.

  • Adelaide Fox

    I second what JWebb says – government certifications mean nothing; private certifications may or may not mean something; we need to do our own research. That said, your objections to doTERRA’s private research are meaningless. It appears that they, like many good companies, must develop much higher standards than our government has. If you don’t believe them, don’t sell them, but please please don’t ask the government to get involved — they destroy every industry they touch!!

    • I am not asking the government to get involved, because clearly (with monsanto) they have no idea what they are doing, with that said I was merely stating to those who might be fooled by the trademark words, that they don’t actually mean anything in the eyes of regulation. It’s very underhanded in my opinion, to use words like that as a marketing tool, making people who do not know any better, think that because it’s”certified”, they should spend more money on that brand and that any other brand that does not have that label (and can not have that label since it’s trademarked) are all inferior.

      • SPlenz

        I’m a bit confused that you’re main reason for NOT using doTerra or YL is because they claim certified pure therapeutic grade as they’re scam to get buyers.. please note the following description I found while looking at Plant Therapy Essential Oils…they are not an MLM company but make the same claim that makes you mistrust them…so would you also condemn the use of PTEOs?

        “Contains 6 (10 ml each) Pure Essential Oils including: Lavender (Lavandula Officinalis), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Globulus), Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis), Peppermint (Mentha piperita), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon Flexuosus) and Tea Tree (Melaleuca Alternifolia).
        ★100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil★- no fillers, additives, bases or carriers added.
        Packaged in dark amber glass bottle with euro style dropper cap.
        For your convenience all Plant Therapy Essential Oils have an oil identification sticker on the cap. This is especially beneficial if you use a top load carrying case.
        Comes in an attractive gift box.
        This is a great set of our top 6 selling Essential Oils. Great to get your collection started or to give as a gift to help someone else start theirs.”

        • Cheryl

          She didn’t say she does NOT use them. Had you read further, you would have noticed that she actually recommended them at the bottom of her article.

          • Alisa Johnson Drury

            I think SPlenz is saying that Christina says she doesn’t use YL or DoTerra because they make trademark claims for marketing purposes, the same claims that Plant Therapy makes on their packaging. Which poses the question of why does Plant Therapy make such claims as therapeutic grade if there is no such thing?

          • Lawyer Rock

            Cheryl, you are mistaken. She does not recommend doTERRA. There is NO such recommendation at the bottom of the article.

      • J Green

        There’s no regulatory agency that oversees MOST certifications, like Certified Mail for instance. But nobody questions certified mail. Someone is obviously confused on what the process of certification means. It simply indicates that a third party has tested and signed off on something. With postal service for instance, the delivery person is an independent party who witnesses and certifies delivery. The post office made that up, they trademarked it, and they control how it is implemented. Certification has never and does not and will never inherently insinuate that some governing agency or federal oversight group has approved of a thing. That’s absurd.

        • Super Sweater

          Actually in the case of organic certification the USDA are involved. Independent 3rd parties (such as Oregon Tilth) certify to the NOP regulations set out by the USDA and these 3rd parties have to report to the USDA.
          Whilst organic certification won’t attest to ‘purity’ (ie you could still blend and organic with jojoba provided the essential oil and jojoba are organic) it does restrict the use of certain additives regularly used in food.
          The NOP regulations are regulations that govern organic food but they can also be applied to essential oils (as many are food grade as our friend here states in her blog article).

      • Lila Clark

        I am quite late joining this discussion. I have recently signed up with Doterra and have no experience with essential oils prior to my sign up. I have all sorts of health issues and am desperate for relief. I have found some serious success using Doterra already and am ecstatic. However, I began to question the whole certified therapudic grade myself and wondered if it was a phrase that Doterra had come up.with. These oils are life changing. However just like some medications out there that could also be life changing there are some I simply can not afford. I completely understood your points regarding safety, affordability, quality, and misleading advertisement and GREATLY appreciate your sharing these findings. They may enable me to continue on my quests to wellness because now I know that there are in fact other companies selling great oils at more affordable costs. Thanks a million times over for being dedicated to wellness and not MLMs. I can’t wait to try out some of these other products.

        • Suzie

          @Lila – please don’t stop with just using the oils – I have diabetes and have had a major problem with circulation in my leg (I truly thought I was going to lose it) – I began using an acupuncturist and within a couple months my leg was healed and now the darkened skin is lightening – She also used some essential oils on it after it healed. It’s been a life saving gift to me. I’m totally sold on natural healing. So glad I took the risk!

        • Jolie

          Please do not ingest any essential oils without monitoring by your physician, especially if you already have health issues. I speak from experience – 3 days in the ICU with a glucose of 600 and keto acidosis. No prior history of elevated glucose. 6 months later and I’m still trying to get my body to some semblance of normal.

      • Sheeba Kitty

        Thank you for clarifying!

    • Paula Okeefe

      Amen, our government standards are horrific for cosmetics. Want safer cosmetics. ..only the EU standards are healthy. Out government poisons us for big money’s gain.

  • michelle

    Also, wondering if you have any thought on Spark Naturals?

  • michelle

    I’ve been looking into eo’s and I couldn’t be more confused! I found that the ”certifications” and ”grading” mean nothing, so I didn’t know how to really tell what was good and what wasn’t. I’m being told by YL sellers that just because a company says their eo’s are 100% Pure, doesn’t mean that they are. Is there any truth to that?

  • JWebb

    Thank for the article. One thing I will say is not to get too caught up in the government certifications. When you start to dig into those you will find that they often do not focus on the what matters and can actually do more harm than good for the product and business.

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  • Marcia Pineda

    Love the products and they work so well!

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    • Sarah McEachern

      I’m a bit disappointed that your equating Young Living to doTERRA. They add preservatives to their products, use young livings left overs from their first and ONLY distillation and distill it again numerous times to get everything they can out of it. They broke away from Young Living because they thought Gary was too generous with his commissions and started their own company to make more profit for themselves! The candy smell is absolutely awful. And a perfect example of a product being distilled numerous times and having hardly any therapeutic value… Only a “lovely” fragrance. Young Living prides themselves on quality. A perfect example is this year there was a shortage of one of essential oils that goes into Valor (a very very popular blend!) when they have a shortage they will purchase products from other farms… But only if they reach their extremely high standard, however the best farm offering the crop was borderline acceptable, so they didn’t use it. When they finally got valor back on the website it crashed! So instead of using inferior plants they’d rather miss out on any money they’d normally earn selling probably their best selling product…. Not to mention they OWN all their farms completely controlling the whole seed to seal process I suggest anyone reading this does their own thorough research. Personally I’ve seen the effects on my autistic niece, she never used to sleep, now she happily takes herself to bed and sleeps ten hours straight and wakes up refreshed! I’ve over come my social anxiety with valor. Lavender puts my newborn to sleep when she’s over tired. Peace and calming on my feet clears my mind so I can get to sleep. Panaway takes away muscle pain in minutes. Valor stopped my tmj for clicking. Peace and calming on the back of my friends neck stopped her from crying… And she didn’t even know what I’d put on her! Thieves keeps our whole family from getting sick, fixes a sore throat in seconds. Joy has completely stopped my young nieces from having depressive thoughts and moods. A lady who has a 3 year old with eczema all over his body… He rubs himself on the carpet he’s so itchy, wakes up every night in pain and crawls into mums bed oozing and itching… I gave her a sample bottle of Melrose to dilute in coconut oil and apply topically… And he slept all night in his own bed for the first time in seemingly forever! Another friend from my cong has a 10yr old with really bad eczema, Melrose stopped her itching and helped it heal. And yet another friend had eczema on the back of her head and said it felt better instantly! My sister inlaw is completely off her anti depressants and is the most stable and content I’ve ever seen her in my life. And I’ve experienced all of this and more in the last month alone!!!! So before you go judging a company by their sales method do a bit more research on them. Gary wants it this way because people share and are there to support and care for each other… Instead of aimlessly buying a product off a shelf. I can not and could not recommend young living highly enough. And within that month I’ve made enough from their generous commissions to cover the cost of all the oils I’ve purchased so far… Sooo I really can’t fault them. It’s changed my family’s life immensely… And our friends love them too.

      • Marcia

        Sarah I would like to talk to you more about your experiences with young living. I have used them for many years now on the 3 generation. Not sure how to get ahold of you. I wondered wich oils was used for your niece to sleep so well.

      • Marti Mitchell

        Hi Sarah…
        I just wanted to thank you for your positive post on YLEO’s. I too have experiences amazing effects helping sleeplessness, anxieties, exema healings and many others, not only in my life, but my family and friends as well. Besides all of the comments you made, I would like to add a little bit about the benevolence of Gary Young to other parts of the world. In Ecuador, he bought land that had never been used and it was essentially unwanted by anyone, and established a farm, clinic and a school for the children, who were being schooled in a broken down shed-like building; which leaked in the rain and was filled with dust from the road. He saw the conditions and knew something needed to be done. The school serves 2 “clean” meals a day. Gary employs the parents of the children and pays wages far above anywhere else, including American Enterprises in the area. In the evening, the parents/employees go back to the school and are studying and learning to read, math, and English. As a result, this area of Ecuador is the cleanest and has the least crime than any other area. The people are happy and love Gary and his wife Mary very much. Gary has personally discovered several plant types in the area never before recognized or recorded. Gary is controversial, because he is so passionate about the oils…he is a great humanitarian and loves to share whatever he can. Distributors also tithe back to the company to assist with helping feed, clothe and educate others Internationally. YL is NOT just another MLM company!
        I have been to some of the farms, and seen the process of seed to seal; it’s amazing, and by the way…all of Gary’s farms are watered by natural springs, no city or treated waters.
        I have tried other oils, but keep coming back to YL’s…because I believe they are the best out there. They are more expensive, but my commission check covers the cost. It’s actually a pleasure to be part of Young Living Essential Oils Company.
        It is my hope, that others will not generalize and put down YLEO’s, before they learn the truth about the company.

      • Jessa

        Hi Sarah, you may want to recheck your facts regarding young living and doterra. Young living recently lost a law suit they brought to doterra. They had to pay doterra money and promise to take down all libel and slander they put online against doterra. I actually really like young living as well as doterra, they are both good companies. But like the restaurants cafe rio and costa Vida, when someone left Rio and started Vida, Rio also brought a law suit to try and get money from costa Vida for copying recipes, etc. Rio also lost their law suit against costa Vida. I think people’s feelings get hurt and when the people who left grow and have success, there’s a lot of jealousy. Try not to get caught up in it.

        • Kristi

          That’s not exactly true, Jessa. Part of the suit was dismissed because it hadn’t been filed in time. The other portion of the suit continues. I don’t from where all this misinformation stems.

      • ladyabigail90

        Sarah, Thank you so much for posting this! I have been using Young Living oils since 2009 with amazing results (including helping my brother and his wife have the child they were never supposed to be able to have due to infertility on both sides, healing for agonizing menstrual cramping that I have had since I was 10 years old along with various other small ways that my own life and those around me have been changed.) I discovered Young Living first but had my own journey in the years after as I tried all but one of the oils in Christina’s list and found them to all be far inferior. I just keep going back to YL and I finally decided to stay. 🙂

        • Matt Choate

          I was a YL user until I done some pretty extensive research. The following link really opened my eyes to the tricks many companies use. http://www.aromatherapy-studies.com/youngliving.html
          I switched to Doterra until I heard about Ameo. Their testing standards are so rigorous that they won’t even offer a certain oil unless it passes several tests and is proven to be 100% pure. They raised the bar when it comes to quality and I trust them 100%.